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To whomever concerned,

The purpose of this email is to lodge a complain against the service of one of your sales staff - Andrew Wee, extension number 8632166.

At the beginning, he promised to let me know if he can throw in something for me after I placed my order. My order is placed on the 13th of June and still no news even till Tuesday morning. So I have to make a call down on the 15th June to check what is the matter. It was then Andrew told me that the credit card system is faulty on the 13th but I still don't understand why he didn't call to let me know on the next day, which is the 14th of June. However he seemed rather sincere, carries a rather pleasant tone of voice and have prompt follow-up calls so I let it passed.

However after the order is being sent to the factory, I have to chase him for information ALL THE TIME and even though most of the time he promised that he will call back, he failed to do so. It literally feels like I have to make the whole damn computer myself as when I didn't have the ready information online, I have to call and check and wait for the reply which Andrew refuses to call back every single time. On the 22th June, when I asked him about the delivery date which isn't available online even after 3 working days, I had to make the call near to the closing time of your hotlines and it was then he told me he do not have the information and will let me know the next day. If you have to let me know the next day, you should had call and not keep the customer hanging and then make them call you in the end! And of course I still didn't received a call from Andrew the next day as well. Fortunately, the information is available online then. But that doesn't make it a reason not to call back.

This is my second purchase from Dell as I remembered the last purchase to be rather pleasant. I even recommended my friends to buy from Dell, praising the high service standards and the quality of your products (my laptop serves me well till this day). But this latest purchase is far from satisfactory. In fact this purchase left me full of frustration, I need the computer urgently and I placed the order way beforehand and now because of all those delays, I have to borrow from my friend just to complete the task. If this is the way you treat your customers, I can assure you this is the last purchase I would ever transact with Dell. And advising those around me not to do so as well.

Moreover, less hassle need to encountered from other brands, without the need of waiting for 3 whole weeks and needing to borrow a credit card or cheque book just to make a purchase. Prices are rather competitive as well, with the same or comparable specifications.

$1500 might seem nothing to you but it's an amount which I have to scraped and saved. I expect better treatment for that kind of money.

Feel free to check your call recordings if you have doubts in any of the points I made in this email. All the required dates are stated.

Yours Sincerely,
Megan Tan

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  •   Feb 29, 2008
    Dell - terrible service!
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I bought my 12th Dell 2 years ago. I had always had Dells and loved them. The one I bought 2 years ago didn't last 13 months. It was a piece of junk that sounded like it was an airplane about to take off. I, stupidly, purchased another with an in home service agreement for three years just in case I got another piece of junk. I definitely got another piece of junk. Either I can't get it to turn off or I can't get it to boot. I have called tech support to have a technician come and repair the computer over 4 times now. I speak to someone who speaks no English and tries to explain to me how to take my computer apart and repair it myself. If I had time to be in the computer repair business, I wouldn't have spent the chunk of change for the in home service agreement. I have spent over 12 hours on the phone with these people with my computer taken apart just to be hung up on in the middle. They refuse to send someone out to work on the computer because I have not isolated the problem. Is this bizarre or what?

    I have a warranty on my car - which fortunately is not a piece of junk. If, however, I have a problem, I certainly don't expect a mechanic to talk me through the repairs.

    Don't waste your money on a Dell - they are a thing of the past.

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  •   May 23, 2008
    Dell - replacement refuse
    United States

    I purchased a new Inspiron laptop in March, 2017. I started noticing an awful odor and realized it was coming from the laptop. It ran too hot and caused something inside to give off a very pungent and caustic smell. Dell agreed to give me a replacement, but it was a refurbished model. It also ran very hot and Dell agreed to examine it. They replaced 2 parts, and it still runs too hot. I want a replacement, but Dell refuses. They are willing to look at it again and fix it, but I spent too much money to keep sending back a system for repairs.

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  •   Jul 11, 2008
    Dell - dell: &you are approved for credit... but you cant use it...
    Round Rock
    United States

    I ordered a Latitude XT tablet online. After calling to confirm shipping details, I was routed to the Verification Department. There I was told that they could not verify my account therefore could not use it as a means of paying. My order was then canceled and I was told there was nothing I could do. I then proceeded to order online using my Dell preferred acount. That order did not go through and the representative I spoke with said they will have to "refresh" my account which means they would cancel my order. At that time I decided to call Dell financial services and cancel my business account as I cant use it. I was told that they have a hold on the account and cant do anything. I told them that I no longer want this to show up on my credit as I cant even use the credit anyway. I was told that they cannot do anything about it and the account will be left open and on hold.

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  •   Jul 22, 2008
    Dell - liars
    United States

    My son was trying to pay off an acct with Dell. After much haggling they agreed on an amt to pay and the bill would be considered paid in full and reported to the credit reporting agencies as such. My son paid the agreed upon amt. and now Dell is refusing to report to the agencies. "Your acct has not been paid in full and we consider what you paid as a payment and you are still responsible for paying the balance." How can a business agree to accept an amt and then back out of the agreement after you have paid that amt. LIARS!

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  •   Jul 23, 2008

    A little over a month ago I bought a laptop from Dell. The laptop was assembled in Nashville TN and shipped to me in Louisville KY (if you don't know where those two cities are, I invite you to use any of the online map services).

    Dell of course shipped the laptop via DHL -- to turned a one day drive from Nashville to Louisville into a week-long oddessy while they bounced my laptop around two different facilities in Ohio and faked an "attempted delivery" before I finally got my laptop.

    After I complained loudly to both DHL and Dell, I received both email and telephone assurances from Dell that I could get future orders without having them shipped via DHL.

    In May, I ordered another Dell laptop and a mouse. Dell decided they would ship the mouse separately, with a projected ship date more than a week earlier than the laptop.

    The ship date for the mouse came -- and Dell "delayed" the shipment giving a new projected ship date a week later (but still earlier than the laptop).

    Today I checked the status on line and it said the order was "changed" (with no explanation of what was changed). The website gave a 800 number to call to find out what "changed" so I called the number. After wading through several layers of voice prompt menus I finally got someone in customer service (obviously overseas despite a fake American name) who first told me that the order was cancelled, not changed. Then told me that orders are never cancelled without notifying the customer; but that her system showed that my order was cancelled and did not show anything about anyone attempting to contact me. Her system also showd that my mouse had been cancelled for "incompatible configuration" meaning that the mouse I ordered (from Dell's website) was not compatible with the laptop I ordered (it was the mouse that Dell sells for this laptop when you order it online). After more than a half hour on the phone to get this much information, the girl offered to find the part number for the right mouse so I could reorder. Fifteen minutes later she had figured out that the part number for a wireless laptop mouse for a Dell Vostro laptop was the same number that they had just cancelled. She then transferred me to "Sales" for them to fix the problem.

    At Sales I got someone who finally admitted that the order for the mouse had been cancelled because the shipping instructions were "Not DHL" and that wasn't allowed. (Keep in mind that Dell had had the order for over a week, had delayed it once, and had now cancelled it - all without bothering to contact the customer; and all without also canceling the order for the laptop itself which was also listed the same way "Not DHL")

    I asked the Sales guy for his supervisor, so he transferred me to Dell's so-called Customer Care (not his supervisor), we went through the same nonsense all over again (now the third time) before the "Customer Care" lady passed me to her supervisor -- who assured me that no one could do anything about it because the computers are shipped by "Manufacturing" and "Customer Care" wasn't allowed to talk with Manufacturing.

    His best (HA!) idea was that he could annotate the order for Customer Care to keep track of the order and keep track of the shipment so they would know where my package was at all times. When I pointed out that this did not give them any control over the shipment he eventually admitted that it was really just the same tracking information that any customer would have available on the DHL website (the same way that I had watched my previous laptop bounced between two DHL facilities in Ohio and watched when DHL said that they had "attempted delivery" while we were home).

    By then I had been on the phone with Dell for one hour and twenty minutes and I had to leave for a meeting. The so-called "Customer Care" so-called "supervisor" was supposed to find out who had authority to do something and call me back -- of course he never did call back.




    And now, Dell has delayed the order TWICE, and I still don't have the laptop that I ordered in May -- but I do have a whole collection of emails from different specialists at Dell all of whom apologize for the problems, but none of whom can manage to do something as simple as getting Dell to put a laptop in a box and actually ship it.

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  •   Aug 19, 2008

    The purchase of a Dell laptop has been one of the most stressful if not worse investments I ever made.

    After spending hours on top of hours and not to mention numerous emails with your customer service over the past 3 years in reference to a Dell Inspiron 5120 laptop, I purchased in 2017, I felt it was necessary to make and take the time out of my busy schedule to inform you of what is going on with your products. The dilemma is where to start.

    Let�s start from the ordering process:

    1. Marketing stated no interest/ no payment for one year. False. After tedious hours of arguing with your customer service, it took a class action against Dell to resolve the problem. Not a good thing!

    2. The unit was ordered with an internal wireless unit. Never put in. When I called to complain�your customer service told me to go out and buy a key and they would reimburse me. Again, after hours of arguing, they sent me an external key. Not what I wanted, never worked properly and very delicate. Not what I paid for from the beginning.

    3. The wall adapter would get extremely hot. My significant other is a firefighter and he feared that that the unit would start a fire. Your customer service refused to replace the defective unit�so we replaced it ourselves out of fear.

    4. I then had problems trying to connect to my wireless internet. After speaking with Linkys�they determined that it was a Dell problem. Again it took endless hours to repair the problem�just to try to get someone that we could comprehend on the phone was very trying.

    5. In April of 2017, the unit would not hold a charge. Again, after many trying phone calls and the costly replacement of a new battery and again another adapter, the unit had to be returned to Dell, and we finally received authorization. Please reference attached work order. The unit was returned.

    6. About a month ago, the problem reappeared. I try to explain this in an email to your customer service to no satisfaction. I tried to call but I do not have the time to hold on forever to your customer service lines. Waiting times of at least 15 minutes. Doesn�t indicate a good thing. That many problems!!!

    7. I took the unit to a local Circuit City. Lo and behold there were four other Dell Laptops experiencing the same problem. The Firedogs checked out my unit. It was determined that it is an inherent problem. The same exact problem as before.

    8. I phoned your customer service today. To no avail they won�t replace the unit because the warranty expired 9/30.07. I became very angry and tried to explain to this robotic person on the other end�that the problem is inherent and the same as in May. It was never repaired properly. He �David� very insultingly tried to convince that parts don�t go bad in 6 months. Baloney!!! It was probably a refurbished part in the first place!!! New Jersey Lemon Law applies to products as well as cars.

    9. I asked to speak to his supervisor and all he could repeat was that the unit was not under warranty. I know that and if the problem had originally happened after the expired warranty there would not have been a problem now. I just would never replace it with another Dell.

    10. �David� informed he that there is no one higher than him. I laughed and asked if he was Mr. Dell. I asked for the corporate office�he informed than that there weren�t any. Imagine that!!!

    11. He said he would have the �executive office� phone me. I almost believe that!

    Needless to say, I am frustrated, disgusted and want the unit replaced.

    Everything that you list on your customer commitment has been totally negated. It is most unfortunate that I know at least ten people that have had the same problems with Dell units, customer service and satisfaction.

    I would apologize for contacting you personally but I can�t. It is very hard to communicate with people (your customer service) whose verbal skills do not meet the standards of Americans.

    Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration to this matter.

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  •   Aug 21, 2008

    In March 2017 I purchased a refurbished system from site. The website states that 'All products have been tested and repackaged to Dell factory standards'. The cost of the refurbished machine without monitor was £774.03. This price includes a three year hardware warranty.

    The machine has never worked properly. The hard drive cannot be formatted and the operating system has to be reinstalled every 60 to 90 days. I have re-installed the operating system many times which takes hours. I have spent countless hours on Dell's 0870 Technical Support Number.

    Dell has now stated that these are software issues therefore chargeable for technical help, although one particular technician confirmed that the system was originally returned to Dell due to hardrive failure. Whilst speaking with another technician I couldn't help but feel that they were aware that the machine was probably faulty but simply kept re-assuring me that the system had a three year warranty, and in this occasion to reload the operating system again.

    I stopped contacting Dell through embarrassment when they said it was a chargeable software issue. I continued reloading the operating system on my own when it failed. The problems with the machine although called software issues are directly connected to hardware i.e. not being able to format the hard drives.

    I would rather Dell simply collect the machine for repair than waste their time and my time supporting a faulty machine. In September 2017, I complained and Dell finally collected the machine for repair. The machine was returned three weeks later. The hardrives and motherboard had been replaced.

    The machine worked for three days then would not boot up at all apparently due to faulty RAM. After several more telephone calls to Dell it was arranged that a technician would visit in order to repair the machine. I booked another day off work. The technician arrived without the correct replacement parts. He was unable to replace all the RAM and replaced only one stick of RAM when the machine has four RAM sticks, simply guessing which stick of RAM may be faulty. I heard him speaking with the office stating that he was unable to replace the RAM as he has not been supplied sufficient RAM. The office advised him to simply replace the one RAM stick and CLOSE THE CASE (I couldn't believe it).

    This has not rectified the problem. I complained to Dell who offered to replace my system with another refurbished system. I declined after the ongoing problems with this system. I was then offered a new machine but after looking at the details it was a much lower specification. I declined a downgraded machine. After many more phone calls to Dell they have offered a refund less �£175.00 for the VAT, stating that this money could not be reclaimed.

    I declined, as I should not be liable for the VAT as the system should not have left the factory faulty in the first place. Dell then advised me that under these special circumstances they were prepared to offer the full refund and arranged for the Dimension 9150 to be collected on 14-12-2017. I took another day off work for the collection of the machine. Dell never arrived to collect it, did not advise that they would not be coming or offer any explanation for not making the collection.

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  • Da
      Aug 22, 2008

    Do not feel like the lone ranger. They just did the same thing to me. I was approved for a business account two days ago, I even ordered a camera and they shipped it. I placed a order with a sales rep and then changed my mind and submitted another order. These people are a complete bunch of jerkoff's. I will not do business with Dell Again

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  •   Aug 26, 2008
    Dell - bad service
    United States

    In January, 2017, I purchased a new Dell Dimension E521 desktop computer via telephone. The machine was sent with Windows XP 2017 installed and, as agreed, I was sent Microsoft's Vista upgrade later. Upon installing the Vista program, all sound dissapeard from my computer. After 10 months of wrangling, I have reinstalled Windows XP. Even though both products were new and should have been workable, both companies showed minimal interest in helping. However, both agreed to assist if I agreed to pay hefty hourly fees. Obviously, I have purchased my last Dell product and will certainly avoid Microsoft products in the future whenever possible.

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  •   Aug 28, 2008

    On August 1, 2017, I purchased my Dell Inspirion 1520 laptop online. I had just bought another dell back in March but accidently spilled soup on it. But, I was happy with my Dell (that I bought from Best Buy) and decided to get another Dell. I decided to just have one made custom for my needs and not what you can get pre-made in the store. Anyway, my laptop was supposedly sent to DHL on 8/7/08 and I paid for 2 business day delievery (which is extra) so it was supposed to be here yesterday on 8/11/08. So when it became late in the day yesterday I called DHL to discover that only a "label" was printed up and they had never physically received my laptop.

    So I called Dell, (which I hate doing because 9 times out of 10 when you call the 1-800 number you get connected to someone in India who speaks broken English and who are typically extrememly rude. Since I ordered my laptop, I've spoken to 5 EXTREMELY rude, Indian representatives). So when I got a hold at someone at dell, which is also difficult to do because you have to go through an ANNOYING automated phone system, I was told I had to wait another "24-48 hours" to call back. So I called today and I was told the same thing AND my laptop is STILL at Dell when it says on my account that my laptop was shipped on 8/7/08 which was 5 DAYS AGO! I demanded a refund of my shipment and they keep telling me I have to wait until I receive my laptop, which seems it will never get here. I then said I just want a refund of my entire laptop but they told me I already have a "tracking number" for delievery and they can't do that EVEN THOUGH MY LAPTOP IS STILL IN THEIR POCESSION.

    My advice to any future consumers: DO NOT BUY DELL. THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS WAY TO HORRIBLE AND TOO MUCH OF A HEADACE TO EVEN WORRY ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT. If something goes wrong with your laptop, you are so screwed if you have to call customer service.

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  •   Oct 07, 2008

    In July I ordered this laptop. Shipping on it was delayed numeorus times by Dell. After it arrived and I set it up was initialy happy, but last week it crashed 3 times. I called Dell to request a return and was told I was 1 day beyond the 21-day return period. I asked to speak with a manager and was put on hold for over one hour. I decided to hang up and call again, but when I called back I found the call center closed.

    I then sent an email to custoemr srvice, but still have not heard from them.

    After that I checked the DHL tracking information and found that it actually shipped from DHL 2 days after Dell delivered it to DHL. Thus, rather than 22 days from the shiiping date, it was actually 20 days -- inside Dell's 21-day return period.

    Today I called and asked again to speak w/ a manager. I was put on hold for over 45 minutes when the system disconnected me. I then called back and when they told me a manager was not available I refused to get off the phone until they put a manager on, so they finally relented. About 3 minutes into the conversation with the manager the system disconnected me.

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  •   Oct 16, 2008

    When I log onto the Net and click on my favorites Dell sends me to unrelated commercial sites. It's getting worse. I tried to contact Dell but could not find how to do that. I want Dell to know I'm making Fire Fox my search engine.

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  •   Oct 17, 2008

    I purchased a Dell inspiron E1705 on 8/06. While I was using the computer, it got HOT as fire. I removed the battery and let the computer "cool down". The next day the computer worked ok and continued to work fine, until one day in March it would "boot" up but then would go blank. It has not worked since.

    I have spoken to Dell Corporation, stating the above, and their response is "It is out of warranty so you will have to pay to have it fixed. they said they thought the mother board got fried.

    My complaint is THIS COMPUTER WAS FAULTY WHEN I BOUGHT IT. Otherwise why wwould it get HOT --that is not normal. II requested Dell to either replace or rrepair the lap top at their expense.

    Dell said, "not under warranty, you will have to pay.

    I do not feel that is fair since it is obvious that the computer had a problem or it would not have gotten hot.

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  •   Oct 17, 2008

    I bought a laptop over four months ago. The tech support team told me the hard drive and optical drive were bad. But the ownership was not in my name (even though i signed up on their website when I bought the laptop) it took about 4 weeks to transfer the "ownership" to my name... that was about 3 weeks ago... now it has taken them 3 weeks to ship the drives to my house.

    Everytime I call the manager is not their or "busy" the few times I am transfered I am on hold for at least an hour... sometimes 3 hours. I have been told about 3 times it will be 1-2 more business days... and about 2 times it will be 2-3 more business days... it adds up to be some times next year... DELL is the worst company... as of right now I am planning on getting anyone and everyone involved that I can... this is stupid... and I am fed up

    If you know anything that I can do... news team, lawsuit, goto a dell store... anything... please let me know


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  •   Oct 27, 2008

    I bought a laptop Dell XPS M1330 just five months ago. During this time Dell had to change twice the LCD. Now again the laptop is out of order. According to the Dell technician it is because the mother board. I asked them to change my laptop (my equipment) because I don't know if after they change the mother board there will be another trouble, but they refused my complaint.

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  •   Oct 28, 2008

    I placed an order for a 512 MB Memory Module with Dell parts.

    On the web page, the module price was listed (twice) as 30.99 with an INSTANT SAVINGS of 4.65 and a subtotal price of 26.34.

    I went thru the order process and, when checking out, discovered (too late) that the price was 31.00 (one cent higher than posted) and there was no INSTANT SAVINGS posted to the bill. I then called the dell parts dept and was told that the item was already in the build stage (remarkable since it was only ten munutes since my order AND the memory Module does not go thru the "Build stage"). She said my only remedy was to cancel the order and reorder the part again. Fat chance because the part would only come up again as 31.00.

    I then contacted the customer service department and, basically was told the same thing. My other remedy, she said, was to receive the part, call for a return number and ship the module back to them.

    All the way thru this encounter with Dell people, I was appologized to PROFUSELY by people in Bangladesh or India or where ever Dell keeps the ### desk. My advice to all Dell purchasers is to bewhere of the bait and switch prices.

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  •   Oct 28, 2008

    I have tried to contact Dell's customer service, but all I get is an answer of the adapter is out of warranty, or I can speak to someone if I would like to pay $49. I am on my second Dell AC adaptor, and this is the second one that has overheated. The adaptor and wire is extremly hot to the touch. There has been no abnormal use, nothing has changed, and all of a sudden the adapter starts to overheat. This is a serious issue, just like they recalled certain adapters a few years back, it needs to be looked at again. No one will take me seriously from Dell, but you can search online and find many complaints about these adapters. Sometimes they just quit working, but there have been other cases of these overheating. They should take care of this problem before someone gets hurt or someone's property is damaged.

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  • Ma
      Oct 31, 2008

    Last Saturday I purchased a Series 5 color toner from Staples in South Portland. I went home and put it in my good working Dell 924 print and with in 5 minutes it exploded in my printer. I took my printer and the toner back to Staples on Sunday. The Manager spent 2 1/2 hr on the phone with Dell techinal serves, they hung up on him 7 times; to have them tell him that they will replace the toner; but the printer is my issue. The Manger at Staples asked that I leave the printer there so he can see if he can get Dell to replace the printer, because the exploding toner ruined the printer that worked before I put in the Dell toner. The Manager even asked if it was ok for a Dell product to ruin another product that was working just fine before the toner exploded. Dell Technial service told the Manager at Staples they are not authorized; so he would ask the Technial Service department to transferre him and they would hang up on him. I started calling Dell and I got the same thing. Today is Friday, almost a week after the exploding toner issue and nothing has been resolved by Dell. I am at the point of getting an Attorney and sueing Dell. I do know this, I am closing my accounts with Dell and I will never by another Dell product again. I have childern that purchased Dell products in the past; but they will never buy any Dell products again. If Michael Dell wants his company on top; he needs to think about how his customer service that is not in the United State treats his customers.

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  • Ga
      Jan 07, 2009

    There is no customer service @ dell. save yourself alot of frustration and avoid them like the plague they are. i received a dead computer from them and entered dell hell. once they realized i wouldn't be willing to keep an expensive paperweight around my call was routed to india. this is a black hole but i'd much rather be in a real one. i was put on non-ending hold, sent from person to person and disconnected many times. it took hours and i felt helpless and completely ripped off. it's called the dell run around. i asked for a supervisor and that was refused. finally told one of them i'd be disputing the charge on my ax since they weren't interested in providing any customer service. they said go ahead. i did. funny how there was lots of customer service when they were trying to sell their junk. the agent at ax tried calling for me and she got the same treatment. now i'm going through more time wasted disputing the charge. i'm having to pay out my pocket to ship the piece of junk back. also, the bar code on the bottom of the dead computer had been rubbed off with an eraser. it was pre-owned and sold as new. save yourself some grief and buy from compaq, hp, ibm, or apple. funny but i help people by fixing their screwed up computers. i don't charge them as i feel sorry for them. most people are clueless. when a computer is unsalvagable i help them buy a new one. i use to use dell. ha. not anymore. i have a 90's era cheap little HP laptop that's still working great. i got it for $25 at a thrift store. just needed a little work. guess i'll be recommending them from now on.

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  • Yu
      Feb 11, 2009

    Very dissatisfied.

    On February 6, 2017, I placed an on-line order for a Canon SD 790 IS digital camera. I paid sales tax, as well as $16.00 for "Next Business Day" shipping because, as I previously explained to a telephone sales representative, I needed the camera to arrive in Greater Boston no later than today, February 11, 2017.

    Shortly after completing the transaction, Dell sent me an e-mail entitled "Dell Order Has Been Confirmed for Dell Purchase ID: [protected]."

    When the camera did not arrive today, I checked on line -- undoubtedly I should have done this earlier, but I relied on the Dell e-mail -- and discovered that the order not only had not shipped, it is still in "Order Processing."

    I called Dell customer service. The first level support person told me there was a problem with verifying my credit card. (Odd!! Three related items I ordered that same day from all arrived yesterday.) I was told that I had received an e-mail to that effect. I assured the Dell representative that the last e-mail I had from Dell was the order confirmation. He suggested it may have gone into my spam filter. I checked my spam folder (gmail), but did not find anything from Dell.

    I asked whether, in addition to correcting matters, Dell would expedite shipping at no cost to me in compensation for Dell's error. No, I was told. I then asked to speak with a supervisor.

    I rehearsed these events with Shekhar (first name), Dell employee # 161031, who also insisted I must have received e-mail notice of the problem and who repeated Dell's unwillingness to compensate me through free, expedited shipping.

    I only ordered from Dell because is much more expensive and B&H Photo is out of stock. Never again.

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  • Br
      Mar 14, 2009
    Dell - no picture, no service
    Dell Computer Corp.
    Las Vegas
    United States

    I purchased a Dell 42" plasma monitor from a dell kiosk in Henderson, NV 2 years ago. It suddenly has no picture and apparently Dell has no repair options for their plasma products. After speaking with tech support and the Out-of-Warranty department, here is Dell's out-of warranty policy 1: either ship it to their center in Ohio at a cost of $1, 000, plus whatever parts and labor, or 2: an out-of warranty exchange where they will send me a replacement for $999. I can buy a larger product from a company that actually services their products for $999. I must be mistaken in thinking that a manufacturer of product would actually offer service options when the product malfunctions, whether under warranty or after. NEITHER I NOR MY FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND ANYONE ELSE THAT I CAN TALK TO WILL EVER BUY A DELL PRODUCT AGAIN.

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  • Le
      Apr 18, 2009
    Dell - 3 times they missed their appointment for computer set up
    United States

    I am a small business owner recently purchased 3 computers, 3monitors, 3 key boards, 3 mouses, 1 printer etc...
    Best buy promissed me 3 times in several occasions that they will deliver the before mentioned purchase and charge me for the delivery and so far they have missed all of their appointmens in the city of downey. Best buy office is just a couple of blocks away from my home. Everytime they have a different excuse for not showing on time, such as there was too much traffic, our office do not open until 10:00a. M. They do not need to get into any freeway to drive to my home, there office is located within a few blocks. I can get there in less than 1 minite drive. There is no lakes, oceans, rivers or bridges that they need to cross. The manager told me it was not goign to happen again also the guy who help me with the pruchase. Until today I am still waiting for their delivery.

    Best buy in downey, california. I hope that anyone at the high level position of best buy can read this message and really addresses this issue. As of today best buy in downey has a bunch of lossers and irresponsible people working for the company.

    If anybody knows the california law /code for refernce for missing appointments by a company so that I can sue this company to compensate me for my time lost please post it.

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  • Fo
      May 02, 2009
    Dell - there is no customer service at dell
    United States

    the computer i purchased from dell (aka hell) arrived dead. i called and was routed to india. as soon as i explained the computer was dead they put me on unending hold and/or cut me off. this lasted hours. i finally told them i would be disputing the charge on my ax and cut me off one last time. the rep. at ax tried calling and they cut her off too. ax handled it for me, though grudgingly, but i ended up having to pay shipping to return their dead computer. steer clear of them. i've never before suffered such frustration with a retailer. i bought a computer at b&h photo and video and they were good. i've heard good things about tigerdirect and newegg too.

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  • Po
      Jul 23, 2009
    Dell - disgusted
    United States

    I ordered my Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook on the 1st of September, with the expected estimated arrival date of September 23. Although I wasn’t thrilled with waiting a couple days for the computer to arrive, I agreed, under the impression that it would be delivered within that reasonable time frame. I ordered the laptop for school and work, in addition to moving at the end of November, so this was a time sensitive order. I was notified the 21st of September (the day the laptop was supposed to ship) that the laptop’s shipment date would be postponed to the 21st of October, an entire month. I called Dell customer service and after explaining that I needed the laptop as soon as possible, was told that in efforts to make me happy they would be willing to give me a $25 gift certificate. I was told that the delay was caused by Hurricane Ike and some parts wouldn’t be available until a later time. Upon the 21st of October I was called and told that my laptop would be postponed yet again, for another month and would maybe ship to me on the 21st of November. Of course I will be in the process of moving, if not already moved, by that time. I called Dell, inquiring as to why it was postponed again. I was told that there were unforeseen circumstances. When I pressed as to why exactly, at this time Dell customer service told me they would transfer me, because they could only tell me was that it would be shipped November 21st. I was then hung up on. I called back, asking to speak to a supervisor and told that there was not one available. I asked to be placed on hold until one was. They refused and demanded I call back. I asked if they could call me back when the manager was available, Dell told me no. I told Dell I didn’t mind waiting for a supervisor or a manager. I was told it would take 45 minutes for someone to be available, I told them I didn’t mind. After convincing them to put me on hold, someone was available to speak with me within 5 minutes. The supervisor notified me that the color I had chosen for the laptop (Blossom) was unavailable. I asked why then, was I able to order it. She didn’t have an answer for me. I asked why I wasn’t told that the first time they postponed my order; she didn’t have an answer for me. I requested a discount (because I spent $25 on the blossom design, that now I wouldn’t have) she denied that. I asked for expedited shipping, and was denied. I asked to change the address for my shipment, and was denied. She then promptly tried to transfer me to someone else. I was on hold for twenty minutes before I hung up and called back. I spoke to a man who apparently heard I was calling for information and although I asked to speak directly to a manager, he refused and hung up on me, stating that it was “his right” to hang up on me if he wanted to. I called back, now highly agitated and spoke to a person who refused any discounts, refused to change my address information and strongly suggested that I cancel my order. Let me make myself clear, Dell has already taken my money, the laptop is paid for. The shipment date would be more than 60 days from the time that I ordered the laptop. The $25 gift certificate was only available online and only available on non-discounted prices, and I had to pay shipping and taxes. Dell, in the end, got more money out of me. I only agreed not to cancel the order and accept the gift certificate as long as the laptop was delivered in October. This was not the case. If Blossom pattern was not available, I should have been notified. I should have been waiting for information and given updates at the last minute. I should not be hung up on. I should not have been given attitude for a mistake that Dell committed. It’s rude, inconsiderate and a mark on the company. I only want what I paid for. I will not be suggesting Dell to any friends or family members. I am highly disgusted.

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  • Qt
      Aug 25, 2009
    Dell - dell financial services
    Dell, Inc.
    United States

    I paid for my Dell laptop in full this past May. I stretched my budget that month to do it, because I was sick of dealing with their customer service and the phone calls from their financial services (which came to 9, 10 times a day -- and that was only when my payments were current).

    I got slapped with this bogus "Finance Charge" this past month, and I decided to pay it without complaint, because Dell's Customer Service is terrible, and I didn't want to have to deal with it. I would rather pay $64 for a fee IN ERROR than deal with the idiots they take from under the nearest bridge and sit in front of a phone.

    I sent them a check for the finance charge that was erroneously credited to my name. Then the phone calls begin once again. They call four or five times a day, often three times in one hour, and the conversation goes the same way every single time:

    Me: Hello?
    Automated message: (not verbatim) This is a message from Dell Financial Services, notifying you of changes to your account. Please hold while we transfer you to a Quality Assurance Representative.
    Real person: (extremely thick Indian accent) Hello, is this ____?
    Me: Yeah.
    Someone who is obviously still living in Mumbai: Hello, my name is Bob Smith with Dell Financial Services; how are you today?
    Me: Fine.
    (Bob hangs up.)

    Is this their way of thanking me for paying them $64 when I didn't have to? Or is it that they want me to know how much they appreciate the fact that I bought my new laptop with them instead of getting something from Apple that would be worth more than my car, and THEN paying the balance off in full?

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  • Ci
      Aug 31, 2009
    Dell - next day service warranty
    District of Columbia
    United States

    In April 2017, CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan purchased a new laptop computer from Dell, along with a one-year contract for “Next Day Parts and Labor On-Site Response” and a two-year extended contract. I received the computer in mid-May and on June 4th it crashed and died.

    Despite the “Next Day Service” warranty, a week elapsed and the computer went unrepaired. Frustrated with the company’s customer service, Melanie returned the computer.

    After Melanie had such a bad experience with Dell, she did a little research and discovered my problem was pretty common. Melanie became outraged after discovering a January 2017 settlement with 34 state Attorneys General in which Dell agreed to pay $3.35 million to resolve allegations of deceptive advertising and its failure to honor its warranties and NY’s lawsuit against Dell, which also included a claim of deceptive marketing practices regarding the warranties.

    Despite Dell’s agreement not to promise next day service if it does not provide such service, it is clearly promising what it can’t or won’t deliver.

    On Monday August 24th CREW filed a complaint with the District of Columbia Attorney General, asking for an investigation into the experience I had with Dell when the company refused to honor its “Next Day Parts and Labor On-Site Response.” D.C., as well as other states, prohibits these deceptive trade practices.

    That is why CREW launched, to hold Dell accountable for its conduct and collect stories from others who have had similar experiences with Dell.

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  • Ma
      Sep 20, 2009
    Dell - do not keep their promises
    United States

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop, 966 Vista Wireless All In One Printer, a Netgear Router and Lojack in May, 2017. The computer arrived on June 4, 2017. From the beginning I had to contact Dell Technical Support almost daily because the wireless system did not work, I am having to reinstall my printer every time I wanted to print something. After many calls with Technical Support beginning on On June 7, 2017 through July 23, 2017 Dell sent a technician to my home to see what the problem is. He replaced the wireless card as well as the cover (with the screen) and nothing changed. On his recommendation, I called Dell again, and Technical Support agreed to replace my computer. During the conversation (on July 25, 2017) I was advised that the Inspiron E1505 was not being produced anymore and the replacement would be a VOSTRO with all the featured contained in my E1505 MS Windows Vista Business, English, MS Office 2017 Small Business Edition, Lojack, etc. Thereafter, I called on a regular basis to check on the replacement and that in fact it would be a Vostro. On 8/9/07 I was advised that my replacement would be delivered that afternoon. When I opened the box it did not contain a Vostro but instead it contained an Inspiron E1505, with Vista Home Premium instead Small Business Edition. I immediately called Dell to advise them that the replacement was not what I was promised and did not contain Vista Business.

    I immediately contacted technical support to report that the system did not meet the agreed upon conditions for the replacement. I was pushed from one person to another for over 3 hours, with no resolution to the problem. Everyone blames another for this and no one wants to take ownership. On 8/09/07 I spoke to a lady named Donna, her badge number is 504412 who was very sincere and wanted to get this situation resolved. She indicated that she would send me an email with a coupon for $100.00 which I have yet to receive. When we were finished she transferred me to a technical support person named Joseph who, first of all refused to give me any information on how to reach him or his badge number, and hung up on me. He then called back and hung up on me again. I have yet to hear from him.

    In the meantime I tried to get hold of Donna to bring her up to date on the situation, but when I call the 800 number no one knows who she is or how to contact her, even though I have a badge number for her. I then called again and a man named Arthur got on the line, he gave me his badge number 17407. When I asked him to connect me to a supervisor so that we could track Donna down, he refused, by saying that there were too many Donna’s and that he could not find her. I then asked him to get me a supervisor, which he refused. He said that he found an email for Donna and that he would email her. I asked him for her email and he refused to give it to me. Shortly, thereafter I received a call from a Donna, who didn’t even work for Dell but the paren't company of the sales office I work for. Not only did he do that, but he also was laughing in my face while I was talking to him and asking him to put me in touch with a supervisor so that we could resolve the problem.

    From 8/10/07 through today I have spoken to 12 different people, all promising to return my call within 24 to 48 hours. I have received no call. This morning at 8:00 am I left a message for an Amy, who returned my call at 10 a.m. She indicated that she could not send me a VOSTRO as a replacement. After talking to her for almost 40 minutes I reluctantly agreed to accept an Inspiron 1520. When I asked that at least they should ship a black or blue one, she could not guarantee it either. This is definitely a problem, as I am using my computer for business and cannot accept another color. At the end of our conversation she also indicated that she would issue me another $100.00 credit. She was also supposed to send me an email with the coupon, which at this time 2:00 pm I have yet to receive.

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  • Mi
      Oct 26, 2009
    Dell - incompatible graphics card
    United States

    Dell guaranteed that I my graphics card would be compatible at any time I could get my money back and they would help me install it.
    I called them, and they told me to call the manufacturer. they told me It was bad. I paid 20$ to send it back and then they told me I need drivers.
    So I bought driver, then they told me I needed a 300W power source and my computer was only 250W and was incompatible.

    21 days is not enough to find drivers and get all this technical support when dell lied and said they would help me.

    any help would be nice.

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  • Na
      Nov 29, 2009
    Dell - 42 inch plasma tv
    United States

    I bought a 42 inch plasma in late o5, it started going off, but you could hear the sound. Then the pciture woulsd stall a lot.
    I had bought an extended warranty and when they called to see if I wanted to extend it, I almost didnt. But I was told if something went wrong they would "send me a brand new TV" . So I did it.
    2 days before the extended warranty expired I called them, told them of the probelm and they did send me a new TV!
    But it has been almost 2 years to the date and this "brand new TV" is caput.
    I think Dell knew about this problem and had a warehouse full of defective TVs. So if you had a warranty you got a brand new TV, but it was a TV they knew had a 2 year life at best. At least I got an extra couple of years out of it for the price of the extended warrantly.
    Last night it breathed its last. We flciked it oin and off finally it came on for about an hour and it was gone.
    Got a new 42 inch Samsung for $2017 less than I paid for the Dell.
    I have had very good luck with Dell computers, 3 laptops and one on the way. at least 6 or 7 desk tops.
    They should not be in the TV business.

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  • 88
      Dec 01, 2009
    Dell - crappy service

    I purchased to laptops in the past and was very happy with their service. my family and friends told me that over the years, their service deteriorated. I did not believe them, until now.

    I ordered a desk top for my mother in late October 2017. The salesperson told me it would arrive Nov 12th. I called Nov 16th b/c computer still did not arrive. They told me I would get it in a week. i called November 30th at 430 pm. The person said they were having technical difficulties and to call back in two hours. I called at 8 pm. I was shuttled back and forth from customer service to sales and back. No one wanted to help me. One person said it was sitting in the warehouse but for whatever reason wasn't shipped. I asked why and she told me to talk to someone else. After being on the phone for an hour being tossed around, a Dell guy answers and says "customer service is closed. call tomorrow". I was furious. I told him i just want my computer, if you cannot produce a computer, i want my money back. He hung up on me. i called the next day, and miraculously guy said it's being sent to me today and i should get in 5 business days. yeah, right. I'll see it to believe it.
    Obviously, Dell has too many customers that it no longer cares about keeping customers. Won't be buying anymore computers from them anymore.
    Everyone, do NOT buy from Dell!!! you are better off buying ready made ones in the store.

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  • Fi
      Dec 14, 2009
    Dell - company from hell
    United States

    I first called on Feb 26 and was kept on the phone for over 2 hrs. Tech support was to have an in home service rep schedule a repair visit. I had not heard from them so I called again on 3/27 and was kept on the phone from 7:30pm - 9:10 pm. The last rep placed me on hold at 8:15 and never returned to the phone. That was after she told me to get a flat head screw driver to open the computer up. If I wanted to go into that field of work I would have. Instead, I chose to pay for an in home extended warranty that Dell will not honor.

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  • Pr
      Jan 04, 2010

    Care case id::::::::::7287134

    DON'T DO DELL! Unless of course you have a penchant for abuse. I spent the greater part of the life - 4 months, trying to get my problem resolved. I was transferred and each time had to explain my situation and then was told to call a different number in the beginning.Dell became the worst than any. if any one tell me that he is buying laptop from dell i will slap him and definitely stop him from buying. Really, dell will play wit u and ur senses and eat away your time and definitely one will repent for spending some money on dell.

    I bought dell studio 1537 laptop in january 2017 with 3 years complete cover warranty with huge sum of money. Its service tag is #FXSR2BS.

    ------------------------Then after a couple of months I got a problem with blue screen error. Mr. jinendra jain who I have called up and asked for didn’t resolve the case in the proper way from technical team instead asked for whole system format in which I have lost my system recovery completely. Till then when ever I get the issue I use the system recovery I tried to resolve that one but after that I lost even that facility.
    This is with reference with the care case id 2453141.
    More over the important thing is that I have reported this issue on 23/09/2017. from that day I am calling every day to resolve my issue ASAP. They ran several tests on the system keeping my time hours together on phone. I don’t know how many days I sat with the phone like this.
    Then they have gone for RAM and HARD disk replacement on 14/10/2017.for one month I tried every day and requested every one who attended the call in the technical team. At this point of time for the first replacement the issue was not resolved.
    Then on 17/10/2017 they have gone for mother board replacement and the problem still persists and the os is not installing and I am not using the system from 23/09/2017. wipro dell service provider came and attended for the service both times and tried to resolve the problem but the problem still persists on that day WDSP fellow told that dell told him that the system will be taken to the service to the delhi and the logistics team will come and pick. I am calling every day to know what happened. After two weeks or so they told me that we are not having provision to drag the laptop to the factory and told to go for replacement.
    I have talked with so many people technical team ………lgurupreet, nikitha, shini, javed., every one told that they don’t know and the case should be dealt with costumer care. as I ask costumer care they told that they need to get permission from technical and played with me for around 15 days and atlase sent the documents on 30/10/09
    Then I have filled in the details and sent them on 09/11/09 due to some system not available not able to check the mail. Again after one week they told that the documents sent were wrong and send them again. I have sent them again. They don’t even reply for what had happened and the documents are correct or not. I called up and then they are telling that the documents are wrong.
    In customer care I had a word with revathi, monalisa, tony, anil rao, surender and many others
    Then the carriers didn’t come for another one month for the pick up and asked me to give the system as if I have got. I didn’t give the accessories in the beginning but they insisted me to give them too. I have given all then they are telling that u should not give the accessories. I need the accessories deliberately.and the pick up has bee done on 14/12/2017.
    Ms.kavitha swamy sent a mail to me that they will replace within 7- 10 days as soon as pick up has been done
    to pradeepreddy.[protected]

    date Thu, Dec 10, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    subject Service tag # FXSR2BS


    hide details 12/10/09
    Dear Mr.Reddy,
    With the regards to our conversation, I have emailed our carriers to arrange for the order to be picked up by today or tomorrow, Once the picked up is done we will process the replacement order in 7-10 working days .
    Thanks & Regards
    Kavitha Swamy
    Pavan kumar ------also told the same thing. they two are escalating managers it seems. They itself didn’t keep up the promise whom to report with and how my problem will be resolved.
    They didn’t keep up this promise neither the pick up happens nor the 7-10 days doesn’t work out at all. This is one of the example there are lots of cases I have encountered like this. They say apologies and sorry which is ment for nothing and doesn’t earn any thing but waste of time. Whose fault is this?
    Dell is worst in keeping up their promises. And don’t stand on words.
    It was already three and half month I am not using my system. I lost my online writing job and I lost contracts of typing. Who is going to pay for all these. Really dell played with my life. I am in such a helpless situation
    Please, this is my humble request if u find the reason or particular person who are responsible for this delay. Please lay them off then only dell survives. Dismiss them mercilessly.
    Right now apart from all these still they are telling it will take another 15 days and playing with me. Think once any man on earth will wait these may days paying such an amount.

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  • Lo
      Feb 03, 2010
    Dell - simply awful
    United States

    First, this is just a start. I plan to post this on every message board I can find in the next couple days. I'd like to prevent people from going through the hell I have experienced the last couple months.

    It took from the 13th of December to the 6th of January to get my Dell Studio 1537 laptop. That's a hell of a long time to live without a computer, and surely, if a new customer wants a computer, you would THINK they would get it to them faster. In any case, the customer service guy lied to me about a number of things (including the time it would take to arrive) in order to get me to buy the computer. Then, I was told I could cancel, but that left me without a reliable computer to use and no way to purchase a new one (I used Dell credit to get the laptop). So I suffered the long wait, and it finally arrived.

    Upon receiving my new laptop, I decided to watch a movie on it. I put the DVD in, it loaded, but the DVD skipped over and over. Once that happened, I attempted to eject the DVD, but it wouldn't come out. So I restarted the computer and finally got it out of the drive. After this, I decided to try a different DVD, since the first one had a minor scratch on the surface. I tried a new DVD this time, but the DVD drive decided to pop the DVD out this time. The drive also sounds like it's a huge machine trying to produce a lot more than a video on the screen of a laptop. Something is wrong with it. Almost inevitably, the drive pops out any DVD at some point while I watch a movie.

    What did I do? I called the technical support, and spent hours (two seperate times), attempting to get the issue resolved to no avail. It seemed clear that the issue was hardware, not software. Unfortunately, because I had to wait so long to get the computer, and because I was sooooo behind on work for school and my campus job, I was desperate. I wanted to return the computer. I spoke with the special department at Dell that talks to people like me; those people who are unhappy with their purchase and remorseful that they even contacted the company to begin with. The man told me that the issue was stated to be resolved by the tech department (the people in India that I spoke with I told I would have to play a DVD to figure out if the computer was actually functioning properly or not, and that I could not tell them that the issue was resolved, but they put it in the computer that it was). Because it said this, he told me that I would have to pay 15% of the computer's total cost to return it. I flipped out. After about 10 minutes of listening to me screaming, he said that he would see what he could do. But, would I be interested in taking $75 and keeping the computer? Haha! NO! I don't want a broken computer! So then he offered to send me a NEW computer. He essentially begged me to take it, promising the new one would be built in 5-7 days and immediately sent out. He assured me that it would work perfectly as well. I didn't really want to, but once again, I don't have the money to buy a computer and Dell gave me credit- I figured I'd give it a shot and told the man I would return the computer at no charge if I did not receive what I ordered.

    Here we are, well over 2 weeks later and I have no new computer. Tonight I call to see what is holding it up, because to be honest, I've sat around for about 6 weeks waiting for a reliable computer (counting all that time in December)- you know, the one I expected when I ORDERED this damn thing. The man on the phone told me that no computer had been made and he had no idea what I was talking about. I flipped out, once again, and spoke to his manager. The manager, unfortunately, had no way to help me and the people that I spoke with before (the ones who promised me a new computer) were the ones I needed to talk to. At this point, I'm returning the Dell. I've had enough of their crappy computers; customer service; and lies.

    I was told that a someone from the legal department would contact me soon: I asked the man if that was a promise as strong as the one to send me a new computer, because if it was, I was just going to send this computer back to them.

    What I figured out is that they are trying to get me by this 21-day return policy. You have 21 days to return the product, or you cannot return it and you have to keep it. This is something they do not want to tell you. So here I am waiting all this time for a computer that I bet they never planned to make so that they could trap me in their loophole. Sadly for them, my cousin lives locally and is a kick ### attorney. They had better HOPE they take this back. I'm currently on a mission to ensure everyone that uses internet and is interested in buying a Dell reads about what I went through, so that they do not make the same mistake that I did. The company and people are not only unethical, their products are unreliable. I'm sure some people have had decent experiences with their Dells, but that is not to say they will if they make future purchases through their company.

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  • My
      Feb 09, 2010
    Dell - wireless printer
    North Carolina
    United States

    Wle have a Dell laptop. No Problems. In October 2017 we purchased a Dell 968 all in one "wireless" printer. The printer sucks, their customer service sucks, and they don't give a damn about their customers or customers problems. Printer would not work wirelessly. Called them so many times I lost count. Everytime I talked to a so-called tech, they could fix the problem. They went into my computer so many times it is now screwed up. Of course they would print a test page and it would work. As soon as I would hang up and try and use the printer it would print about 3 or 4 pages and then quit. I raised so much hell that they sent me another printer. I bought a new one but they sent me a refurbished one. Who would have thought that they might send me a new one because that is what we bought. Well same problems with the "new" one. Prints a test page while i'm on the phone with them but then doesn't print anymore. I have been on the phone with these idiots for more than 43 hours. I am over calling these idiots that don't speak English and stuck with paying for something we can't use. We bought it on a Dell Preferred account so you might think that they would care but they don't. We will never buy anything from Dell again. Dell sucks, the printer sucks, their customer service sucks, and according to the thousands and thousands of complaints I have read, you would think that someone at Dell Corporate would get the picture. Guess they have a bunch of idiots running the company too. Michael Dell must not give a crap either. Just keeps selling inferior products and keeps getting richer and richer off of honest hardworking people who just want what they paid for to work. Anyone need a new printer that doesn't work?

    North Carolina, USA

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  • Ma
      Mar 01, 2010
    Dell - horrendous customer service
    United States

    I ordered a laptop from Dell on May 8, 2017. The order was confirmed and was supposed to ship on May 26th. (Just in time for my husbands birthday) When I didn't receive a shipment confirmation, I checked on the status of my order. To my surprise the order had been cancelled without so much as an email to me. I spoke with customer service, who transferred me to financial services who told me it must have been a computer glitch. She suggested that I speak with sales and reorder. I was then cut off. I called back but never got past the operator to direct my call. After speaking with 3 different people, I hung up in tears and angry. My husband and I have always bought from Dell. Now I have no birthday present and don't want to go through customer service. I don't even know if I want to do business with Dell any more. There isn't even someone there who will help me.

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  • Mu
      Mar 09, 2010
    Dell - cannot find a dell representative with any authority that will deal with the problem
    United States

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 531 with Vista Premium about a year and a half ago. I have spent so much time on the phone talking to dell technicians about the constantly occuring problems, so that I am about ready to go to Apple PC's. I had hardware extended warranty, so all of my problems became software problems. I bought software extended warranty, and now they are "hardware related software" problems. Several times the solution has been to reload all the software, meaning who knows how many hours saving everything, risking losing stuff, and then reloading everything. The first time this was recommended by atechnician on a previous problem I found a software technician that implemented a simple fix. I have several specific complaints.

    1. I cannot find a Dell representative with any authority that will deal with the problem. You can't get by the overseas technicians.
    2. There is a real language barrier, even though the technicians you are dealing with "speak English".
    3. I have a relatively new computer that would have been handled by "lemon laws" if it was a car. Dell, replace my PC with one that works reliably.

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  • De
      Aug 24, 2010
    Dell - misleading return policy

    I purchased a Sony Playstation 3 that was on sale on line. At no point did it say that you can not return it. I tried to save $10 from the price at Future Shop, not a good idea. First I also sent in a change of address. They had to confirm this by calling my office. The guy from India could barely understand started talking to someone on my staff that has a strong accent and the Dell guy starts asking questions about me. He asks if I bought a Play Station and asking to confirm my address. What happened to privacy act? I emailed him to ask why they would do that. No reply. I also got an email to contact them by phone. I call in and speak to another guy in India and he asks me the same questions. I get mad for what happened and he gets off the phone and sends me the game. I didn't want it anymore. When it arrived, I wanted to send it back. I request a return on there web site and no reply. Then I request again. This time I get another Indian guy telling there is no return on electronics and he suggests that I keep it and use it??? This is customer service? I phoned in and tried to talking to an Indian guy to tell him I didn't want it. He trys guiding me to where there is no returns. I follow him and still cannot see where it says that you cannot return. It is obvious that it well hidden somewhere in fine print that you have to dig to find it or live in India where Dell really operates from. When you buy these products, they do not tell you that you cannot return it. They expect you to look for it and know. This is completely false advertising and crooked way of doing buisness. I have dealt with Dell for 12 years and have bought numerous computers off of them, even a group of them for a company that I was running. Early on you would speak to someone from North America that would know the laws, care and understand what the problem is. It now is a Indian staff that Dell has taken jobs away from North America to save money. Then you get a message from the CEO, Mr Dell, how he cares about people in the world and the company conduct code. He is the biggest scammer trying to make people think they care. Bull S*#t!!! Don't buy from Dell. This is my message that I going to make sure that I tell as many people as possible. Dell has to support the people who bought his computers and give jobs to those people. Not people from other countries that do not care about us, in fact probably hate us. DELL SUCKS AND I AM NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!!

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  • Un
      Aug 31, 2010
    Dell - customer support runaround
    United States

    I ordered a Dell mini 9. I bought this item for work as I was hoping to use it in conjunction with an in-class television to display pictures and powerpoint presentations. I purchased a travel mouse, wireless router, and the netbook for around 550 dollars. They arrived a bit late and in separate orders, but I wasn't bothered as it wasn't a gift. What did irk me was that within a couple of hours, the sound stopped working. While I search online and am familiar with programs within the OS, I'm clueless when it comes to the more indepth features, and I was especially a fish out of water with this item as it had the Ubuntu system installed and came with no disk drive. I'm a bit spoiled by Windows and HP's system recovery disks. So I did what anyone in my situation would do: I called for technical assistance. Big mistake. First time on hold for an hour, hear the operator pick up, then hear the line go dead. Decide to go the online chat route (note that there is no ubuntu disclaimer for this option). Wait 50 min. only to be eventually told (after all the other crap they're scripted to read off to us and an unfathomable delay between each response) that they don't handle systems with Ubuntu and I must call another number which is given to me. Call that number. Another hour-long wait. Get in touch with another rep. who tells me that I've yet again been put through to the wrong department and then informs me that the Ubuntu department isn't open on the weekends. By this time I'm really irate. Plus, the last laptop I had was a huge lemon and coincidentally the thing that went out on it first was the sound. So between the already burgeoning fear that this netbook might a lemon as well and the bad customer service, I decide "to hell with it, " and I'll just return the damn thing. Call to do a return the next day. Am told they are going to charge a restocking fee of 15% unless they get tech notification that the system isn't working. Well, I wasn't going through that nightmare again, so I told that that I would just eat the restocking fee. So basically Dell would get 75+ dollars out of me for trying out their system, and I'd not have argued. You'd think this, of all things, would go smoothly. No. Now, all of the associates (except the sales...but I'll get to that in a minute) have been Indian, and I can tell they're reading scripted responses because they all sound like accented automatons. This guy here has me on the phone for around half an hour as he starts the return process and periodically puts me on hold to get instruction from someone else on how to go through the various steps. He gives me CRA numbers for all of the items (separately since that's how they shipped) then puts me on hold as he says...sets things up with UPS. I don't have a store in my vicinity, so he says he's going to set up a pickup. Says to have everything ready on Monday as that's when the UPS guy is coming to pick the items up. Tells me to put the number he's just given me on the packages. Stresses that they must be ready to go on Monday. End call. I receive an email with the return label for one of the items. I don't know what to put on the other boxes but think well maybe the numbers he gave me is some sort of corporate account/tracking/something number and call UPS to verify. UPS doesn't know of any package pickup and they require a tracking number which in no way resembles what the rep. gave me. No UPS and I'm still stuck with a bunch of boxes. So I call back AGAIN. And yes, I was upset...but no, I did not raise my voice or use inapproprate language. As soon as I was connected to an operator I asked to speak with a supervisor. Again this call was taking place in India. She told me that she'd be able to help me. I said that I had no luck with the five previous associates and would like to speak with a supervisor. She said she couldn't put me through unless I related the story to her first, so I began. As I started and it finally dawned on her that I was not a happy customer and had a complaint, she started complaining about a signal loss and said she would transfer me to the proper department. Tell me, what department is in charge of "you're breaking up"? A tactic a petulant teenager would use from a supposed professional. Nice. So there I am, in the very same hold line again. By this point I'd had enough. Their website is crap. I looked for anything relevant for my situation. An email sent received nothing more than an automated reply stating that no emails except for those pertaining to whatever compartmentalized department received it would be answered and if I wanted to track my order, to please contact Customer Service. This company is run like a pyramid scheme. Shuffling and obfuscation at every turn in the hopes that the customers will give up from sheer exhaustion and disgust. I find it telling that Dell recognizes the incompetence and low proficiency of its overseas associates to the degree that all sales are handled by domestic operators. Once your money has been paid, in a classic bait and switch tactic, they then funnel you over to a bunch of underpaid, uneducated (not in general perhaps, but definitely in terms of Dell policy) foreigners who produce spectacularly unsatisfactory results.

    I have since reported them to the BBB, sent another email, and now play the waiting game. The sad thing about all of this is that I have previously shopped with Dell (my desktop) with fantastic results. Then again, that product worked wonderfully from the get-go and is now approaching the one year mark with absolutely no incidents...other than the notorious Vista IE shutdowns which aren't Dell's fault.

    Tried calling Dell again. Thought I'd give them another try seeing as how I never did get in touch with their Ubuntu department. Called the number given to me and was told by an automated message that Dell doesn't give technical support dealing with Ubuntu and I was to to visit the Ubuntu forums if I wanted anything done. This is what they call the Ubuntu department? This is what the previous three associates tried to funnel me to and the one told me was closed on the fact, she actually told me that day that she SAW the last few Unbuntu employees leaving for the day! How can you close a recording on the weekends? How does a tape recorder have store hours much less walk out of their department? I can't even begin to tell you how much I now LOATHE this company. Sell me a system and then tell me you can't friggin service the thing because of the OS I chose, but not once tell me that this was a contingency of choosing this system to begin with?! I have never...NEVER...seen such incompetence and unprofessionalism from a well-known company. Ever.

    I received a response to my letter. Maybe it was the BBB report that did it...who knows. Anyways, they say they're sending a tracking number with the UPS delivery guy tomorrow to pick the system up, but they only mention one number. Am I supposed to put them in one big box, do I send the one system back but not the rest...what? I guess I'll just ask the UPS guy when he gets here.

    The incompetence never stops. The notice said UPS was scheduled for the 31st. Thank god I didn't actually cancel my plans and stay home all day waiting because I called UPS in the morning and found that they aren't doing pickups on the 31st at all, and they're also closed on the 1st...all for New Years.

    I finally returned that piece of uslessness, and I am just glad beyond belief to be rid of Dell. I still have my Dell desktop from a few years ago, but when that goes, I'll be looking at other brands.

    **These events occured in 2017. I had posted them, but I guess it didn't go through b/c there no record of the post under my profile or on the site, so I decided to repost. Please keep this in mind. I still believe the information is useful (especially if there are repeated mentions of this kind of service), but the more current posts might reflect policy changes within Dell (hopefully for the better).

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  • So
      Sep 16, 2010
    Dell - scam!
    United States

    I bought my son a $680.00 gaming laptop for his birthday and I was told it was the best gaming laptop they had. Last night after an update my son shut the computer down and when he turned it on this morning there is something wrong, nothing is loading right. I called Dell and amazingly the Indian speaking guy from technical support told me we have 5 viruses and he can remove it immediately for ONLY $239.99. Needless to say I got a bad feeling about this guy, how did he see viruses on the computer? I didn't even tell him who I was, how could he remove viruses without seeing the computer? I just took the laptop to a local repair shop and they told us we are being robbed! The guy on the phone was nothing more than a high pressure salesman who became very rude when I told him I would think about his offer then he hung up on me! I just called back to Dell to tell them how rudely I was treated and got another Indian speaking woman who also tried hard to sell me this package. I always thought Dell sold decent computers but I will never deal with them again!

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  • Da
      Sep 16, 2010

    Indian speaking?

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