Delta Air Linesunethical behavior and poor customer service

I am a Delta silver elite status frequent flier. I have never had a complaint prior. On Monday May 8th, my husband and I were due to leave Burlington VT on Delta flight 3995 to connect to WPB via LGA (H9FBYD). The flight was due to depart at 5pm, but "due to mechanical problems, the plane coming from Detroit was late" and we did not take off until closer to 6pm, making it extremely likely that we would miss our connecting flight to WPB. The ticket agent at the gate, Alex Griswold reserved a ticket for us the next day out of LGA as a precaution and told us not to worry; Delta would provide us with a hotel voucher if we missed our connection at LGA. I have an interrupted ticket voucher that he provided us with, however he apparently did not mark the record as such (we were told at LGA). I have it in my possession. We landed in LGA at 7:11, however, we sat on the tarmac for more than an hour due to the traffic on the runway. Our connecting flight showed on-line as departed, however, apparently our connecting flight was delayed until 7:45 or so probably due to the same mess on the tarmac. This traffic on the tarmac is all over the internet about LGA construction causing major issues with flights coming and going on time. When we finally got off the plane, we were told by a Delta agent that they would not provide us with a hotel voucher because the departing flight was delayed and if it weren't for the runway traffic, we could have made it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Wellington, FLMy reply is that if our Delta flight had departed Burlington on time, we would have had another 45 min. to make our connecting flight. This is a chicken or egg argument best case. The people at the customer service desk told us one thing; the red coat manager, Laeeq Q. actually tried to help and provided good service; however, still did not provide us with a hotel voucher because the record would not allow him to. He was excellent, helpful, and professional. The others at the customer service desk were not. They gave conflicting information, and did not offer good service to the many irate customers, including one military vet who needed to report the next day. We paid $188 plus taxes for a hotel room; did not arrive there until almost 11pm when we arrived LGA at 8pm and were treated poorly by an airline I have been loyal to for many years. Needless to say, I am not only disappointed but completely disgruntled. It is a matter or principle that the vendors I choose to do business with treat me with respect and consideration. I am not sure where Delta has slipped, but your airline has joined the ranks of the Uniteds and Spirit Airlines of this world. I will be posting my recommendation all over social media to avoid flights thru LGA and via Delta in an effort to expose the obvious blame game going on to avoid you from taking care of your customers in the way you are obligated to. This is not a matter of money; it is a matter of principle. Amanda Gill [protected] silver elite member [protected]

May 10, 2017

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