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Austin, TX, US Review updated:

Delta hires ###s. I was at the Austin Airport this morning - my niece was returning to Italy and most likely I will not see her for two years or so. I asked the Delta people at check-in to please, please issue me a pass so I could go with her at the gate and see her board the plane. It really meant a lot to me. They repeatedly said no, because my niece is neither under eighteen, nor disable, nor old. Even th security guard agreed with me that they were being ###s. I certainly do not look like a terrorist, and the issue of "crwoding the gates" was non existent because it was before 5am!!
Delta needs to sto hiring brainless order-takers that act like a herd of dumb sheeps and are incapable of making an exception even when it perfectly ok to do so.
I will go oiut of my way to boicott Delta from now on.

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  • Bo
      Aug 24, 2009

    Rules are rules.

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  • 58
      Oct 26, 2010

    you are a F'ing IDIOT. did you read your complaint? well read it again FUMB DUCK! WHAT YEAR IS IT? is it AFTER 2001? Lets say the agents did issue you a pass (for which you did not pay for) to go say goodbye to that whore of a niece of yours; you may not look like a terrorist but what if you just fliped your [censored] and started fighting people, causing disruptions or even managed to get a gun in the place and shoot up the whole airport? who's responsible then? the agents that issued you a pass and delta airlines. so lets reverse the position. some pedo uncle wants to watch his niece's [censor] walk down the jetway since he wont see that tight [censor] for at least 2 years comes up to you, a ticket agent, and says "hey, i dont have a ticket but can you make one for me so i can say goodbye to someone?" the answer is no every single no thats what your neiece was saying but i bet it sounded like "no, no uncle dont. Stop uncle. no no no no no no no no" but you just cant take no for an answer can you pedobear?

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