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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / unethical pharmacist interaction

1 Norfolk, VA, United States
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My phone was disconnected from my pharmacist (Danny) as I was on the way to drop off my prescription to be overridden by my on-call doctor. When I arrived the tech at the window (Russ) told me I had to wait to talk to the pharmacist because I hung up on him. I was prepared to explain how the call failed but the pharmacist, Danny never came to the window. Danny proceeded to tell my doctor that I cursed the staff out. My on-call doctor would not let me explain the false behavior and told me I could not talk on the topic and it would be charted as so. I am confused as to how the claim from the pharmacist changed from "I hung up on him" to "I cursed them out".
I am FURIOUS! He was upset with a situation and took it out on me and my medical records. Playback the tapes of our conversation and there will not be one curse word. My real doctor was informed of the situation and confirmed that that is not like me or the rest of my family that he has been treating for 10 years. My doctor is also unhappy with the way the staff treated and accused me in this situation. This Danny pharmacist at 3717 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23508 is a very unprofessional, unethical, and a disgrace to the CVS name. I work in customer service as well and I know that cursing someone out is not the answer to any problem. So being falsely accused of something I did not do and having it almost directly affect my medical records is downright cruel. This CVS used to be a campus hot spot for me and my friends. But after the amount of disrespect and lying that this pharmacist has done, I will not be going anytime soon. This pharmacist, lying to doctors, falsely accusing patients/customers is NOT the type of person I would want representing my corporate pharmacy. CVS, you have a very livid former customer that will continue to spread the word to deter my friends and family from going to such an unethical pharmacist. I really hope that something will be done about this situation and I will be informed when it does.

Mar 13, 2018

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