Delta Airlinesdamaged laptop

My company booked me on a flight to Norfolk Va through Atlanta GA from Pensacola Florida. I had packed in my luggage my Asus netbook laptop. The netbook was inside its OWN padded case and surrounded by clothes.

After arriving in Norfolk and my luggage was retrieved, I rented my car and drove 3 hours to my destiniation motel to find when I unpacked, that the display was damaged beyond repair. It looked as if it had been slammed onto the floor.

I emailed Delta (ever try calling them?) and received no response. I emailed a second time. After a day, I recieved a reply stating 'tough, we aren't responsible for anything inside luggage'- in not so few words.

On my return trip, I happened to sit over the luggage compartment door and was able to watch how they load.

One guy tosses the bag to a second who promply slams it down onto the conveyor as if he were slam-dunking a basketball. Sometimes he actually catches the bag. Other times it goes sailing past and bounces off the tarmac. I witnessed the next plane unloading. Those bags that you leave on the jetway that are too big for the overhead compartments? This one guy picked each up and tossed them down a chute, the bag travelling more than half way down the shoot in the air before landing.

Right now, I am still fighting them. Granted, it was only a $300 dollar computer, but it was MY $300 dollar computer and not everyone can just replace it.

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