Dairy Queen / employee

Vienna, WV, United States

On Sept 23 at 7:00 PM, I went to the drive thru and ordered BBQ Bacon Snack Wrap, a large Reese Blizzard and a large Cookie Dough Blizzard. I pulled up, paid and when the employee handed me the Blizzards she only flipped one, which was fine because I could see that they weren't melted. This was at 7:05. At 7:08 they gave me the snack wrap. As I'm pulling out I smelled buffalo sauce, so I knew they gave me the wrong wrap. I pull around to the drive thru again and told them they gave me the wrong wrap and that my Blizzards will melt while waiting for it to be remade. The girl told me to pull around and walk in to get it. I explained that I couldn't because I was then blocked in the drive thru. As I am waiting a male came out and gave me my wrap. He was polite, he stated that the girl had pressed the wrong button and that he was sorry. I explained that I've had the Blizzards for 10 min now and they had melted. He said to go ahead and pull around and he would have them make fresh ones. He then took my wrap and said that he would microwave it because it would be cold by the time they finished my Blizzards. I pulled around and the same girl who had handed me the first Blizzards took the melted ones back. She did not apologize or anything, just grabbed the carrier out of my hand. Two minutes later she hands me the carrier back with the two blizzards and doesn't do the flip, doesn't apologize and just slams the window. The Reese Blizzard looked OK but the Cookie Dough was melted, it looked just like the one I had handed back to her before. So I pull to the front of the building parked and took them inside. I was very upset. I go to the counter and the same girl comes up and I told her that it is melted. She very rudely told me that they melt fast and that it didnt look like that when she handed it to me! I told her all I did was pull around from the drive thru and it shouldn't already be so melted that it pours out almost like milk! She makes another one slams it down on the counter and walked away. No apology from her or the cashier who wrang up the order wrong to begin with. The only employee who did apologize was the young man who brought me the wrap while I waited in the drive thru. I said thank you loudly enough to be heard and left. This level of customer service is unacceptable! This is not the first time I've had a complaint about this location and the rude employees.

Sep 23, 2017

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