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Dairy Queen - Sheridan, Indiana / rude behavior

1 United States

I went through the drive-thru and my order price seemed to be incorrect. I asked and was told it wasn't. The attendant was rude from the start. I told the attendant (middle-aged, grown woman named Deb Hasselmeyer) I really felt it was wrong and did the calculating on the back of the receipt to show how it was off by nearly $5. A conversation about this (rather, a debate) ensued mostly with the attendant just interrupting me and insisting I was wrong and all the reasons why. The attendant showed me that her cash machine receipts didn't itemize, and, ultimately, she asked me to come inside that she was "too busy" for me to "block the line" as "she was really busy". I left my three children in the car and went inside. She continued to make me wait, for probably another ten minutes while she handled other customers. She didn't even address that I was there until I asked when she might be able to help me; she said she "was busy". I told her I had three children in a running car and that our food was getting cold and that I was a customer also. She then came up to me, got in my face and asked if I "had ever worked in fast food"? She was touching my arm. I was astounded and, actually, got into the conversation with her telling her that I had. At this point, several other DQ workers (h.s. age) started harrassing me telling me that I must "have forgotten about the sales tax", etc. Finally she told me she'd re-run it so I could see the itemization. While she was running it, one particular worker told me that "everyone else in the restaurant seemed just fine" and about five staff members were all standing around giving me nasty looks. I asked this worker, who had already told me she was the owner and manager, if she felt it was approriate how her staff was talking to me. She wold not respond. Finally she rang it again... very exageratedly repeating every entry... and, like I knew, it had been rang incorrectly by almost $5. I told them to donate the money to Riley (a charity Indiana DQ's support) and I told them I was astounded by their behavior as I left. Upon my departure, one of the girls came out into the parking lot and gave me the finger. No one ever apologized for the mistake or, more importantly at this point, their behavior. As I drove away I could see most of the workers laughing in the restaurant.

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