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CVS Pharmacy - Pharmacists / prescriptions wrong, denied, misplaced etc.

1 Hazard AvenueCT, United States Review updated:

I have been a customer of the CVS Pharmacy on Hazard Avenue since the building was built many years ago. I have had this same problem in the past and they have accepted responsibility and I have gaven them chance after chance, now I've had enough. My husband picks up all of my RX's as I am disabled and I rarely go out now. Every single month he goes there, to pick up the same prescriptions, all having been written from the same MD, always the same dosage, brand, names ect etc. regardless of it being the same information, insurance, MD, and medications they make mistakes or in one case where the Pharmacist was having a bad day, the pahrmacist just denied filling the medication at the last minute late at night, because as he claimed to my husband, "He could do that", although later the Pharmacist called me at home and told me. "I have sent your husband home without your prescription", and when I asked why? The Pharmacy Manager ( at that time stated), "Because I was angry and having a bad day and your husband just upset me, but I'm not mad any more and I'll fill it now if you send him back in". My husband was driving all over the state trying to find a paharmacy to fill my RX that was open on a Saturday night!
Now, under "new management", it's been handing us prescriptions that they know I am allergic to month after month, and this is after I have already had to wait a day extra for it already because they are "out of stock and it won't be in until the next day" as usual, or they claim the MD didn't call it in, when the doctor did in fact verify he had call it in and I have already checked with him before I ever bother with calling the pharmacy I have experienced the Pharmacy also losing my RX's like this in the past, and, or giving them to someone else and almost handing me or my husband someone elses RX at the drive up window, with the same ( almost) name as mine. I found out that there are 3 people in this town with the same name as mine and according to the Pharmacy, "They are also taking the same medication that I am". I somehow doubt this person, even if they have the same name as myself, would want anyone else to know their personal business.
Last night my husband went to pick up my regular RX and he was told, first:
"We're waiting for the doctor to call". So, my husband called me at home and I told him, the MD has called it in that day at 2PM, that I had already verified this already with the doctor's office". So, CVS once changed their claim after being confronted with the truth, to, . "It hasn't been called faxed or called in". I had called the MD yesterday and verified he has called it in at 2PM and as a back up their office also faxed the RX. CVS still denied last night that they had any RX called in for me, or faxed for me at all. So, I called the MD again today, "Yes it was called in yesterday and then faxed at 2PM according to records of that fax's verification, when I called before". The Md's office gave me the time of day, who they spoke to at CVS, etc. CVS still couldn't find any RX called in for me today.

This assumes that 'when" they finally find my RX they even have it in stock, or they give me the correct RX, even though I have been getting this same RX, same dose, same doctor filling this prescription every month for over 10 years with this same Pharmacy, same store!
Last month, and the month before, they sent home the wrong RX and when I called the Pharmacy to inquire, they, "Were very sorry", and "Yes, we KNOW you are allergic to this brand", and "yes this is on your chart about your allergies", and "yes, we missed it", and "Yes, I realize we asked you to wait until today until we got more of the brand you need in stock", and finally:

"Yes, we realize we sent home the wrong RX, could you please bring that one back in and we'll hand you yours at the drive up window".

I'm tired of waiting and suffering while I go without my medication, or wait for it to come in, when they refused to stock enough for their regular patients, while it sits in their pharmacy waiting for them to fill it correctly or fill it at all. They have billed the wrong insurance for my husband before and as I stated above, one time the Pharmacy manager refused to fill my prescription for Duragesic patches, "Because he was in a bad mood and my husband had ( somehow) upset him", and "He was having a bad day anyway, so he told my husband he wasn;t going to fill the RX even though they had it in stock ( that month)". Then this Pharmacist Manager called me at home, after sending my husband out of the store, at night to find another Pharmacy open that has this RX and said, "He can fill it now". The Pharmacy manager explained to me, "He was sorry he did that". He claimed he was sorry he lost his temper with my husband and refused to fill my RX at all, and would I track down my husband and send him back to the Pharmacy again because, "Now (the pharmacist) wasn't angry any longer and was ready to fill the RX, as "He knew I had to be out of my pain patches, and in pain by now, and, "he was sorry his anger may have caused me suffering"".

Given that I was in such pain by then and stress makes pain worse for me, and because I was out of pain patches and it is due to be changed that afternoon, I was already suffering from the long wait due to either, their not having enough in stock to sell to me, or refusing to fill a legal prescription for a regular customer because "The Pharmacist was mad that night"?. The Pharmisist refusing to fill the legal RX, because, "He was having a bad day and he was so sorry he had taken this out on me, because my husband somehow had "upset him", and sent him elsewhere to get this legal, regular RX filled", and "Would I agree to send him back, that 'He was calmer now and ready to fill the RX". Then the Store's Manager called me at home and explained to me. That the Phamacist told him "You're husband just caught him on a bad day and the Pharmcay manager had sent him home and if I would accept their apology they'd send me a $50.00 gift certificate to the store and that manager wasn'
t with them any more". My husband refuses to go back there again for his prescriptions but I have given them chance after chance. Now after last evening, my husband again asked me to change all of my prescriptions to another Pharmacy.
Unfortunately, although they change Pharmacists, and pharmacy managers the problems at CVS never seem to change. My husband has had to drive all over the state of CT trying to fill prescriptions because they were due to be filled that day or that evening and we were either told, "It's not here", or "They are still out of stock"..or another mistake on their part that they are always doing, their claim that:
"Your insurance refused to fill this RX"..( although I have learned by the stores own errors that when the RX cost is over 1000.00 they have to use the "over ride" key. I have had to remind the Pharmacist on duty of this myself in the past when they don't know any better and instead of check the facts, they claim it's my insurance who is denying the filling and my RX insurance does agree to fill it, they just needed that key pressed and some pharmacist didn't know this or were not taught this, but WE KNEW! We knew from their mistakes and watching them each month.. While some Pharmacy personel seemed to know about this over ride key, many didn't and refused us mistakenly for their own incompetence.
That Pharmacy manager is no longer there, however, the string of newer managers that have taken his place are worse! We stopped buying my patches there at all and I have kept it to simpler regular medications.

But no longer. Now we can't even count on having a simple medication filled because they send home the wrong one, or it's not in stock again, or, "They had it this afternoon, but unfortunately, someone else came into the store and bought it first and paid for it first, and they have a strict, "First come first serve policy when selling prescription medication, " They've only been doing this since they are open al night now. Regular customers suffer!
. ( even if you already gave them your RX to fill and it's a regular RX "that we get every month". I'm sick of being told by their calls to me. "We're sorry we can't fill that today, because we are out, and we know you can't take that generic brand due to your allergies, but if you wait until tomorrow, we can fill it then". and tomorrow they can't.

The next day they sent home the same wrong medication that "they KNEW I was allergic to and they knew this, the same one they had admitted knowing that I am allergic to, that they had acknowledged the day before, "they KNEW" I was allergic to it, "So they sent it anyway", and this after I had first waited for the corrected one?
Too many times I have waited and suffered for nothing, only to still get the wrong RX. Again last month, they did this and due to "Having to wait until the next day due to their stocking issues, once I did get the medication, it was STILL the wrong one and they still sent the one I was allergic to!! Had I taken that I'd be very ill.

. Now this month, 'They can't find my prescription ( again)??? The same doctor noted that they faxed in in yesterday. This was verified today again by myself with the doctors office before I called CVS again, and yet CVS still claims they have no prescription for me faxed, called ect. Now my doctor tells me, "They already called it in the day before, "As they already told me yesterday", and as I told CVS, and because they did this, I have to wait until either CVS finds it, or if they find it, "IF it's in stock", or "if they actually send the correct medication this month, as they haven't for the last two months!

Once CVS straightens this out and finds my prescription, I am changing all of my RX's to another Pharmacy that day. I have given them chance after chance, but this is too much suffering for nothing, and too much incompetence in this Pharmacy for my health. I have in the past accidentally taken the medication they sent home because I once trusted CVS, however, (knowing my allergies) I have to check because even though it's written on my chart at CVS, they still send the one I am allergic to and they look a lot alike! I hope they don't mess this up because if I have a bad reaction because I didn't look at the medication itself or the pills they send, I could be in real trouble medically.
I used to just see the name and trust, I just saw the "name" and assumed, (like any other normal person would) that they had done their job correctly, as these are life and death situations with people and their prescriptions, but not any more.

This store of CVS has time and again, lost my RX's, or causing me to go without until it "magically reappeared, and was filled the next day". Or I had to contact my MD again and again to verify what I already knew, "Yes, it was called in yesterday at CVS". Had I taken the prescription they sent home with us last month I would have had an allergic reaction and my suffering would have been the least of their worries, as I doubt they care about people any more. Now that they are open all night and the only game in this small town, being out of stock on a regular basis for even the simplest medications is just cheap and outrageously irresponsible of CVS. It disregards the years regular customers went there expecting their regular prescriptions to be there and ready, only to now be told. "We sell it to whomever comes in and buys it first, and we can't promise you we'll hold a pprescription, or it will be available when you pick it up.
This means that although a person can bring in a prescription, ask if it's in stock, hear that it is in fact in stock, but when you go to pick it up, "It may not be in stock"???

Their filling it with the one I was allergic to, like the last 3 months in a row, even though I have waited the extra day, "Until the correct RX comes in stock the next day" must end. I just refuse to go through this again and again every month, and take the chance that their chronic mistakes will get more serious and do permanent harm to me.

I suffer greatly without my prescriptions, and during the whole Duragesic patch recall, CVS made no attempt to assist me with a solution to the shortage of the 100 dose patches. CVS would tell me time and again, "They would be there next month", ..but once the time came, they wouldn't be available to me yet again. I counted on their word meaning something. It doesn't.

Another Pharmacy suggested we use a different combination to get the correct dose of Duragesic brand patches using 3 of the 50 patches to make up the missing 100's dose that was on recall that time. Why didn't CVS think of this, instead of tell customers. "Sorry we can't fill that RX and there is nothing we can do">Each time CVS refuses to suggest any way to change the RX or suggest another way to take the patches at the dose I was Rx'ed, or contact the MD to figure out 3 of the 50's do equal my same dose as one of the 100's and a 50 ( at that time).. Finally, I suggested to the doctor they give me another Prescription listing the dose another way, that 3, of the 50's equal 150 dose, and they claimed they had to have a whole new RX for this to fill it, and although I did this, "They were still unable to fill it because they had no 50's either in stock"??? They claimed they just sold out of them that day.

On Rx's with" Brand label only" or "No substitutions" checked off, They still require the MD to also write in again on the pad. Although it states "No substitutions" right on the pad, and this is also checked off, on the label of the prescription pad, and is the same RX every month and had been for years, one Pharmacist still required it to be written out on the Prescription as well as checked off on the typed pad of the RX itself.

We have been handed other peoples medications and wrong drugs altogether. We have waited for the "correct RX to come into stock" only to be told, "They didn't save that RX for me as they promised me, they sold it to someone else who came in before me"
I have been a regular customer for decades and they knew I'd be coming in that day to pick up the regular RX, they told me it was in stock and there were, "No problems". Then when I sent my husband in to pick it up, he is told. "We are all out of that RX, sorry you'l have to wait until..." ( whenever they get a new batch in). When I called to inquire why they didn't hold it for me as they promised for that night, I was told, "Someone else came in before you and we sell it first come first serve". I asked, "Didn't you fill the RX when it was brought to you". They replaied, "No, it is their policy to not fill the RX until the customer comes into the store to pick it up. I have found even if you call in an RX, it isn't necessarily ready when you go to pick it up and they don't necessarily fill it until you are there waiting for it, depending on the Pharmcist in charge that day.
Finally today, I have had enough of waiting, wrong RX's and wrong information, waiting for a refill that isn't available because they don't stock enough for regular customers now that they are open all night. I have noticed they seem to go through several Managers. Hopefully now that I have switched Pharmacies, I can stop worrying, and literally suffering because although I've been taking the same RX for years, they never seem to have it in stock, even when they claim they do at the time you call or when you drop it off to be filled. I'm just sick of the mistakes and excuses. I wish they'd just close down.

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  3rd of Jul, 2009
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You could have said ALL that in 2 paragraphs without all the dramatizations and redundancies

  17th of Sep, 2009
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As a pharmacy tech, the biggest problem I have with your post is the staff's failure to use the 'override key'. There is no such key. The computer programs we use are complex and require a full week of training using fake rxs, doctors, and patients before we are even allowed to use the computers in a real pharmacy, and NO, they are not easy-peezy windows-based programs that any idiot could figure out. There are many tips and tricks to using them, particularly when it comes to insurance. There are several insurance companies that we bill on a daily basis, each with their own processor control numbers, etc. Each insurance company has its own set of reasons for rejecting claims, and some of these rejections can be overridden by going through a SERIES of steps on SEVERAL screens - not simply an override key. Often this calls for a call to the insurance company, which can take lots of time, as well. Furthermore, when it comes to CII scripts, we don't like to mess with those. They are a big deal, hence the fact that they are locked up with limited access. So, after having worked in a pharmacy as long as I have, I still do not know all the tips and tricks. I am even more cautious about CII scripts. And insurance fraud, especially when it involves government-run (medicare/medicaid) programs, is scary. So please don't blame incompetent pharmacy staff. Once you become an expert on this so-called "override key" you can complain about the incompetence of pharmacy staff.

Furthermore - with CII scripts - we do not keep CII meds in stock all the time, particularly when they are not used often. It is a huge liability to have that kind of of stock on hand all the time, and it takes not one, but TWO days to receive CII orders, assuming there is not a weekend involved.

You also mention shortages. This is NOT the fault of the pharmacy. This is due to the supplier, the manufacturer, or the raw-materials suppliers. Often the pharmacy staff has about as much information about the shortage as you do. So do NOT blame the pharmacist for shortages.

Another suggestion for you: Don't expect your scripts to be filled the instant you drop it off. Keep in mind that this pharmacy does hundreds of scripts/day, dealing with pissed off customers, stupid insurance companies, doctors who write incomplete/incomprehensible/incorrect prescriptions, and other nonsense on a daily basis. Being a pain in the ### will not help you get quick service, either. Trust me.

  26th of Feb, 2011
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Pete and repeat were on a boat, pete fell off, whos left? Pete and repeat were on a boat, pete fell off, whos left?...

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