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Mountain Home, AR, United States Review updated:

My children and I decided to take a last-minute trip to Mountain View, Arkansas. I mistakingly booked a reservation online for Mountain Home, AR instead of Mountain View, AR. When I got to Mt. View about three hours later, I didn't have a reservation, of course. I realized my mistake and called Mt. Home and spoke with Sheila. She told me that she " would love to give me the refund, but I would have to call where I booked online. I did, and they asked for the name of the person with whom I spoke. I couldn't remember, so I called them back and got the name. When I called the online booking place back, I gave him the name and then he put me on hold and called the hotel to verify. When he came back after about 20 minutes, he told me they would only refund the second night's stay. I asked to talk to someone else. He kept telling me that he couldn't do anything without the hotel's approval and that he still had them on hold. I asked if he could get the name of the regional manager or something, and he said he would. When he came back the 2nd time, he just gave me the number of the hotel. I called and spoke with Sheila again. She told me I would have to call Priceline. I explained that they couldn't do anything without approval from them. She kept telling me that they only refunded the first night. I explained again that they had to have approval from the hotel for the first night. She said that she had a fax from Priceline for the 2nd night's refund, but it didn't say anything about the 1st night. I explained yet again that they would have to have her approval first. I asked to speak to a manager. She said something to him, and I could hear his response of, "Tell her..." but nothing else. She again told me I would. We'd to call Priceline. I told her yet again that they needed approval from the hotel and that they gave me a ticket # to use when calling back after getting approval. I asked to speak to a manager again, and she told me I would need to call back in 10 minutes, and then I heard her tell him, "She refuses...(couldn't hear the rest)."I asked for the manager's name, and she wouldn't give it. In fact, she wouldn't answer me at all. I kept saying "hello" and asking if she was there, but she didn't answer. I finally hung up. I have spent several hours on my vacation on my birthday trying to settle this matter. I am hoping to resolve this matter. I am staying at Days Inn in Mountain View, and the lady at the front desk has been so, so nice and helpful. The staff at Days Inn in Mt. Home need to take lessons from her. I am hoping this issue can be resolved, and you can help me with my mistake. I am staying at a Days Inn after all. My phone number is [removed] and my email is [removed] I'm assuming the phone calls to Mt. Home were recorded, so you can listen for yourself. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. [removed]

Days Inn Mountain Home

Jul 10, 2017

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