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Dairy Queen Of Harlan, KY / poor service and bad attitude f+

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Where has customer service gone? Evidently not to this DQ! One several occasions I have had snotty service, just dripping in bad attitude. This DQ used a pencil and paper to take your order, then transfers the order (while you are waiting at the window) to the register to finally give you the total, the employees are not friendly, they do not smile, even the managers huff and puff- they even charge for pickles! It is not uncommon to sit in the drive thru for 20+ minutes with four cars a head of you. They will not give you an actual receipt, an itemized one, and unless you can actually do math you never know if you have been over charged. However low our geographic education levels may be, there is not reason to screw over the customer. I have been over charged for two kids meals, and fought with over getting the deserts now instead of later ( DUH wasting gas) with the new certificates on the bags. What's more... they ring things up to charge the maximum to the customer for their order. I have encountered this several times, the breakfast platter. The breakfast platter comes with meat, 2 eggs, bread, and hashbrown. You may substitute the hashbrown for gravy. Now the hash browns here are $.99 and the side of gravy is $.69, so it is totally logical to order the platter with the hashbrown and add the gravy- it is cheaper that way. However I have been told by the employees that they can not ring it up that way that they must charge it the more expensive way! They were told this by management and think nothing of it. Aren't you supposed to do things with in guidelines to accommodate the customer- that is my $.30 they are taking, it may not be much, but everytime?! I ordered cheese on the eggs and did I get a nice slice of amercian cheese for my $.60? NO! I got a sparse sprinkle of shredded cheddar, YUCK! I have encountered this problem not only in this region, but even in Lexington! Maybe it is a franchise or corporate problem, because it is wide spread, the service and attitude really stinks and the quality of the food is starting to slip. It is pretty sad when you are on your way to work, and your child says that they are hungry and you have to say, "Welfare you really hungry or can you wait until lunch because I don't want to have to drive to the other side of town to get decent food because Dairy Queens is bad?" I want my children to learn to not settle! What are we telling them by feeding them food from a place that treats us badly, over charges us and doesn't not provide the customer with even a smile. I am not just paying for a convenient food experience I am paying for a pleasant experience... technically I have bought that smile!

Sad thing is, I have worked at DQ. I know how it is supposed to be. And that DQ in Berea, KY is the best I have been in- has every well rounded customer satisfaction ratio and a good drive through time.(I mean, are McDonalds and Wendy's the only ones that care about that any more?!) I work in a professional customer service setting now as an insurance agent, but I have worked my way through many years of fast food and upper restaurant service. I know what is expected, and I do expect it! Things happen, people have bad days, but a smile and an apology go a long way and those things are free!


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