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It never ends!!! They gave me five months of (almost) problem free connection. After complaining for the whole month of may... Took me 47 calls (1800-[protected]) and some 30 more calls to our local provincial help desks which there are 4!!!... That amount of effort in 30 days!!!... Finally paid for a fairly good connection for the months jun, jul, aug, sept and october!!!

5 months after... (nov.3, 2008) my seemingly good connection expired?!!!... It's like "ok, he's had enough... Let him begggg for it again!!!"

What's happening digitel? I've called numerous times the local desks and they've been exceptionally accommodating... Thanks to them... But I don't need phonepals (shoot me!)...

You have proven many times you can make my connection the way it should be (what I pay for)... Why can't you just let it be?... Why do I need to call when I need a speedy net... Fix for a day or two and back to slow again? You are driving me nuts with your temporary solution to my problem... Can"t you fix it once and for all? I know you can... Just like you've done 5 mos. Ago and years before!

I hate smartbro and you can't make me transfer to them... You should be thankful for that... And you can show me how thankful you are by fixing my problem...

I'm not asking for a rebate this time... Just give me what i'm supposed to be paying for! You can have my money if that's what you really cared about!... But, fix my connection!!!... And i'm not saying please!

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      Oct 09, 2013

    Please provide as much information as possible...

    We have requested to discontinue our Digitel phone accounts due to poor line service (disruption, static noises, no dial tone for weeks) and poor handling of customer complaints.

    We have relayed our intention to discontinue service thru our local Digitel Office in Bicol after November 2012. The phone service was disconnected (no more tone/calling service) but the monthly SOA continued to be sent. We were advised to wait for the adjustment billing since Digitel is in transition due to the acquisition by PLDT. We were informed of the same predicament each time we went to Digitel after every monthly billing being sent. Around April 2013, the Digitel office closed and we were redirected to SUN Cellular Office.

    We went to the SUN Office, we were also advised the same thing - to wait for the adjustment reflecting the discontinuance since our request from December 2012. We were informed that they were experiencing major technical problems due to unserviceable old network and billing adjustment problems due to the migration of Digitel accounts to PLDT. We were asked to wait again and again and again. This was almost six months ago.

    When we still received the Digitel-August 2013 SOA, we decided to go directly and express our complaint to Digitel. Due to no access to a PLDT line or any form of landline (we were dedicated Digitel clients), we tried the following ways to contact Digitel as relayed in their website and Digitel - "What's New"-TALK TO US section. Here’s where a host of other problems caused us alarm as a consumer, these are the results:

    1) WEBSITE NOT FOUND - The page just showed this: Not Found - The requested URL /content/view/38/46/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    2) DIGITEL-HOMEPAGE-SUPPORT SECTION-CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE DOES NOT SEND - We tried sending our complaint letter 5x and 5x the following window message appears: “The page at says: System error/No mailing list and/or Autoresponder found.

    3) EMAIL [protected]@[protected] DOES NOT ACCEPT EMAIL SENT – We sent our complaint and an email was sent saying this: “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed [protected]

    4) SENDING “DG REG” TO MOBILE [protected] (for other networks) NO RESPONSE/REPLY - We tried to register by sending said text to the number indicated for other networks and still got no response until now. We tried calling that number it just blink out on us - no ringing no nothing.

    5) 177 (migrated to PLDT) NO PLDT IN OUR AREAS



    In Digitel’s SOA, it says there: “Please examine your SOA for any errors. If no error is reported to Digitel Hotline 1200 within 45 days from statement date, the SOA will be considered conclusively correct and final.”

    The danger is that they are legally binding all Digitel customers to this obligation and yet the prescribed ways to contact them to report errors or complaints are NON-EXISTENT, A CHARADE. All those seven instances to supposedly “contact Digitel” repeatedly showcase “bad faith” towards their obligation to the ordinary consumer, a company which PLDT have acquired since October 2011.

    We believe in PLDT. As much as we want to migrate our plan, it is not available for Bicol, yet. In the meantime, we would like to see how PLDT handle these problems and extend the promise they made, as follows:

    “In October 2011, PLDT acquired Digitel from JG Summit holdings, vowing to continue providing Digitel’s customers best value in terms of price, quality, and range of products and services. PLDT's acquisition of Digitel ensured that Digitel remains in good hands, as Digitel stands to benefit from PLDT’s extensive infrastructure and diverse service offerings.” (see

    Please look into these matters. We are not alone (see in our predicament. We believe in PLDT's promise and are awaiting your immediate action on our complaint. Thank you!

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