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David's Bridal / Bad service, poor quality

1 North Charleston, SC, United States
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The first time I went to David's Bridal I presented myself to the woman at the counter and she asked me for the bride's information. It was a whole production involving two or three sales people and they couldn't find the information for the bridal party in their system. Lucky for me I remembered the color and style of the brides maid dress that I needed to get - they should have been able to tell me this but they did not know to find the information in their system. So they put me as a separate entry in their system.

I found the dress and did a fitting. It was too big in the bust and she wanted to sew pads in it. I told her I wanted her to just take it in. She disagreed and said it would look better with the pads. I had to convince her I didn't want them and she said that she would take in the bust. So, she did the pining for the alteration as I requested.

I was required to pay before they did the alterations. When I went to pay I was standing right in front of a sales woman at the register. She was not busy except for the fact that she was chatting with the sales person and customer at the next register. I just stood there and stood there waiting to just pay. I'm sure she saw me - I was standing right in front of her and she just kept on having her conversation. And I'm not talking about waiting for a brief time, she just went on and on and ignored me. When she was finally done running her mouth, she said that she couldn't ring me up because she couldn't find me in the computer. They just entered my information in the system minutes ago! I had to wait more - just so I could pay and leave!

When I went back the second time the seamstress finally saw me she could not find my dress. They had put it in the wrong location on the rack. When she finally found it I got to try it on. I had (wrongfully)assumed that it was ridiculous to have a second fitting - if they measured me right they should have been able to do the alterations correctly. However, she never even took in the bust seams! I was speaking with a different seamstress this time (the head seamstress) and she said that I didn't ask for the bust seams to be taken in. This made me furious. I had go there a third time.

I went back for my third appointment, which I scheduled it for the first appointment of the day (I think it was noon on a Sunday). Because the store was a distance from where I live and I wasn't sure what the traffic would be like I left with ample time so that I could arrive on time. I got there early and waited for over half an hour outside their doors in the hot South Carolina heat. Evidently there was a bride that was already in getting a fitting before the store opened. The sales people saw me waiting outside. I understand that they didn't want to let me in before the store opened but, it was unfair that they let another customer in the store while I stood sweating outside.

I couldn't be seen at the time of the appointment because the bride was getting upset or something in the fitting room. I had to wait another half an hour after the scheduled time of my appointment. This was totally unfair because I was there early! They asked me to come in at a specified time and I was early but had to wait even more. They had trouble finding the dress again as I had come to expect they would. I tried it on and the seams were all crooked. I definitely did not want to come back a fourth time. I settled for the unprofessionally altered dress because it was getting too close to the wedding, I didn't want to drive all they way there again and I was afraid that they would make the dress worse. They made me sign a form saying I was satisfied with the dress, which I was definitely not - there were all sorts of bumps because of the crooked sewing! I should also mention that when they dyed the shoes they got dye all on the inside of the shoes which stained my feet. I would strongly recommend against anyone doing business with David's Bridal.


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