Delta Air Linesdo not ever fly delta, stupid at its peak

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I booked a flight from SFO to Dublin, Ireland by way of Atlanta on Delta. I spoke with the reservations department as did the travel agent from Quinn Travel (San Francisco, CA). We were told that I could bring my small cat as carry-on provided I obtain the proper health certificates.

I did all that was required and had all paperwork with me but was still refused boarding on the plane. The first "issue" was that the hard-side carrier was too large for carry on with a pet. The size of the carry on was well within the limits of regular carry on but I was made to purchase a soft-side carrier for the trip. (By William J at SFO) After I had done that I was told that Ireland would not accept pets from in the cabin travel and that my cat must travel as cargo. Then I was told that Ireland had an embargo against pets traveling into the country from May to September 15, 2009.

I am out a great deal of expense due to Deltas misinformation and lack of professionalism.

I MUST take my cat back to the vet at least twice for the health certifiates to be re-done for international travel. The USDA certificate within 10 days of departure and the domestic certificate between 24 and 48 hours of departure.

I e-mailed the pets and agriculture office at Dublin, Ireland and was told by that government official THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN EMBARGO!!!

I am severely inconvenienced as I am trying to move to Ireland and am currently stuck here. I have no income as I am relocating and this delay is a financial hardship.


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      May 16, 2010

    Never travel by Delta Airlines, if you value yourself


    Delta airlines is bloody racist.
    I was travelling from Detroit to Hongkong and back. While return I found something very unique which I never came across in my travel history with dozens of other airlines.
    Just because I am not white, my baggage was flagged with Red lable, while checking in with Delta staff who were local Chinese. To add to injury, they have sent me to separate interogation counter where I was asked several questions, if I was travelling with purpose, if I packed my baggage myself, where I was for last few days etc. On my displeasure they said it was random check by airlines. Upon completing this, I was standing there to see if they check anybody else. None of the passenger was flagged including blacks or whites in that fully booked flight except me. I went to counter again and requested to talk to manager. He came and said, it is just that the computer randomly selected me out of whole bunch of passengers. It was just because I am of South Asian decendent ( not muslim), though I am North American resident.
    I told manager how can hongkong administration can be so racist, specially hongkong's economy is only surviving on tourism and trade fairs?
    It is my opinion that Delta airlines have instructed world wide to specially check all the south Asians no matter they are muslims or not. Even their baggage tags are flagged with red label.

    It is my request to all of you that never travel by Delta airlines which is bloody racist and involved in discrimination.

    Besides their onboard services, they just have one young flight attendant at the gate to welcome, to make it compete with other good airlines. But once your enter inside you will find total old age above 65+ flight attendants who are suppose to be playing with their grand childrens. What best you can expect from this racist american airlines.
    there are great airlines like singapore airlines, cathay, emirates, lufthansa, etihad, korean, asiana. Why even delta- nwa management even bother to run this almost sick, bankrupt airlines.
    I will always avoid these hopless airlines and warning others not to travel this risky airline if you have self respect and value your own and family's life.

    Their fleet is all outdated garbage. I forgot to mention, at detroit during beginning of my onward journey the cargo door of airline was broken, for that flight was delayed for more than 2 hours just before take off. Because of this I had to stay in Narita for one night and my business schedule was disturbed. Interestingly this airlines never fly in time, and also their fleets are technically not upto date unlike other great airlines in Asia. Delta airline is highly risky, untimely. Food is horrible, drinks they charge 6$ even for such long flights. Only good thing is that it comes from the land of George bush. God bless this racist ba**stards

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      May 18, 2010

    Freak airline, wonder why it is not bankrupt yet like nwa and many other American substandard airlines. They can't even stand close to SQ, Cx, EK etc.

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  •   Nov 14, 2010

    What crappy service!

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