Delta Airlinesplease I need your help to solve this problem to get my money back

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Name: Mr. Hamza Elsherbiny
Email Address:

I booked 4 tickets online for myself and my family from web site since June 2009. The trip was Cairo – New York, nonstop, Delta airlines with the following details:

Last Name: Elsherbiny
First Name: Hamza
Itinerary Confirmation Code: DLTKJN
Flight # 85, Cairo – New York
Date: July 11th, 2009

Travelers were my self: Hamza Elsherbiny, accompanied by my wife: Nihal Essawy, my son: Ahmed Elsherbiny and my daughter: Marwa Elsherbiny.

We are USA permanent residents, my company is at New Jersey but I work overseas, my son works in an American company at Alexandria - Egypt, so we go and return from and to USA permanently .

My daughter Marwa Elsherbiny recently got plane phobia during one of our trips due to strong plane disturbance since about 4 years, she gets panic just while the take off of the plane and never exceeded five minutes if not less.

Starting our trip on July 11th, 2009, my daughter got her panic. We tried to explain to the crew that this was normal to us and that this always happens to her just for minutes during take off, but, and for the first time since years the captain of the plane insisted that she leaves the plane although they called the airport quarantine doctor and he stated that her case was normal and that she is in a very good condition and she can continue her trip on his own responsibility. A report from Cairo airport quarantine doctor was written and the case was documented. A copy of this report was sent to Delta Cairo Airport office. Her trip was cancelled and we had to leave the plane and back to Alexandria where we live. This case was published at the main newspapers in the Middle East (Al Ahram) and (Al Akhbar).

Note: A copy of the quarantine doctor’s report, a copy from Cairo airport quarantine manager and a copy of Al Ahram newspaper dated July 14th, 2009, are already available with me.

Since we left the plane we were trying to reach another reservation with connection with Delta office at Cairo airport and other offices all around Cairo (Egypt) but non helped and their offers was non reasonable, including 7 hours of transit on leaving and 14 hours of transit on return although our original trip was non stop.
Searching on web site we found plenty of options available and contacting the main Delta office in Cairo they offered the following trip:
Delta served by Air France
July 22nd Delta 8623 CAI / CDG transit 2 hrs 15 minutes
July 22nd Delta 8550 CDG / JFK
August 3rd Delta 8557 JFK / CDG transit 2 hours 40 minutes
August 3rd Delta 8622 CDG / CAI
At Delta office they said they booked the trip to us 4 tickets and emailed me the itinerary including the seats assigned.
We reached Cairo airport before our flight by 3 hours as recommended, but when checking in at Air France they stated that our tickets are not on the monitor and we can not take them, and they asked me to call Delta call center (International) to solve the problem with them. I made several international calls for about two hours trying to fix this problem. Finally Delta call center said we have to be charged for the difference in ticket prices due to booking at high season although this was not our mistake to book at high season and my original booking was since June because I can’t pay all this cost for tickets. Time was running and Air France stated that the counter will be closed in minutes so I was forced to pay the difference in cost to be able to get our tickets since I had some business appointments at my company at NJ which I rescheduled due to our delay from my first trip. After 3 hours of trials and negotiations we got the tickets but I was charged extra cost US $ 737.34 per ticket this means a total of US $ 2949.36 for 4 tickets, which exceeded the cost of our original tickets, and this is to be added to the original cost I already paid for my tickets which was US $ 698.48 per ticket with a total of US $ 2793.92 and this means that the final total cost for 4 tickets is US $ 5743.28
This delay made great disturbance in my business schedules, my vacation arrangements, my son’s business and vacation arrangements, hotel reservation, a doctor appointment to my wife, everything had to be rescheduled with great disturbance in our life, and instead of getting apology and compensation here comes the great loss of money which I was forced to be charged to be able to go on with my trip.
As I arrived to New Jersey I called Delta and explained what happened to me and my family at both trips, they asked me to send them a fax complaining for what happened and attaching copies of the quarantine reports and a copy of the publishing at Al Ahram newspaper and I did send them all the required details by fax.

Please I need your guidance on how to solve this problem to get back my money, my rights and a reasonable compensation.

Thanks a lot for your patience,
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  • Co
      Dec 26, 2009

    Even though I understand that this was a difficult situation you also need to understand the concerns of other passengers witnessing your daughter's panic attack(s).

    They don't know all the details and history but they see someone 'acting out'.

    This can be considered a serious safety concern.

    And safety trumps everything.

    I hope Delta's customer service was able to solve the money issue to your satisfaction.

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  • Pa
      Dec 26, 2009


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