Del Taco / order was not given in full/rude employee

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Hi my name is Jake Kelly. My friend and I went to the drive through at the del taco located at 4376 sunset blvd Los Angeles California. The employee over the intercom in the drive through was extremely rude and rushed us through our order. To make matters worse, we were given our food by the same employee who spoke rudely over the intercom and she had an extreme attitude with us! She was rude and we did not appreciate how she talked to us. And to make matters worse, we weren't even given all of the food we paid for! We didn't receive our quesadilla and our French fries! We called but it kept ringing and another time we were hung up on.. I am extremely unhappy with my visit and I would like to receive some kind of compensation for below satisfactory visit at your establishment. Have a good day.

Sep 20, 2017

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