Diamond Tanning / Owner

1 G - 2211 mcphillips street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: (204) 339-1617

Numerous times there phone is busy for extended periods of time (off the hook) or one of the owners children is on it I'm not sure. I. Don't even know if one of them is legally old enough to work. Anyways, I informed the owner that I was having problems and that if I am spending $1 per minute I would hope for good service. He screamed at me telling me that 'the customer is always right saying is bull ****' he got mad at me for leaving a negative review on Facebook. I told him that it was pretty evident that neither I or he wanted to be here (being the facility) and that I wanted my money back. He told me that he was going to clear the remaining minutes I had (over 50$) I told him that would be theft, and punishable by law. He kicked me out . The WORST customer service I have EVER encountered in my life.

Aug 14, 2014

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