CVS / constant mess up on rx's

HWY 411, Madisonville, TN, United States

For the last month all I had was wrong info, lack of info and mess up on my Rx's. I was told my Rx's would be ready and then when going there to pick up I'm told it was schedule for 5 PM hours later. I tried to see if I had refills for important medication for blood pressure and seizure meds ...was told I had no refills left. Call doctor and was told I did still have them after 4 times calling CVS found out I had 2 files! Why is this my fault. I am constantly inconvenient by CVS because of having to drive l hour RT all the time. No one knows what they are doing. I called today after finally picking the Rx's I needed for a month, got home and one Rx's was not there!!! PISSED. Called to complain and the clerk couldn't care less about me taking my business elsewhere. I was never rude just brought this to their attention and I am now going to use Walgreens which I believe if they hire from the same unintelligent pool of people, I most likely will have the same kind of problems...

They just don't realize how important their job is and how it can effect the health of the customer. I had to go through terrible withdraws due to their mistakes!!!


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