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DHL / the company is scam and a joke, and fraud!

1 United States

I send some important time sensitive document to overseas on July 5th. DHL representative assured me they are going to be there by July 9th. On July 9th, I received a call that the documents did not arrive. I checked on-line and it seemed that the document were delayed in the clearance center. I called DHL and I asked the rep. about the delay and why they gave a promise that they can not keep.The rep said that the customs delay is out of their had. I replied that since it is their business, they know about the delays and how long it will last, so they should warn the customers and they should not give the promise that they can not keep. The representative was adamant and he told me that they deliver it within three days and any delay in transit is not calculated to the time frame.

I requested the documents to be returned since pass the time was useless and I had to find some other way to get these documents to my sister. The rep. told me that they can not return the document to me via express service. It has to be ground. I could not believe that I spend $52.00 for express service, overseas delivery and not only I did not receive it, DHL could not deliver back my document via express mail.

This company is fraud and I will never use them. At work, we used DHL at one point and we had so many problems that we changed it to UPS. Whoever has founded DHL, need to read these messages and get in touch with reality. Consumers like me are the innocent bystandard and sometimes they need time sensitive documents to be delivered and if the company can not deliver, it needs to close its door. The company is so greedy that it could not deliver back my document in time to me. They said it takes as much as 21 days for me to get back the document and the envelop needed to be returned from OHIO to Houston. I hope and wish DHL go out of business.

Companies like DHL will go down. Look what happened with ENRON. They got greedy. The same fait is waiting for DHL. The final point is the company is fraud and a sham...


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