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Delta Airlines / Damaged luggage

1 MN, United States Review updated:

I am totally shocked that in this day and age Delta Airlines gets a free pass from the American Govornment. Not only is this airline somewhat of a monoply in Minnestoa, ( Our Congress allowed them to buy Northwest Airlines), now it is our only major airline from Minnesota. But if they damage your luggage in thier care, you have no rights! As an example, recently I checked a bag from an overseas flight from Stockholm to Atlanta, then on to MN. Of course one must change planes in Atlanta, plus clear customs. So, this means that you must claim your bag from the one plane, and go to customs and then place it on the next flight to Mn. In between customs inspections I saw that my new $200.00 Samsonite wheeled duffle bag was doing it's job, life was good. However, after arriving in Mn. I discovered that my brand new duffel bag was completely destroyed. It looked like someone had used a carpet knive on it and decided that this bag was the ulimate enemy. Gaping slits were everywhere. How this happened I hav'nt a clue. An airport employee loads the bag on a conveyer, which is then routed to a cart where another employee transfers the bag to the airplane, where it is then loaded onto the airplane. With so many bags that have to be handled between plane schedules, and put on connecting flights, I find it very hard to understand how anyone had time to assault my poor duffle bag. Whatever the explanation my duffle bag was ruined. I immediatly took the remains of my sad bag to the baggage department to report that I was an unhappy camper and was told "we can give you a comparible bag and you can be on your way". I was not impressed with the $40 comparible bag and told the agent that I was not satisfied. The agent in charge at a Major airport representing a Major Airline(DELTA) told me " that's all that I can do" there is no other compensation availible. I wished to speak to the agents supervisor, however, being that is was approximatly 8:00 PM, no other supervisor was availible. (how convieniet for Delta)<br /><br />
So as I understand it, if you choose to fly in this world with Delta as your transportation provider in 2010, if you plan on bringing some clothes in a sturdy duffle bag with wheels so you don't break you shoulder hauling it around airports with no carts availible. Do plan on spending no more than $40 for you bag needs because Delta airlines will not recompense you if your bag out of site is assaulted by knive weilding employees in the privacy of thier baggage room. On a side note; does anybody know how to attach roller blade wheels onto an army surplus duffle bag? Does anyone know where an army surplus store that has army duffle bags for sale is in Mpls? Never mind, I think I will try google maybe it can guide me.

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  • Ko
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    i had a damaged guitar case that had fragile stickers on it that was supposed to be a carry on item, but delta changed airplanes at the last minute to a smaller airplane so i let the loaders put it in the cargo bay. i asked them to please be careful and it got split open. we filed a complaint at the airport and were ignored.

  • Co
      26th of Dec, 2009
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    As much as I understand your pain, I wouldn't have bought a $200 duffel bag in the first place.
    All airlines, including Delta, make it clear in their fine print that your luggage is there to protect the content in it.
    So everyone should be prepared to see dents and scratches on their shiny new piece of luggage, even after just one flight.

    However, what you are describing here doesn't sound like normal wear and tear.
    That was the ultimate reason a DL representative even bothered offering you any compensation in the first place.
    You can always ask for a supervisor or better the station manager (good luck with that) to call you back the next day.

    My experience is that it all comes down to how much of a 'good' customer you are.

    Esp. if you don't fly that often you want to take as many flights with the SAME airline - not just with the same alliance.

    You increase your chances significantly.

    One thing I can say about MSP: A DL/NWA gate agent once responded to my request to speak to her supervisor with something like 'good luck finding one on a weekend'.

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