Cricket Wirelessunethical behaviour

Cricket wireless store located at 1810 vaughn rd, wood river illinois; on january 14 my wife and I had stopped at the above cricket location to check on getting a sd card put I her phone so as to give phone more storage capacity. Her phone, a motorola (no longer being offered) , could not update because of storage problems. We asked the so called sales rep for assistance and immediately notice the snobbish answers and replies we were receiving. Should have left then. Had brief discussion on new phones then back to sd card. Without first checking to see "how" to install card in wife's phone made the sale, then had to look on the cricket online instructions to install same. This person was the store manager and the other sales rep were both too young to have any experience on dealing with out of the ordinary situations. We were inform by the second sales person that they were just trying to make a living. Really? They were still probably living at home.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Wood River, IL The sd card that was sold to my wife sat on counter the whole time we had some heated discussion on store policy and not being able to return same. I asked to speak to the manager and that is when we found out we were talking to her. We asked to talk to her supervisor, which she did call, but same result. I understand that policies are needed for sale of these kind of items and agree. What I am angry about is the way cricket promotes people and policies that are not customer friendly. We were considering upgrading to a better phone, but not at that location and probably not with cricket. My wife did contact cricket after we got home to try and just get a credit on the bill. Nope! We are just out the money. That is why I am so angry. My wife and I are about to retire and having to watch our dollars and cents. The so called "manager" needs a lesson in common courtesy and working with the public. The other rep needs to wait a few years before claiming on having to make a living. I would almost bet that these cricket personnel are working off commission and "not" customer satisfaction. Shame.

Jan 16, 2017

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