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Complaints & Reviews


DHL, just a terrible service provider. I paid for express mail internationally and turns out they don't...

lying delivery drivers

Lazy delivery driver - I have waited in all day for a parcel, have called up when it wasnt here by 5pm to be told it would be here before 9pm. Then I check the tracking & see that one of the home delivery agents has LIED by saying they came to my property at 17:59 and nobody was home so they left a card. This is absolute lies, I have waited in all day. I am disgusted at their laziness & furthermore with their blatant lying. Where is my calling card If I was supposedly not home?? I have waited in all day for this parcel, taken the day off work (lost money!!) only to be told 'Oh no its with our home delivery agent it will be with you AFTER 5pm but before 9pm' and then the lazy person couldnt even be bothered to deliver it & has the audacity to lie & say I wasnt home. And now I have no card to even collect my parcel. I am absolutely disgusted with this service. What is the point of giving parcels to home delivery agents who are too lazy to attempt to delivery them?? I have wasted a whole day waiting for someone who cant even be bothered to do their job properly. I have lost a days money, I have waited at home all day & into the evening - my whole day wasted, I have no parcel, & they are sneaking off home early without delivering my parcel & lying to cover the tracks of their own unprofessionalism.

  • Ya
    yabani Jun 30, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, same thing happened to me today. Exactly your story.

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  • Ar
    Arezou Salehi May 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have exactly the same experience. I was waiting for my parcel the whole day looking into street from window. It was impossible to miss the delivery. Lazy driver reported a missing delivery at 14:59!
    It is a shame. DHL is expensive and unreliable
    My DHL tracking No was: 8644886530.

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dhl delivered to wrong adress with a correct adress on the envelop and don'tcare, do nothing, being making a fool of u

We sent invitation and air ticket - (docs to apply to SA Embassy for visa) from Cape Town, South Africa to Saratov, Russia with DHL. They delived it to Tarawa, Kiribati, and it is already two weeks late, the air ticket is not valid for the Embassy already. They didn't care when we told them, they try to persuade us that Kiribati is in Russia!!!
I spent 50 USD on phone call from Saratov to Cape Town office, they didn't apologise and did nothing, it is still in Tarawa Kiribati, more than that, they asked me to call to Tarawa mysel[censored] (More expenses and more and more, I lost money on air ticket already)

The most bad thing about DHL is that they tell you "don't worry, it is under control of our tracking deparment" and you lose your time, because you think they are telling truth, but then in couple of weeks, no, THEY LIED!!!

Liers and arrogant stupid staff on the phone !

I wish I could look into the eyes of that person who makes such mistakes (or see whatever system make them) and what is an IQ of south africans in DHL office ???????????? They claimed they really don't understand where The Russian Federation is.

YOu pay DHL twice more than any other courier service because you trust them, and do such TERRIBLE THINGS for you and talk rude to their customers, and their site doesn't register complaints !

You never know where is your stuff, they never know when it will be where you are .


Think very carefully do you want to have all those trouble or not, when you are going to send something important with DHL .

Svetlana Sapozhnikova, Nafieh A.

  • Bi
    Bianca Clarke Sep 18, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lying and misinformation.

    Shocking service. My paperwork has been kept in customs for 18 days. Was not informed of this. Contacted DHL South Africa last week, was assured all was sorted out and that the customs fee had been waived due to DHL not informing me of extra costs. It is literally impossible for me to pay the customs cost from China and the receiver is an institution, not an individual so they can not pay for it on their end. Today, found out this was not done and the paperwork is still in customs. Absolutely shocking service, lies and misinformation.

    Official business reply

    Dear Bianca,

    I tried calling the contact number supplied without any success, please would you be so kind as to let me know when it would be convenient to contact you to discuss the complaint raised.

    Please accept my earnest apology for the inconvenience and undue frustration caused by the delay.

    Please provide me with your tracking / waybill number to assist with the complaint.

    Kind regards.

    Avery Visagie

    Customer Care Executive

    12 Sep 2017, 7:49
    6 days ago

    18 Sep 2017, 17:30
    a few seconds ago

    After spending an entire week emailing and repeating myself in every email, the following transpired: 1. DHL China incorrectly filled in the waybill and labelled this as a package instead of documents. 2. As a result, the package incurs TAX through customs. 3. After telling DHL South Africa numerous times that I have no means of paying this as the channels they have as options are not accessible to me from China, I was told to please wait for a response. 4. The response paying is the only option I have. 5. No acceptance of fault from DHL. 6. Package is still in the holding station 7. It was supposed to be delivered on the 31st of August (this is part of my degree paperwork). Ergo: 1. I will post a complaint on here every day that this is not sorted out as a previous agent had promised me that this amount would be waived as this was DHL's responsibility. 2. I will be contacting DHL head office tomorrow and complaining directly to them. 3. I will be posting complaints on every single social media outlet until this is resolved.

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vehicle damage

I live in a block of flats and for the last 9 months someone who works for DHL has moved in. Our carpark is perfect for 5 cars but this guy parks the DHL van in such a way that only 3 cars can park. Not only that but he parks on top of my car all the time and has caused no end of damage to my passenger door,
Despite photos and witness' DHL don't care and they will not look into this, nor pass me their insurance details and yet every week my car is getting in worse and worse condition and the guy is giving me more and more grief

vehicle damage

delivery procedure

Dear Sir,

With due respect it is stated that I am your customer today 31-08-2009 I have received a document Air Way Bill: [protected] from Berkley Colleges New York United States.
Your regional staff member of Saddar Road Peshawar Pakistan Branch called me at my home and orders me to come and collect my Document from their office directly.
So if DHL is a Multi national service so why you are not delivering the mail to home addresses of the customers. It means that the customers are responsible to get their mail from your office directly so why have you hired the delivery staff. Then at 8 a.m I have collected the document from DHL office and it bothers me so much.
Kindly ask them about this problem.
I shall be waiting for a positive response from your side.

Muhammad Nasir
House # 1049 Sarhad
Street Gulberg # 3 Peshawar Cantt.

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early termination of benifits

When dhl started to lay off employees signed an agreement to exstend benifits until 8/31/2009.ow 90 days before that date in this economy they with very litle notice terminated health benifits.This kind of behavior from corprate america should no longer be tolerated.

Gregg Killeen

poor customer services, no show

Well, Acer had set up a deal with DHL to collect laptops for repair. after waiting 10-15 mins on the phone to dhl i got my collection day, i.e. had to wait in a whole day for them to come and...no show. and no card and no apology. unbelievable.

back to the drawing board and on the phoen to dhl, no apology, in fact the lady on the line was pitching for a fight it felt, another day to wait in and...(i really am telling the truth here) no show!! im now going at my own expense to the local post office to get the parcel sent off.

DHl, no thanks...

  • Cr
    critical1 Feb 01, 2010

    Ive just wasted a day waiting for DHL i cal it a DNA ie did not attend, how do i resolve this? get them to deliver to the sorting office?

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false information on courier tracking history

The tracking history for my courier says "delivery attempted; recipient not home". However this is ABSOLUTELY FALSE since I was home all day on account of this very courier delivery. I was told with assurance that I would be receiving it yesterday but in spite of repeated phone calls, they failed to deliver.

If the company is covering up their own incompetence with such LIES on their services so as to write incorrect information on courier tracking ti is shameful. I do not know what is accountability anymore in today's world!

international shipment

We send parcels internationally on ad-hoc basis and recently sent a package to the Czech Republic. The parcel was dropped off at their Minworth branch and paid for by credit card. We have been trying to obtain a valid receipt for this transaction ever since!!! All we received was an airway bill with the figures scribbled on by hand, no company VAT number. Have tried to complain to them three times but without any success. What sort of a company is this that seems incapable of issuing a valid receipt!

bad service from dhl

I received 11 boxes from DHL for a load of 192kg.
The nice DHL delivery personnel refused to help my wife get the packages just inside the property.
They also left the wooden delivery pallet on the public walkway, with risk to pedestrians.
Service being obviously not a company value, stick to regulations should at least be done with consistency.

  • Bl
    blaine mccown Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had medicine needed and was promised delivery by august 12. Still waiting say they cant find me I have called the company numerous times. Any other courier but DHL DON'T COUNT ON THEM OR U WILL GET BURNED!

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  • Ji
    jimhicks36 Aug 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we are experiencing similar
    deliver problems here in Canada.
    Kodak sent our printer ink DHL.
    at work all day, no one is home
    if they bang on the door.
    i have called the number provided
    and end up with nice people in an
    office near Toronto who know
    nothing and repeated calls get
    different answers. 3 weeks now
    and still no printer ink.
    DHL may work well for 9 to 5
    business but not for working
    people. the last suggestion
    was to have Kodack reship.
    shake your head ;-) does anyone
    really believe a second package
    would be deliverd ? i think not.

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  • Aa
    aaa1234567 Feb 01, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate thay delay my shipment

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unreliable and simply pathetic

I recently asked a relative to send me a computer hardware item from Germany. He used DHL to send it and according to DHL it should have been delivered by 7 days. Its been now more than 3 weeks and I still dont have it. turns out instead of Delivering the package to my doorstep they handed the package to the General Post Office who are causing me alot of inconvenience and truoble over the claiming of the package. Now is DHL a door to door Courier service as it is supposed to be or is it a door to Post office courier... Also the package I got before this one took 3 months to get to me via DHL...3 MONTHS!!! ... Its is my personal and professional opinion now that DHL is the WORST Courier service on the planet so far and I do not intend to use it ever again.

  • Pa
    Paul H Gamig Oct 03, 2013

    I very much agree with your assessment. DHL is NOT a trustworthy outfit.
    We sent some medical CDs URGENTLY from Florida to Germany on Friday and were assured they would get there by Tuesday 12 o'clock. As shown on the tracking report, the envelope did not even LEAVE the office here before Tuesday. This is not the service we paid more than $70 for. They are absolutely pathetic. And it is not about money, it concerns a patient's HEALTH,
    We will NEVER use DHL again.

    Paul H Gamig, MD
    Delray Beach, Florida

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worst customer service in the world

DHL are probably the worst people to deal with in the UK. If anything ever goes wrong with your shipment / delivery or invoicing, then you can be 100% sure that it will never ever be resolved.

We get stuff imported from Malaysia regularly. On 4th April we sent the payment to DHL to cover the import duty (same day that we received the invoice. The cheque was cleared on the 15th April and even today, then are sending threatening letters that they have not received the payment.

No one in their customer service can find any record on the system for anything so not even worth calling them. If you send email to their invoicing address, all you get is auto-reply.

We have not told out supplier in Malaysia that we will stop buying if they sue DHL again.

Avoid these oxygen watsers at all costs

  • No
    NoDHLforMe Jun 29, 2011

    I went to a job interview with DHL in Arizona after a recruiter called me for the position several times. I went to the interview and I really couldnt believe the hiring manager was so full of lies. Lie after lie after lie. The position was for a customer service position in a call center environment. I asked several questions about the job once it was my turn to ask. And every single question I asked was given a false answer to. Down to the last one when I asked how many calls are taken daily and how long the calls are. She grabbed her calculator, pretended to punch in numbers and responded with this... "If my math is correct about 80 calls a day and each of these calls is about 2 minutes in length." WHAT?? Ok so then I thought, maybe she just didnt like you for whatever reason. WHich is fine by me. BUT dont waste time with lies..For what? After going back and forth for her nearly an hour, I realized it wouldnt be the job for me. If a manager was so full of lies face to face I could only imagine the bs that is told to a customer over the phone. I have many years of experience working in customer service, so I was saddened to see that this is how a manager deals with people.

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unprofessional treatment

A fraudulent buyer purchased our products and shipped via DHL Express to Gambia. We informed DHL of the shipment, requesting its return from DHL’s Gambia Offices. The DHL Research Department started initial procedures. We followed up with the Research Department and found ourselves redirected to the DHL Fraud Department.
Immediately following, we were subjected to silence as the fraud department ignored our daily phone calls and e-mails - forcing our attorney to send a demand letter to DHL Headquarters and the DHL Fraud Department, requesting the status of the shipment. Over the course of three weeks, and despite action from our attorney, the fraud department NEVER provided a verified answer regarding the location of our valuable shipment. The DHL Fraud Department was unjustifiably neglectful, forcing our company to start over with DHL’s Customer Service Department.

DHL Customer Service verified that our shipment was at the DHL Gambia Office. Under no circumstances should it have taken DHL a month to verify the shipment was within DHL Offices? This poor treatment continued as we negotiated the shipment’s return to the US.

For a one way return shipment through DHL Express we were quoted $16, 000 USD, an astronomical cost. As an alternative we were quoted $6, 400 USD for DHL Global Forwarding service, to which we agreed and authorized payment for shipment. To our shock, the price was increased to $9, 600 USD after negotiations and authorizations were completed.

We were threatened to either accept the price change or find another freight forwarder to move the shipment the very next day, or else the products would be auctioned in Gambia. This pricing bait and switch and threat of auction are absolutely inexcusable from a reputable company. We were forced to pay the high cost to avoid losing the shipment altogether.

DHL delivered a damaged and incomplete shipment to our location. In viewing pictures taken in Gambia, it is obvious that the damage and thievery to the shipment took place while in transit with DHL Global Forwarding. The shipment, which originally contained 26 products, came back unfathomably damaged and missing two products.

We are beyond disappointed in the unprofessional treatment we received from every department in DHL, the damage and theft subjected on our personal property and the lack of response we have received since.

service levels

I wish to draw your attention on the level of services offered to your customer.

My consignment AWB# [protected] containing my Debit Card was handed over DHL by my bank i.e. Mashreq Bank on 20th April (or may be earlier). I got a call from DHL on 20th morning informing that there is consignment for me. She said you will get the consignment by tomorrow or dayafter i.e. 21st / 22nd. I requested the lady to organize the delivery before end of the day 21st April, as I will not be available after that and I require the consignment urgently. It reflects that she has put the instruction in the dispatch slip.

Unfortunately despite request & promise by Customer Service, I did not get my consignment. This consignment came to my office on 22nd April. Being not in office, as I was attending Dubai Quality Award ceremony, I got a call from my office that there is a consignment for me, I asked my telephone operator to give the line to delivery person. I asked delivery person that this consignment was promised to reach me by yesterday, and despite my request and assurance why it was not delivered to me. I told him to bring the delivery by the evening. He said he can bring it by next day only (i.e.) Thursday. Unfortunately it did not get delivered on Thursday even.

This being my Debit Card, a replacement to my previous Card, I had to cancel my flight to India, which I was taking on Friday to attend my cousin brother marriage in Mumbai. I could not have gone to India, that too for marriage, without being able to withdraw funds.

It is really unfortunate that an organization like DHL Express, has such a level of service. I fail to understand if a local courier takes 1 week for delivery, then what Express courier Service means.

I am writing this mail in too much dejection from your service.

If this is your Service Levels, then God Bless DHL and more so the customers from the services of DHL.

I believe DHL management will take some clue from this incident and do something to save their image.

Praveen Upadhyaya

  • Ti
    Tim Dec 08, 2008

    Have problems with DHL not wanting to take actions to fix a problem they created. Drop a express package of in Gallup, NM on 11-15-08 Paid 16 dollars to have it Expressed . It's been sitting in that box since . On the 18th been dealing with DHL, UPS, Trip Pack .Trip Pack is the only one that has tried to solve this problem . DHL has just gave me the run around, promises to call me back with info, etc. Nothing . They take all info promise to call back, don't call back . Ask for the person you talked with before - fun- no there by that name . Have to go through all the crap again, again . To date I have spoken with 17 different people at DHL - An I can tell you not one piece of info was saved through out 6 hrs of talking . Then on the 21st DHL reached the ALB. NM office, where the manager Art Torez tells me that it is not his box anymore they do not have access to this box . Then 5 mins into telling me all this he tells me that he can have a driver go up there 160 miles to check box but it will cost me a huge amount . As of today Trip Pack is the only willing to work with me on this, DHL has tried to wipe there hands of this . 11-24-08 I called it see if it was picked up today or at least in the system yet - nope . Was told to hold they would get Art Torez on the phone and find out an update . He would not even talk with me - told Ms. Lisa w/DHL customer service that he sent 2 drives out there to get in box - nobody had key it was locked couldn't get in it . No phone call to let me know this, nothing done . Talked with Nikki with trip pack - while on hold she has the truck stop open the box to see if that tracking # was in box . So, Mr. Torez lied, ignored and disrespected me . Just because it's a confusing mishap that they caused . As of now I'm still sitting here waiting to hear where my package is . My Thanksgiving is ruined because my husbands pay check in sitting in a box somewhere in NM that nobody wants to take care of . Very glad DHL is going global - because they suck at there job here.

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dhl poor service and disregard to clients

I was supposed to get a package from Europe and when I was tracking th epackage online it was bouncing back and forth from Wilmington to Germany. I then called in to question why it was not corrected . The Customer service had no clue what I was seing on their Website. They would not start a package track until the next 2 days. Finally I made another call to file a complaint the customer service did take it. They could not track a package and gave me all kinds of excuses . I told them that most or all packages on their plane has a bar code, why is it showing being scanned back and forth from the USA and Germany. They told me it was just the Cargo container as being scanned and not the actual package. If it was the container then all the other packages in the same container should be missing too? Well a week later they could not still find my package and were VERY VERY RUDE at me assuming I was dumb enough to accept their lame excuse for their lack of Preocess Controls. I was also told that the Bar code scamn we see on the tracking website is done by a person physically scanning the packages. Well how in the world would they loose a package if it was flagged as missing ? Poor Poor Service no wonder they are loosing customers.

  • Ar
    areschenko Jan 27, 2011

    Also have a problem with delivery. Parcel from Germany to France travelled for 8 days, but according to DHL tool should come in 2 days. One more thing: according to tracking tool package arrived 5 days earlier than in real life. SO by tracking system parcel was delivered in 4 days, declared in DHL 2 days, real 8 days!


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  • Jb
    jbay Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    102-8420658-5698619 / USA to Vietnam, via dhl
    Please review the zip files.
    I and other western people I know living in Vietnam all say the same thing about dhl.
    If I had an address for DHL in Germany I would forward all that I have to say.
    Please feel free to do it your self
    The package is not lost, it is in HCMC, dhl’s office. they want more paper work and money. You should let dhl corporate office know about this.
    Even the managers in HCMC are involved in this money stealing game they play.
    I have personally seen them copy dvd’s and then package them in a plain dvd case.
    And they charge the people 40, 000 VND to inspect the dvd’s. ($2.00 usd)
    I do not have any problems with Vietnam post office, USPO, UPS, or fed-ex.
    Its not the money, I have the greatest respect for Amazon.com. Its your DHL Vietnam carrier I have the problems with.
    I receive 2 to 3 packages a week and the only problem I have is with dhl.
    I can buy series 5, Dexter, for $1.00 per dvd.(copies) Amazon.com and DVD empire do not even have it yet.
    I do not buy copies.
    Please just cancel my order on this dvd that dhl is holding. And let them know they are costing you money here in Vietnam!



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lying about delivery!!!

my package shipped by DHL was supposed to arrive today, COINCIDENTALLY I was at the window when a large DHL truck drove by. At first I thought there was no parking, or maybe he/she missed my house. NO ONE came to deliver the package. What's more ridiculous is that when I tracked the package again, it says "attempted delivery, recipient not home"

3. what angers me the MOST, they did not leave a NOTE or ANYTHING. simply drove by and said I was not home.

Honestly, DHL, you gotta wake up.

  • Ni
    nickb.. Apr 13, 2011

    This company is a joke. I am waiting on a replacement phone to be deliverd but it didnt arrive so called to be told, that because i was out of the city it would be delivered the following day. It didn't arrive the second day so called again to be told there was no record of it so i phoned round a few dhl depot's to be told 3 to 4 different stories so called to complain but was told i have to email, when i explained that for certain reasons i could not email i was more or less told tough so i began to explain that i wasnt happy about the service etc and the phone was put down on me so i called back and complained that she cut me off to be told more lies about how the phone wasnt working and she couldn't hear me and that it was cut off. This was obviously lies as she said thanks for calling before the phone went down. I just called again to be told it was on its way to my local depot so thought i would call the woman who lied to me and tell her it is actualy on its way. she then said that it cant be as there is no track of it and it hasnt been scanned. so at the end of the day and about 10 phone calls to a few depot's i am no further in knowing where my phone is. I was told they are doing a manual search which would take 24 hours but am now being told it could take 5 days. Well i guess i'll just have to wait a couple of days and see if it appears. seriously if you can avoid this company i would advise you to do so.

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suprataxa de 60ron

Pentru serviciul de trimitere a actelor la Ambasada Canadei DHL taxeaza 89RON +TVA. Daca esti prost si de la tara si nu stii iti baga pe gat si "asigurarea" pasaportului de 60 RON. platesti in total 180RON .

deci ei zic ca in 89RON nu intra asigurarea pasaportului, atunci pentru ce iau banii astia??

din cei 60RON asigurarea pasaportului traieste si functionarul de la dhl prin comosion.

late delivery and unorganized setup

I had a shipment sent to me in Riyadh Saudi Arabia from iHerb.com in California on 2/9/2009,
I received it on 3/4/2009.
DHL staff in Saudi Arabia called me a week after my shipment was held
in Bahrain asking me for some papers they claimed is requested by
custom. as this was not my first time receiving such items. I
immediately contact the customs office who assured me that will
inspect/clear the shipment once it arrives in Riyadh. For weeks I
tried to convince your Riyadh Staff to bring my package to Riyadh but
they keep insisting on this alleged papers or permits.
Finally and after nearly 25 days I received my package.
DHL should fix its Saudi operations and remedy this mess.

  • Ta
    tariq_7080 May 01, 2012

    the passage has been delivered late ... amount shoulb be given back
    contact no. 03454045348, 4073489780

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  • Ta
    tariq_7080 May 01, 2012

    The courier has been received late. rule of DHL is that if the courier will be received in more than 72 hours payment will be given back. we had received in 90 hours and want money back.

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inability to deliver a small package

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the service I received recently from your offices in Dubai and Cyprus.

On December 13th my wife, son and I went on holiday to Cyprus via Dubai. When we got to Cyprus we realised that we had left in our hotel room in Dubai a soft toy we call Peter Rabbit that my son takes with him to bed and has had with him since he was two months old.

Thus, on the 18th December, we asked the DHL office in Limassol to arrange a pick up by your Dubai office at the hotel in Dubai, the York International and to send it to your limassol office for our pick up. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The girl in the Limassol office, Panny or Penny - the one bright spot in this tale of total ineptitude – was very understanding. She said she had had a similar loss when she was a child and understood my son’s distress.

We waited expectantly for the speedy return of the rabbit that we were told would be in the Limassol office by 24th December. It wasn’t. In fact, when I called the office to check its status, I was told that your Dubai office had refused to pick up Peter because an invoice form had not been filled in at Limassol. Furthermore, if I did not get to the office in Limassol by 6pm that day, the order would be rescinded!

It was 4.30pm and I had driven through a thunder-storm from Paphos to our friend’s villa in Pissouri. Nevertheless, my wife and I set off in the pouring rain to try and ensure the safe return of our son’s prized possession. We duly filled in the required form and the redoubtable Penny/Panny told us that Peter would be waiting for us at the Limassol office when we returned on our way back to Larnaca airport on the 29th December. He wasn’t.

Penny/Panny told us that he had not yet arrived at Limassol but would be at Larnaca Airport when we got there. I was told to contact someone called Katerina when I arrived at the airport and she would hand over the rabbit. I did as I was told but when I called Katerina she said there was no such parcel waiting for me. You can imagine how I felt. 11 days and still no rabbit; a flight pending and desperate measures were called for.

On my way – in the rain I might add - to find the DHL courier service office at Larnaca airport, I called Penny/Panny back at Limassol and informed her of the situation. She said she would see what she could do. She rang back and told me to contact Katerina again. This time a man answered. He said another man would be coming to the airport departure area with the rabbit but there would be a charge to be paid for delivery. This was the last straw. All of this hassle and a charge to boot!! I refused to pay it and eventually somebody showed up with a parcel he said contained the soft toy.

Insult was added to injury when my wife, son and I entered the departure bar/coffee shop to be greeted by a huge red and yellow DHL poster boasting as follows: ‘CUSTOMER we know what this word means!!!’ I am amazed that I managed to restrain myself from throwing my beer at it!

Come on, DHL, this is appalling service! Absolutely shocking! You can apparently move Formula 1 cars to Singapore yet it took you 11 days to return a little boy’s soft toy. To misquote one of your other advertising slogans: this was clearly too much of ‘job for DHL.’!!

dhl germany two times could not deliver the same parcel to australia

DHL Germany two times could not deliver the same parcel to Australia. First time (tracking number...

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