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D Nov 23, 2017

I am sending this complaint due to an even that took place around November 8th 2017. My son who takes concerta 36 mg 2pills per day...and has been taking that dosage for over a year always filled at CVS pharmacy was out if meds. We are new to Ohio and have gotten a new doc, when the doc office called to verify the amount of meds he was taken they gave the doc the wrong info. Upon picking up the script I noticed it was only prescribed one pill per day...I called the doctor's office and explained. They in return told me that the CVS PHARMACY was the ones who verified the amount of medication my son was taking...NOWHERE IN HIS PROFILE DOES IT SAY HE TOOK ONE PILL A DAY. I'm assuming they took it upon themselves to jus agree with the normal dosage for a child. Therefore the script was only good for 1/2 of a month. When I brought the new script with the correct dosage I was told the insurance would not cover it again and it could only be filled once every 24 days. The truth was it could have been filled had the pharmacy did their jobs and called the doctor for the pre auth! BUT NO! they insisted I come back in 3 weeks and my son has to go without his meds. These meds are not a med that u can just stop! So I TOOK IT UPON MYSELF AND CALLED THE DOC AND GOT THE PRE AUTH! then it's still not over...when the meds had to be picked up...clearly in the profile there should be a place that says my son can only take Watson or activs brand concerta...they filled it with the wrong meds not activis or Watson but the generic that he CAN NOT TAKE! Luckily I caught the mistake AGAIN and they did correct it! Because it once again was their fault for not looking at his notes in the profile! DO THESE PHARMACY TECHS LOOK AT THE PROFILE OF PEOPLE? DOES THE PHARMACIST CHECK THE PROFILE? SINCE WHEN DO THEY HAVE THE RIGHT QUESTION WHAT BRAND OR DOSAGE MY CHILD TAKES?? cause when I picked up the script I asked them to look at the profile cause the pharmacy is who messed u the dosage at the beginning giving the doc the wrong info. The gentleman answered me by saying " since when does the doc call to find out a dosage! We told them what we see in the profile". At that point I told him to check and read me what it says...he then said...OH I DO SEE HE TAKES 2 PILLS NOT ONE! really! This pharmacy is absolutely in the wrong!! I will report them to every agency that I can! This is my child we are talking about. My child who they insisted on not filling the meds and letting him withdraw from them...instead of just DOING THEIR JOB AND CALLING THE DOCS OFFICE!!! I demand someone be in contact with them! They must need to brush up on their proper steps in cases like these!! I will not use CVs pharmacy ever again!! Nor will I ever refer anyone there!! PERIOD!!

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