dell computer inspiron 20lpoor service

have been on phone to dell support numerous times. first you are talking with someone you can not half-way understand..the first time you call all they want to do is sell you a program that will safe guard your computer. B/S. I have had to call then back two times after buying this program to have junk removed called 1/26 on phone with them 4 hrs.. had to call back 1/27 4 more hrs. still not happy. on the 26 I did talk with some one who did speak decent English. but had an attitude problem. we were doing good he was telling me what to do and I was doing it. one time he told me what to do and I did it. it came up next, so I hit next. his tone changed. he said did you hit next.?? I said yes. he said I did tell you to hit next. I said no but it was all could be done. He said if you are going to try to fix this I will hang up and let you do it. I kept my cool which unusuall for me. I said hold on I hit back. ok what do you want me to do. he said HIT NEXT. I wil not be buying another dell.

Jan 28, 2015

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