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Delta Airlines / service

1 CT, United States

I have flown every airline and nearly flown to every city in the US over the course of my career. Every time I have flown Delta, which has been a lot over the years, I have experienced extensive delays, horrible customer service and multiple charges for the same expense on my credit card. <br />
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Most recently, I was on a flight, which was delayed leaving MO. It was essential that I was in CT that evening due to a family medical emergency. I explained the situation to the agent and asked if there was possibly another flight I could take since the flight I was scheduled on was delayed leaving and I would be at risk missing my connection; thereby, not making it to Connecticut in time. The agent discounted me with an attitude (clearly demonstrating through rolling of the eyes, pounding on the keyboard and sighing heavily that I was putting her out by asking her to check another flight). She said there was nothing they could do. As a result, we landed in Atlanta, GA. I had 5 minutes to catch my connector, which were several gates away. I asked the stewardess what gate I needed to go too and she sighed and told me to check with the agent after we landed. I then asked if they could please call ahead and let them I was coming and was told there was nothing they could do. I asked if they could possibly make an announcement and please ask if the passengers that weren't connecting remain seated for a few minutes. Again, no!! When the plane landed, I got up and went to the front of he plane and was told to sit down. I explained the situation and they again demanded that I sit down. I refused. I needed to catch my flight. They reminded me they could call the authorities and I again told them it was essential that I make my connector for them to do what they needed to do. When I finally got off the plane and ask the agent where the connecting gate was, she informed me they had just left. I asked her to please find me another flight and she said there was nothing she could do that I'd have to wait. I waited in Atlanta for 9 hours. My family member died that night before I could get home.<br />
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Another situation occurred when Delta boarder everyone on the plane, knowing there were mechanical problems and making us sit there for over 6 hours not even offering us a beverage. There were several people who asked to be let off (i.e., nursing mothers, families with children, older passengers, etc.) and was told no. This is ridiculous to hold passengers hostage for six hours with no food or water when we are paying good money for those tickets. When an elderly person, clearly was unable to walk to end of the plane to use the lavatory, walked through first class, she was told she wasn’t “allowed” in first class that she’d have to return to her “area” and use the lavatory in the back of the plane. <br />
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There have been numerous, numerous occasions similar to these in respect to lack of customer service, extensive delay, no accountability or support when they are at fault and consistent double charging on fees. When you call the airline to dispute the overcharge, they direct you to their website, which takes weeks to resolve. Meanwhile, you have to pay the bill to avoid interest charges. <br />
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I rarely submit complaints, but Delta is the worst airline I have ever dealt with, and even after all these years, nothing has changed. I am disappointed to see they took over Northwest. Northwest was a fine airline before they took over. I have flown Northwest for the past few years and never a problem. I was booked on Northwest during the change over and, again, my flight from Detroit was delayed; the connector was delayed; no customer service whatsoever and the end result - it took me 12 hours to get to my destination for a 2 hour flight.

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