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CVS Pharmacy / photo processing overcharging!

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My wife bought a 'one-time use' CVS brand digital camera for our son just prior to this past Christmas holiday. The price was $19.95 plus 6% sales tax for a total of $21.20. The price did not include the cost of processing but the signs on the wall behind the photo counter indicated that the price was $.25 per print. The camera shot 25 pictures so the cost of processing should have been $6.25 plus 6% sales tax for a total of $6.63, give or take. When I picked up the pictures, I was told the price was $12.99 plus 6% sales tax - a total of $13.77! This was more than twice the advertised price! This price was posted nowhere on the camera package or on the sign age within the photo counter area. We paid a total of $34.97 for 25 prints (plus, according to the store, a 'free' photo CD). Just to drive home the point, that was $34.97 for 25 photo prints!!! To me, this represents a major ripoff for the unsuspecting who believe the prices posted on the walls behind the counter are the actual prices you pay. This was my last visit to CVS -EVER! And I will make sure I post this on every available website I can find and tell everyone I come within earshot of.

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  • Tf
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    I took my picture and my son's picture for our passports and I edited them both on my computer to make them into a standard size 4 X 6" photo. The CVS clerk said they will charge $7.99 each, even though they are just standard size 4 X 6" : they should be 0.29 cents each. They are no different than any other pictures, so why am I being charged nearly 3000% more???

  • Ca
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    I work at CVS and you are right, the prints should be 29 cents. Did you print them yourself on the KODAK Picture Maker kiosk? Unless the photo lab tech took the photo you should not be paying the passport price. That person does not know what they were talking about, this is not (or at least SHOULD not) be a common problem found at CVS stores.

  • Tf
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    There were two complaints.

    1) Around December 06, I ordered about 90 prints and 10 greeting card prints. ALL OF THEM had a weird white line, about 3/8 inch thick, on the top part of the prints. I complained to the clerk there but they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. I needed to send out the holiday cards and couldn't wait to reprint so I used them anyway, but the attitude of the clerks really bothered me.

    2) This week, I ordered 3 day processing so that I would pay only 15 cents per print. I made some of the files duplicate and some of them triple, so that I would have extra copies of the ones I wanted. I ordered one set, but I noticed the clerk checked 2 sets by mistake, so I pointed out her mistake and she crossed it out. Yesterday, my husband picked up the prints and they came with 2 sets. I called in and the manager agreed to refund the extra prints that I didn't order. Today, I went in the store and the clerk asked me to give back what I didn't need, but by then, I had mixed up all the prints and didn't sort what I didn't need. I thought it's ridiculous to use my labor for their mistake to sort out what I didn't need, then they reluctantly agreed to sort out for me.

    I will never use CVS' photo printing center again even though it's the closest my house.

  • Re
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    Just a comment that the post office charges about 15.00 for the same passport process. so it's actually a deal. As far as the photo mistake go's. CVS gets credit for photo mistakes and they need the photos as proof before they are destroyed. Yes it was a mistake... and you should have gotten some kind of discount for your troubles. But keeping the photos that aren't paid for is like the manager telling you... hey go ahead through the store and take what you want for free up to this $$$ for your troubles. That is stealing in a way. The manager did what they felt was the best thing and did attempt to help. There are way too many people out there that no matter what you do it is not enough. I work in retail and it is hard to please everyone no matter what you do.

  • Bu
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    You are just plain stupid. I have used those cam's at cvs. The prices are posted at the film counter. The posters on the wall are come ons for FILM developing. Digital cameras are not FILM cameras.

  • As
      20th of Apr, 2008
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    I just got back from CVS. i did not complete my transaction and left with nothing. The 'people' they hire to be cashiers are idiots. The supervisors are barely any better. Nowadays, expecting any decent front line customer service is futile. People dont know how to listen and think. Supervisors are just too lazy to do the same.

  • Ro
      21st of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was at a dallas texas location at the corner of skillman and kingsley rd. I encountered Bernetha a manager on duty who was assisting me to get mp3 headphones. She was the most rudest unprofessional person I've encountered in retail. Her attitude was like she was doing me a favor. I will never shop there again.

  • Id
      6th of May, 2008
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    For the idiot with the passport complaint, there is no such thing as a 4X6 passport print. Could you imagine how stupid that would look??? You would need a photo album to carry it around in. Passport pictures are 2inch and CVS is more than half the cost of having your picture done at the post office. There are guide lines that are programmed into the machine that they are printed on, so you crafting your own passport picture at home is not acceptable no matter where you shop. How about knowing what you are talking about before blasting complaints.

  • To
      13th of Jun, 2008
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    u didn't read the fine prints that its for film not digital. people make the fool out of themself by jumping to conclusion. thats why we don't give a S$#% what u think cause we deal with it everyday. customers always wrongs and thats the fact, get ur head out of ur ### for once. ur one buck isn't god give to us

  • Mt
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    Ok first of all the sign behind the counter that says 25 cents each is for digital prints that are printed from YOUR own digital cameras card on the kodak picture machine in one hour they are 29 cents if you want them instantly however if you get one of those one time use digital cameras it is a completely different story because the time it takes to hook it up to a special machine made just for those cameras the only way I know all of this mess is because I work for cvs and people really need to calm down before they jump to all of these conclusions

  • Yo
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    How about you idiots ask before you presume all these ridiculous claims? People are so "selective" as to what they "believe" should be the correct price. You paid to process a camera, not make reprints from a digital kiosk with a REUSABLE digital camera (that's the 25 cents). One requires labor from the staff (like film), the other doesn't. They are completely different services.

    Because of people like you, everyone must put 50, 000 line disclaimers on everything or idiotic hazard signs you see on Try informing yourself next time instead of agreeing to whatever feels right to you.

  • Jl
      24th of Jan, 2010
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    You were not over charged. The sign behind the counter for 25 cents is for digital prints from digital cameras, yes. However, you bought a OTU (one time use) camera which is processed through the pure digital machine and is completely different. Its your own fault you paid $20.00 for that disposable camera. Go out and buy a digital camera for $100.00 that you can keep using and then you can pay 25 cents a picture, until then read the sign correctly and check with the photo lab technician before you assume anything.

  • Cv
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I cannot believe people are this stupid. I actually work for cvs, I am a manager, photo associate, and cashier. I get these complaints daily, and the only customers who leave still mad, are the ones who are too hard headed to listen. The part about them having to pay a butt load for a OTU digital camera, well they have no idea the distance we go for them, just to get those pictures off of that camera. And then if they complain about the price, we explain what the charges are. IF they still don't get it, then we just simply say "okay, well I apologize it wasn't what you were expecting, but these are our marked prices. The prices you saw were for this product, and as you can see, you didn't get this one. I can give you a slight discount for your troubles, and I'll make a note of it on your account." and if they aren't satisfied with that, then simply send them on their way. If it was important enough, than they will take the discount. Our corporate stores shame us for sending some people away. But I would rather stay level headed and smiling, and still helpful, than be insulted, lose my temper, and embarrass myself as well as the customer in front of others. You can only do so much for people before you need to walk away.

  • Te
      24th of Oct, 2010
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    Our local CVS in Whitehouse, Texas, as all the others, advertise flu shots available - every day - there are signs on every aisle and in the store front windows claiming this. My husband called up there today to make sure because he wanted to get his shot. Finally you get the pharmacy and the pharmacist, who can just bare speak and understand English, told him, no they were not available today. They would be available on Tuesday. Then talked to the Store Manager. She said the same thing. Pharmacist did not know how much they were either. Got in the car and drove up there. Sure enough plastered in the front window "Flu shots available EVERY day". I found the manager and asked her if they were giving flu shots today. She said she didn't think so because there was no one working today to give them. That person would be available on Tuesday, but she would check for me. Came back and said no, not today. I said, "well your sign states they are available EVERY day. " She said I know, Corporate doesn't consider these little country stores." I said, "Well, then your sign is false advertising and should be taken down". Also found out they are $29.99 if you have no insurance. Wouldn't you think they would also advertise that? I am so frustrated with CVS. There is always a problem with them and I will never use their pharmacy again. The last time I did, I called in my refill three days in advance. When I drove up there to pick it up - IT WASN'T READY!! Can you believe it?
    They should not be allowed to advertise flu shots available every day.

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