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Me and my wife had live in Maryland and we had flights from JFK New York to Georgetown Guyana with Delta. MD had 2 feet of snow the day before and our flight and we couldn't get out to make it to the airport on time. We called DELTA to reschedule and was charged $953 to change our flights to the next available. We were told that it is not their fault that we couldn't make it to the airport.

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      25th of Feb, 2010

    Totally aggree very unreasonable. Just got back to LA from Hawaii I missed my flight the day before due to the rental car broke down as we head for the airport that is not something in my control in which I can plan for. We got to the airport 10 minutes before departure but of course its consider too late. I like how when they are late you have to wait for them but when you're late they leave you. When I talked to the people at the counter they just told me that they will be able to reschedule me to another flight but it would be a $50 fee per person and gave me a number to call. But when I all that number they were not able to reschedule me for the same same flight because it was overbooked. So I would need to catch the flight the next day. But since its the next day I would have to pay a $150 fee per person plus the difference of my ticket and the current price of the airfare. Supposedly it end up being more than the one way ticket. So I was left to buy a one way ticket instead cost me 2k for 2 people. I think its ridiculus they should just be able to reschedule your flight since you already paid for it. Or at least just with a small fee not make you pay against the new cost of the fare. Its just makes you lose your loyalty toward the company. Not very good customer service. I can't believe I even bothered to signed up for their skymiles membership. After that experience I will try to avoid flying Delta at all means. Since they don't take very god care of their customers. I've seen people miss their flights in other airlines and the company would do whatever they can to help them. They would even call the pilot to allow the passenger to board as long as they didn't take off to the runway yet. Here in my case there were no iniative to try and do anything. It was just a big fat NO.

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