Days Inn On Frontage Road 5650employers

The employers Kevin and Sandy Patel is cursing the employees out and been very disrespectful toward they employees that is very nun appreciated for them to do wen they have someone working for them in a company that is very known world wide and that is not very appropriate in a place of business and then u is getting ate up by bed bugs every other week and then u have roaches and spiders in the rooms and then u have the front desk people leave and customers have to wait until they return before they can get a room and then the guest b cursed out and b told not to cum back to the moteland then u got a laundry person that cums in around 1030 are 1100 and wen they supposed to be there around 830 are 900 and wen the guest ask for towels they cantget any because they don't have any to get because the laundry person is always on the phone instead of doing her job on the weekends and she just got hired theses are the things that they don't want the company to no about and they don't have no type of respect for they guest are employees that is bad for a company that is very well known word wide and they have a very unique santize pool that is not fit to swim in and the guest be wanting to swim and they can't because they don't have a pool to swim in and they have they dryers catching a fire and it b days before they can get worked on and the employees have to start the laundry because the laundry lady is not there on time wen she is do to work and u have employees checking rooms instead of a head person wen that supposed to b her job to do

Mar 11, 2018

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