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Dillard's / firing!

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If one is employed by Dillard's by the name of Tamika and gets fired for something she did @ Dillard's back when she was 16 and supp9sedly banned for life... from the store..she shoplifted a shirt when she was younger and stupid, and now she is in early 20's... and was very good sales girl... black girl... can she be fired for that being brought up now...?... her background ck for the job come out clean...?... I think this is wrong and the Mgmt needs to be questioned of their understanding of the Law...


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  18th of Mar, 2009
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Dillards holds grudges against minorities look at there managment scale, If your not white you can not be a manager, even other manager that were of color look they did not last long they found a way to get rid of them. Especially arrowhead mall in glendale, az. this store is racist and discriminates on there employees. even customers can get questioned as they walk out of a store because they assum they are stealing. Employees are treated worse if they make a mistake and charge someone wrong, you get the boot no if and or buts, your out of there and they will find a way to fit it into there rules . My friend was let go because she bought pants that had wrong prices on them and because she bought the items she got fired how stupid is that !!! Your company labels merchandise and tickets merchandise to sell at sale prices and if an employee bys it be careful your job is on the line. And when customers come in with reticketed merchandise you can sell it to them because it not there fault even though they pulled the ticket off other merchandise and placed it on theres and managers tell you don't argue just ring it up it's a sale. I am so glad dillards has lawsuits against them, OH!!! even the store manager at arrowhead has a pending assault on him from a dillards employee...
  18th of Mar, 2009
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Yup !!!
I worked at that dillards back then when I was in college, and Duane is his name he sure did throw a stapler at an employee and his little side kicks assistant mangers are no better, The are all unprofessional and they all talk about there employees and as soon as omeone gets fired or quits they laugh and say such rude remarks about them. It's I know I said how unprofessional the managers were and boy I heard it they callled me in the office and said I was talking down to the managers and they would not tolerate it in the place of business but wait you guys can assault people and say rude remarks about your employees and no one can say anything back. I remember I told that pshyco assistant manager Red hair Mary Hoofart off she is weak minded and finds fun in trying to humiliate staff until someone tells her off then she shakes like crazy cause she doesn't know what to say. And its true if you purchase something with a wrong price its called suspious but wait managers don't even ring up there merchandise they just take it to there back office and hide it and put it in a bag and walk out of the store, I remember seeing family members of managers shopping all day and they kept putting stuff in the back office and the rules are if the family member lives with you then you can purchase it with your discount. well all these grown ### men and women don't have 2 0r 3 40 year old women and men living int he same home but oh I forgot they can do that. DILLARDS ARROWHEAD DON"T SHOP THERE... Go to Macys instead.
  18th of Mar, 2009
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If you were asked in your application or interview if you had ever stolen anything, and you claimed that you hadn't - then yes - you can be fired at any time - for cause.

And the employer would be correct in disputing your unemployment claim as well.

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