Dairy Queenterrible customer service

Rude drive thru attendant argued with me and could NOT place my correct order. Finally get to the window after 15 minutes, wait another 10 minutes. About to leave then realize the order is still wrong so I went inside and tried to find someone. Finally did and was screamed at to "back up man!" as if I were a threat. Asked for the correct items with my receipt in hand and they finally make it, give me a mini blizzard rather than a medium like I ordered. I point it out and the guy ignores me and just tries to get me to leave, finally fixed it. Went through all this because my wife is in the hospital and once given the okay to eat she was craving a cookie dough blizzard, the guy ended up giving me a brownie blizzard. I would at least like a refund for this absolutely terrible experience, please.

May 19, 2017

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