CVS Pharmacy / manager store 3643

I drove my daughter to the CVS 3643 on Union Cross rd in Kernersville NC, for her first ever job interview. I waited in the store while she had her interview. 1st the manager didn't even conduct the interview, 2nd I witnessed the store Manager Lisa verbally "abuse" two female the point of tears. She was beyond rude to customers and said thing in front of customers that should have been taken behind closed doors. I watched the young lady working the cash register ( very polite and professional and very helpful) run from tasks in the rear of the store back and forth to the register all while the manager worked in the front row, never once acting like she would help. When the young cashier asked if manager could watch the register while she used the restroom the manager refused. When my daughter came out of interview I informed her there was no way in hell I would allow her to work for such a horrible place. I will never again spend one single dime in a cvs store...I will go out of my way and drive miles before I stop at a CVS.

Feb 25, 2016

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