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July 7, 2009

Re: Delta Flight 1483

To Whom It May Concern:

I certainly hope this letter makes it into the right hands, and that it is taken seriously-not tossed aside as “some other unhappy customer”. After the worst traveling experience I have ever had on July 1, 2009 on Delta flight 1483 to Orlando. I arrived to LaGuardia Airport to find that the kiosk machines were not working. They were only printing boarding passes for certain flights. I had to wait in line for over an hour for an attendant to print out my ticket that took less than 2minutes. Thus began the day from hell…….. I walk to the gate to find out that my 7:20am flight is delayed to 10:00am due to mechanical problems with the plane. At 10am I happen to look at the board and the flight is scheduled to depart at 10:15am no announcement was made. At 11:00am they decide to switch gates and tell us we are waiting for an arriving plane to come from some where to use it.

Instead of Delta being smart enough to give another us plane from the beginning you take it upon yourself to have no regard for your customers and have us wait more. The reason I took such an early flight was because I had a job interview scheduled later on that day at 4pm. As you could imagine I did not get the job because of the incompetence of Delta Airline. This is truly devastating for me since this was a great opportunity for me but your airline ruined any chance I had. I understand that there are to be delays occasionally but it should not exceed an hour or two the latest. It is ridiculous to be stranded for 9 hours! Because of your shortsightedness to have planes on standby for instances just like this when a plane is unable to fly, instead you have your loyal customers wait for hours. I find it impossible to believe that you all do not have any kind of relationship with other airlines, that in a case like this, could not find someone to take everyone where they needed to be.

Finally the plane comes and we board and we have to wait an extra 15minutes because there are no beverages on the plane. To then go at a snails pace circling around the tarmac for 20 minutes with no announcement from the crew. The plane comes to a stop on the tarmac next to a parking lot and we are left waiting again with no announcement yet again. Finally the pilot announces that it will be another 20mins for us to take off. After already an hour on the plane, the plane starts to move in a circle motion again and comes to a rest at the same parking spot we were already at. The pilot announces we missed our window to take off. The passengers including my self are irate at this. One of the stewards makes an announcement stating that it is our own fault that we did not take off. I find this highly offensive and disgusting that one of your employees was yelling at us stating that it was our own fault that we did not take off. How dare you say that it is our fault when you are clearly to be blamed for such incompetent maintenance of your planes and your horrendous customer service. I do realize that they have to deal with unhappy customers ALL the time, but if they don’t like their job and can’t handle it, then they need to find work elsewhere…somewhere they don’t have to deal with the public.

After 2 hours of sitting on your plane we finally take off and instead of giving complementary snacks you still dare to charge people you how inconsiderate of you. I have been up from 5am and landed at 5pm without food. I would like to know why it took 9 hours to get to Florida a trip that normally takes 2hours. At the end of the trip all we got was an I am sorry from the pilot and that was it, no food voucher no flying vouchers NOTHING! I have been a loyal Delta flyer for years now, I vow that I will never take another flight with this airline again. I will be blogging and twittering about my horrendous experience with this airline so that no one will fly with Delta after the disgusting experience I had.

If tickets had not already been paid for, I would have never flown back with Delta. So I had a return flight on Delta flight 1486 to New York LaGuardia to yet again be delayed for 4 ½ hours. We were boarded on to the plane to make our 2:05pm take off to just sit and wait on the plane for 40mins because of an oxygen tank issue in the cockpit. Once again being the incompetent Delta airline that you are you did not have a back up for it. We had to get off the plane and wait till a 4:30pm plane to arrive with a tank. Once that happened the crew realized that another piece was missing and we had to wait till a 5:30pm plane to arrive with that piece. A flight in which I was suppose to be in NYC at 5:00pm I did not arrive till 9 pm.

I’m floored at the poor maintenance and upkeep to your planes, that so many could not be used after you had no problem over booking flights. It is completely understandable that planes that make constant trips all day long are going to need routine maintenance….hence the novel idea of having BACK UP planes to take there place while they are being serviced…but NO…let’s just wing it and see if we make it!!! I also suggest customer service training for all your staff. I will never fly Delta again and neither will my family and friends I will be posting my experience any where and every where I can so people will rethink about flying with you. . I have never been SO thoroughly disgusted with an airline as I was that day…and still continue to be… I just hope that what I have told you will be taken seriously and proper attention will be given on all said matters.

Thank you for your time



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      Jan 26, 2010

    Wow, sounds like you had a horrible experience. I fly on Delta all the time and can't remember the last time I had a mechanical problem. The idea of having spare airplanes sitting around is not realistic. Airplanes cost hundreds of millions of dollars each, the airports are crowded and there is no place to park any extras at all of our crowded airports. Also, it is not healthy for airplanes to be sitting idle. 'Stewards' is a term that hasn't been used since the 1960s. I know DAL has one of the best safety records in the industry. This is very important to me since I travel a lot for business.

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