DHL Expresscustoms and duty charges

Still waiting to resolve this issue as DHL still has my item. I purchased a used wallet from France, value 683.00 when DHL first tried to deliver it they wanted 237.29 for duty, hst, and processing/transaction fees. I called and asked what this really was for and they said since the shipper did not put origin of item that was the charge, I know Vestiarire Collective always puts where the item was produced and what it was purchased for so DHL was blaming it on Vestiarire Collective. I now just recieved an email after 4 calls and 3 emails to DHL and right now they will not even answer their phone.. they have revised the invoice to 160.09. This is not correct as I have contacted the Ottawa branch of CBSA to investigate as DHL is now charging HST on the duties payable which is not a HST taxable item!!! Shame shame shame as I work for a huge corporate international company who uses their services and now will be ending the contract, so another one bits the dust..Welcome fedex and UPS

May 30, 2018

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