DHL / refused coverage of broken item in shipment

Phoenix AZ, United States
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I filled out and submitted the DHL claim form as requested with a lot of trivial information (package weight, sender address and other information DHL already has). After waiting a week a get your response, you are directing me: " to either contact the shipper, or the party from whom you made shipping arrangements or from whom you purchased the goods in question, for any compensation you believe you may be due. " This is ridiculous. DHL accepted the in-tact package from the shipper, who paid for DHL insurance. DHL shipped the package to me. Upon delivery, the DHL driver and I open the package and found the one item broken, which he took a picture of. I filed a claim. I will not contact the shipper in Fes Morocco, who only speaks French and Arabic.


Feb 3, 2017

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