Dairy Queen / food

Fulton, MO, United States

I waited for ten minutes for food in the drive through with only two people in front of me. The fries were cold. The soda wasn't full and the chicken strips were the smallest thing I have ever seen with hardly any fries. They didn't give me gravy or ketchup that I asked for. I had to remind me to give me my drinks. The food tasted awful. I'm not usual one to complain but this was absolutely horrible. The only thing that was good was the strawberry shake. I will not be returning to this Dairy Queen again because I have had trouble in the past but not usually this bad. I will go to sonic across the street. I worked in the fast food industry for three years and the standards of this Dairy Queen are so poor that in my opinion, they should be shut down.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

Apr 29, 2017

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