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Days Inn / never stay in this days inn!

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Short Version of the story - I had a family emergency and had to cancel a noncancellabe reservation in July (which I made in February, how could ia not predict an emergency 6 months in advance!!)I called in June, a complete month ahead to see if anything could be done, knowing I ran the chance that it couldn't.

The deal was made I would pay one night of the two nights and the reservation would be taken care of, which is better than nothing. I was sent a fictious bill for a stay in June I never had to cover the no show fee. I complained to corporate about a fictious bill as that seemed awfully fishy (I figured zi would be charged after the reservation since the hotel may have been full and then they would get double revenue) - who said I would hear from the hotel within 48 hours. I didn't. Seems corporate really doesn't care since all their hotels are franchises, and they can do their own thing. Then, I was charged for one night of stay in July which I had cancelled in June and paid for through a ficitious nights stay. So, the manager went back on their deal AND accused me of lieing about them making the reservation in June when I called to dispute it. She says I made the June reservation and was a no show. I would highly suggest that NO ONE STAYS AT A DAYS INN since you have no recourse with corporate if their franchises do not follow through on their "deals." I have already canceled my trips rewards account and will find every way to speak out against the hotel I can. I am drafting a letter to the local newspaper there, and am even considering taking out an advertisement in their local tourist flyer stating the facts, no slander or libel.

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    what I said before

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    See above listed complaints!

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  • Va
      17th of Aug, 2006
    +1 Votes

    I get that it's the principle that counts here but principle isnt a legal recourse. As you stated, they normally don't refund/cancel - so if they ultimately did charge you - unfortunately it's within their limits since you were well aware.

  • Re
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Take an english class and learn to write properly!

  • Ha
      5th of Jul, 2014
    +1 Votes

    This hotel is a DUMP

  • Va
      17th of Aug, 2006
    0 Votes

    Duh. You just taught me to NEVER stay at Days Inn. I looked at their website and sure enough: PREPAID, NO CANCELLATION, NO MODIFICATION I am very surprised, most hotels have a 24-hour advance cancellation policy with no charge. But a totally no cancellation policy? Wow, I mean Days Inn is not exactly the Taj Mahal.

  • Va
      2nd of Feb, 2007
    -1 Votes

    My husband and I recently stayed at the Days Inn Atlanta-Airport West in College Park, GA. I made the reservation in advance and informed them we would be arriving around 9 PM.

    When we arrived, there were no signs directing us to the motel... the restaurant that was mentioned in the booklet was closed so there were no landmarks. Okay, I can understand that...but when we went to check in, the night receptionist informed me that I would have to remain outside the small window as she was alone and was afraid to let anyone in. Finally, because the window was partially blocked, she asked me to come to an adjoining room for admittance. She then informed me that, because there were still so many refugees from Katrina PLUS the fact that it was a full moon, she was in fear and had to be selective as to whom she admitted. We asked for a room that was handicapped accessible. When we arrived at the room (after having to roam the premises to find the room, which was on a level overlooking the pool with no access other than walking to either end of the long corridor) we found the room to be absent of a remote for the tv. We called the front desk to ask for one and were told there were non available- that apparently it had been stolen by the previous tenants. I then asked if we could be given another room and was told there were none available (even though there were only ours and two other vehicles in the parking area). Okay, so we would have to live without a remote. then... we checked the room. There was no light in the bathroom. The towel rack was gone. There were no washcloths or toilet tissue. The heating unit did not work and it was cold! The room itself was smelled like dog pee. Spots all over the carpet plus the bedding. I had to go to the car to get a blanket to lie on.

    It was, by then, 11 PM so we had no choice but to spend the night (if you have ever arrived in Atlanta area at night, you will understand why) When we arrived home, I called the corporate office to let them know the condition of this motel. They, in turn, sent a letter to let me know the matter had been reported to the general manager (OF THE SAME MOTEL!) I received a form letter from this lady who apologized for our experience and sent a $25 gift certificate towards our next stay at any Days Inn. She also left her number if I would like to speak with her. I called the number and she was not available so I left my number. She did not return my call. I called back on two different occasions and never heard from her. What I wanted to tell her was that I appreciated the gift but that my main concern was that something be done about the condition of her motel. This was like leaving one of their surveys at the front desk... if you have a complaint, it is put in file thirteen....OR like putting the wolf in charge of the sheep! To begin with, if she was any kind of a manager, this motel would NEVER have gotten in this condition! Now, I've stayed in some pretty rough places out of necessity in my life but this was, without a doubt, the MOST horrible experience I have ever had!! We have had wonderful experiences at other Days Inn motels (which I have also reported as such) but if this is any indication of how Days Inn Corporate Office handles complaints, I promise to take my business elsewhere- ANYWHERE except for Days Inn!

  • Lc
      28th of Mar, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I made a reservation online and my husband did not know. My husband made a reservation by phone this was done within 2 hrs of each other, the same email address, same credit card number, same last name etc. When we saw two confirmation receipts in our email the next morning, we called to explain our error and cancel one of the rooms. This was not allowed... so therefore Days inn has lost a loyal customer... I will never stay in a days inn again. All policies should have some grey area to allow for honest mistakes. Mistakes happen to us all. If Days inn has no loyalty to me, why should I have any loyalty to them. We have struggled to save money for this vacation and do not have money to throw away. I am very disappointed, we will not go to Sea World now.

  • Sa
      4th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I too had an extremly bad experience, we stayed and the Days Inn and Suites in Rancho Cordova, Ca, , , , with the following out of date elevetor permits bird fecis on the steps, my husband was solicited at the pool by oh my god!! then upon returning to our room we realized the door had not shut all the way, , , when we tried to talk to the front desk clerk she did not speak english...we left and came back in the morning to be told that the manager had just left...but the front desk clerk told another unsatisified customer that she had resigned that morning, , , corporate DOES NOT CARE, , , , they sent us two "brush off letters" apologizing and saying we would need to contac the manager and listed no name and no muber to contact them to this day I have not heard from anyone at that facility...this site use to be a Quallity Inn and we could see why they are no longer lending their name here...I have disputed the charges with my bank and WILL NEVER AGAIN STAY AT A DAYS INN...They have lost a customer but no one seems to care

  • Jo
      21st of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    NEVER STAY IN THE DAYS INN in LIC. I went for a class reunion in the area and I stayed in the days inn 5 mi away.I checked in at 6pm and went to the reuninon at 7pm . When I got back there was no parking available. This hotel is located in a major intersection and there are no sidewalk parking in the near area. I was told by the receptionist to park 4 blocks away and I had to get up before 7:30am to move my car... UNACCEPTABLE! ...I have a new car and drove from out of state. I checked out and drove back home in the middle of the night. Days Inn is not willing to refund my money in fact when I called the Reservation wctravel they were also displeased with the Managers attitude...DO NOT STAY THERE.

  • Jg
      13th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    We have stayed at many different Days Inn's and have always been pleased. We've never had anyone (not managers, nor desk clerks, not servers or even cleaners) be rude to us.

    Your missing the reservation was too bad, but why didn't you call when it was apparent you wouldn't make the reservation? This sort of policy is used by almost every hotel chain we've ever used, and I'm pretty sure you'd be aware of the policies and the very least make a phone call, instead of waiting til you were charged for it.

    This is really not a valid complaint since the fault was yours.

  • Ka
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Umm.. it is a cheap hotel. Did you expect the Wilshire? lol

  • As
      11th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes


  • Mi
      5th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I found this motel on the website along with pictures showing what they had to offer. Obviously, the pictures were severely outdated. My husband and I took a church group of teenagers for a youth trip to Kings Dominion. We had reserved this motel for our first night stay. We headed to our rooms. Our first incident was a broken security door. We walked through the door and was hit with the strong smell of urine, and stains all over the carpet. With this door also being held open by a trash can, full of trash. This was the non-smoking area also, however, the smell of cigarettes was heavy in the air. The bathroom floor did not look like it had been swept. Hair was in the bathtub. We only had three towels for 4 people and the desk would not give us anymore. There was some kind of gunk on the carpet in the rooms, and going up the tv cable. The furniture was stained with something that looked like blood. There was ants in the room. Some of the lighting did not work. The supposed offered internet was not available in the rooms. There was poison ivy growing up the outside walls of the building. Our group found a sanitary napkin in the parking lot. And a prostitute was sighted living at the property. We could not even get our keys to work for the security door at the other end of the hallway after we had gone through it. So in using the stairs on that side of the building we noticed another trash can overflowing with trash, with the trash tumbling down the steps. This place was just nasty. I have complained to them and have heard nothing back. I turned them into the Better Business Bureau in that area, and of course haven't heard anything. I turned them into the health department in that area. They went to check things out, and found some problems. They, however, could not do anything about the poison ivy, or the prostitute. I do not know why. I was called back and told that the motel was told to fix things. I dare say, to this day, you can go there and find the very same problems, if not more.

  • Su
      19th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes
    Days Inn - Filth
    Hotel Days Inn NW Atlanta, Ga.
    1701 Northside Drive
    United States

    I had booked a room for two nights (non-refundable).

    The desk clerk acted as though he had a lemon lodged in his mouth: no smile, no personable comments, no welcome.
    True - the motel was obviously an old structure; however, the conditions within could easily have been rectified. There were scuff marks on the lower walls, as if no one had attempted to rub them off when they cleaned.

    I was the "slayer" of four insects while I was there, one of which was on the vanity where my grandson and I brushed our teeth.

    The bathroom floor had not been mopped. There was some chair-molding in the room and bath. It appeared to never have been dusted. The bathtub was indeed old; we discovered the morning after one nights's rest that the cold water would not work. I ran some hot water in the tub and waited for it to cool somewhat, so I could bathe.

    There were no plastic liners in the wastebaskets.

    There was a Waffle House attached to the motel. We went there for the evening meal the first night. There was more than one fly in flight the entire time we were in there. There was no attempt made by anyone to kill them nor even chase them with a fly swat. The waitress stood over us and asked, "Are you ready to order yet?" She seemed determined not to leave.

    There was a young man accompanied by three/four young women. The ladies would come and go who were extremely loud with their "jiving" each other. They dominated everything there and did not cease the commotion until two adult male customers walked in. The waitress placed the silverware on our table. There appeared to be dried food on the spoon. I commented and she said that the steamer just puts them out looking like that.

    There was a long hot pink string/yarn on the seat behind my grandson's shoulder. He asked where the health rating was posted.

    When we phoned the office @ the absence of cold water, a maintenance man was sent. He was the only ray of sunlight in our stay. He was very friendly and helpful, yet discreet. He returned while we were out to repair the water. The next morning he knocked on the door to inquire as to whether the water was alright "this morning."

    Perhaps he should have been managing the motel.

  • Sr
      2nd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    My family and I recently (11/22/07-11/24/07) stayed at Days Inn in Sedona, AZ. We had reservations for 3 nights and only stayed for two. Beds were too hard, no hot water and you have a choice of being hot or cold. No middle. Went to check out and expected a refund. Was told I could not get one since I booked my stay online. Received lots of attitude and unprofessional responses. I was even flipped off by the person that should have been helping me.

  • Th
      3rd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Everytime I have made a hotel reservation online I have always been charged the full amount and it is up to you to know what their policy is regarding how much they will charge. If you are not sure then pick up the phone and call them.

  • Ad
      30th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Can you speak? I had trouble understanding any part of your review, especailly saying 'are' instead of 'our'

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    What i dont understand is when you called in June 1 month prior to see what you could do, how did you know you were going to have a family emergency in July?

  • Im
      2nd of Aug, 2016
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    Same thing happened to me. F Days Inn!

  • Ev
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Friday, 4/24/09, It started with an issue when we initially tried to check in. The clerk made my daughter drive an hour and a half back home to get her corporate lodging card to prove she had one instead of calling to get verification. They made a huge ordeal. They were very hateful and rude. They informed us that there was a $5.00 charge for each additional person staying in the room. I explained that I was not informed of that at the time I made the reservations and I didn’t feel I should have to pay it. My daughter was going to go ahead and pay the $5.00 and handed it to the clerk. The clerk became angry and threw the money back across the counter at my daughter. We received our room keys at that time and we left. When my daughter arrived back at the motel after having to driver for an hour and a half to retrieve her corporate lodging card she presented it to the counter clerk, a copy was made of it, then the clerk asked for her keys back. My daughter asked why and the clerk stated well we have to turn them on. Later that evening we all went back to the motel to go to sleep. We got a phone call at 0100 in the morning to come and resolve an issue regarding payment. My daughter called in and spoke with a representative and gave her debit card number and what we thought resolved the matter. When we went back to the front desk the Male manager insisted that he run her debit card. He took it and swiped it as we stood there and watched him do it. He also swiped her corporate lodging card. He was very verbally abusive to the both of us, he called her a liar, told her she was stealing from him, He was rude and arrogant, he stated that “Corporate Lodging was nothing but thieves” “they never pay their bills”. He had us both in tears. He might as well of called us trash, that is exactly how we felt. We went back to the front desk later to try to talk to him again and it was fruitless. He just started yelling again. Again, my daughter called corporate lodging. I stayed in the lobby at the front desk at the counter. The manager spoke in their native language and piddled on the computers all the while the wife was using her finger and directing on what to do on the computer. All of a sudden she approaches to show us some paper work that says that they made no charges to her account at all. This was all after we had already watched him swipe her debit card twice. By the time he released us to go back to our rooms it was time for us to get up and get ready for the wedding.

  • Dl
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    No you cant bring food and drinks to the pool. Period.

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