Delta Air Linescouldn't change flight

Today I finished my meeting a little early headed to the airport and was going to try and catch an earlier flight only to be told that the $696 round trip flight (MSP - CVG) was ineligible for an earlier flight. Mind you that the flight I am scheduled to be on is overbooked and has a handful of people on standby - the one I was requesting to get on is about 75% full. I was informed that the only way I can get on the other flight was to purchase a new one way ticket for $450. I used to use Delta almost exclusively (had diamond status) and now I don't - they don't want or feel they need to support their business travelers other than an ATM. When I went to log into my account to submit a complaint through their web page the complaint section was in operable - go figure it wouldn't recognize the flight I was going to be on DL 3404 and didn't recognize any flights I put in their system.

Nov 29, 2018

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