Delta Airlines / stolen camera

, Rochester, NY, United States
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I just returned home from Puerto Villarta, Mexico via Delta Airlines and my new Nikon Coolpix L100 camera was stolen. I packed it in my luggage and
checked it through to Rochester, New York. I only saw my luggage briefly when I had to retrieve it after customs in NYC.. when I had to walk it about 60 yds to
before having it sent through to Rochester. When I opened my suitcase upon arriving home, I immediately saw that it was NOT there...because I had also put some earrings and a necklace that I had brought for my daughter in the front zipper of the camera case and I had NOTHING to give her. I called Delta airlines baggage and they told me that I had to fill out a claim for "lost" or stolen goods. I have been reading about similar complaints about stolen goods, but until now I had NO idea that
something of this nature could actually happen. I have NO choice but to leave my luggage open and because of Airline policies you cant POSSIBLY carry on everything of value. You HAVE to trust people to do their jobs and NOT steal from innocent customers just trying to have a decent vacation with their loved ones. I feel
violated and not only because of the value of my new camera, but also because the memories of one of the BEST vacations that I have ever taken are gone and replaced
with sorrow and disgust. I can't possibly be made whole, but I expect that Delta Airlines should be held responsible for the actions of one of THEIR employees and
reinburse me for the cost of the camera. It was MY camera and one of THEIR employees STOLE it!

P.S I will provide proof of the date of purchase for this camera if needed! My husband took out insurance on it...but that was for defects or if it was broken..NOT stolen!


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