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I am purposely listing a town that is near a couple CVS pharmacy stores out of fear of retribution. I am a nurse who does pharmaceutical research. Do I know my drugs. I am treated poorly by the pharmacy staff. They are nasty and unhelpful. They act like the customer is a constant annoyance. They don't listen to he customer especially the pharmacy techs Sk they get things wrong.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hilltown, PA I am short changed pills and made to believe I have the correct number but am out of meds before I can refill even though I am taking the correct dose. This is dangerous and could result in a malpractice suit.

They are nasty and don't listen to their patients. You are so busy ending smoking you might want to fix your pharmacy staff. I am leaving CVS for another pharmacy.

The CVS my mom USED to use couldn't get normally prescribed drugs in under 1 week. Great track record. I will be talking to my family attorney because this has been an ongoing problem. Your temp/ fi in pharmacists by the way are nastier than your regular pharmacists.

Dec 19, 2014

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