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Delta Airlines / terrible flight

1 United States

Wednesday May 16th Delta Flight 1766 was the flight from hell. It was a rainy afternoon and all seemed well. !80 passengers boarding plan as planned. Taxiing took about 30mins due to weather and other airline traffic. Finally our plane approached the runway for take off. As the engines roared just before take off, the dam brakes locked. Yep. it was horrific. People panicking, screaming out of control. The plan appeared to fish tail to the right a bit, possibly due to wet conditions. I thought this was the end. Immediately the plane corrected. The pilot informed us that the planes computer detected problem with left engine so sensor applied auto brakes in which pilot quickly disengaged and brought plane to rest manually. Well after another 40mins of taxiing plane back to maintenance and waiting we de-boarded and all 180 passengers bumped another flight that was going from atlanta to alaska. Needless to say they were not happy. Much confusion and little direction another 30mins or so we boarded. As we set and waited we applauded our pilots as they boarded. Damn 20 mins later they left the plane. Another 15-20mins went but and the stewardess informed us according to FAA regulations, those pilots exceeded their hours fr the day. WT[censored] Well we remained seated, 15 mins later we were informed that flight attendant message new pilots to take flight. Well 30mins later, after I demanded update, stewardess informed us that those piolts received message to late and responded to another flight. So a third set of pilots were contacted. This id fricken ridiculous. At this time $7 dllar vouchers ( no airport meal under $10) were given to extremely pissed of passengers and we were deboarded waiting for pilots. 40 mins later a new set of pilots arrived not pleased at all about flying to west coast. you know they should keep their comments to themselves. Many of us overheard thoer dis-pleasure. Well we soon boarded and set another 30 mins or so and finally pilots arrived. Another 20 mins gone by as we staged to depart. Damn not done yet. I set in aisle 24, above the wing and low and behold I heard a knocking noise. I asked the lady next to me to confirm. Indeed a noise that wasn't right. Wasn't sure what to do. i did flag stewardess as and she set in empty seat next to me as plane left ground. I told her listen and about every 20-30 mins this knocking sound would happen. She heard and was unsure, calling it a rudder noise. WT[censored] She tried to comfort us by telling us if serious the problem would flag the pilots and plane would landed. Lord help us I never prayed so hard in my life. $ and 1/2 hours later we landed in Ontario, Cal. Never in my life had have such an terrible flying experience. The maintenance, customer service, pilots, everything was against us. I work for Boeing in anahiem and to travel occasionally. I have yet to register complaint to my travel management and thought I'd give you guys a chance to respond. Anticipation...

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