Dairy Queenrude employee/manager

Stopped at a Dairy Queen in Alexandria, MN on Good Friday to order their shrimp basket. Item was pictured on the wall and their menu. I ordered the basket for my son. We received the cup to fill the pop ourselves. About 5 minutes later, the manager (?) asked if we had ordered the basket. I went to the counter and she told me, very grumpily, that they were no longer available and hadn't been for some time. I was a bit surprised as why did they still advertise it in the store then? I told her my son had already started to drink the pop, she then refunded me the price of the basket itself. Charging me full price for the pop. No "sorry for the inconvenience", nothing but my money basically slapped back into my hands as she slammed the cash drawer closed. My son just looked at me and as we left, he asked me why I didn't comment back to her. I told him she wasn't worth it. Won't go back to that place!

Mar 28, 2016

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