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Michah Wartell ripped me off. I was intending to purchase 2 year round standby unlimited tickets for $1500 each, total $3, 000. I gave him $200 to get access to see if it was real before giving him the full $3, 000. He refused to give me log in information or anything at all to confirm it was real. He stole my money and has not responded to return it. I filled a police report and they are doing a full investigation. All I wanted was my money back. But so be it, I will fight in court for it instead since he will not respond.

  • Updated by Poind, Mar 25, 2017

    it was there product being offered. I want my $200 back from the scam that was stolen. I want Michah to return my money.

  • Updated by Poind, Mar 25, 2017

    it was their product being offered. they should know about the scam . I want others to not be ripped off by Michah. I want my money back from him.

  • Updated by Poind, Mar 25, 2017

    Scam photos

Mar 24, 2017
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  •   Mar 24, 2017

    What does Delta have to do with this?

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  •   Mar 25, 2017

    How would they know a private person is using their name to scam people? By your logic, YOU should have known it was a scam.

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  • Po
      Mar 25, 2017

    @Wine Is Good I'm making everyone Aware. I did not give "logic" I stated a criminal theft act that had happened.

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  •   Mar 25, 2017

    You did not help anyone with your complaint. You listed Delta as the problem when Delta is not the problem. Michah Wartell is the problem. You already filled out a police report. Let the cops do their job. No one here is going to care, and the odds of getting someone who lives in your area are slim. So, like I said, you have helped no one.

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