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phone being shut off even after bill was paid in full

Cricket Wireless phone service is fraudulent. Recently I paid (in full my telephone bill before the due date of the bill being paid. I Paid over the phone and received a confirmation number from their representative, the monies was debited out of my checking account. A couple of days go by and on my way to work I went to place a call and come to find out they suspended my services for non-payment. I had to act like i was adding a new line to my phone in order to get a live-person (because every time I called an automated service would say that I had to go to a cricket store to pay my bill) Once I was patched through to a live person I informed them my bill was paid before the actual due date and gave them my confirmation number. They STILL informed me that my bill was not paid. Needless to say I went off Like a mad person over the phone (if MA BELL could reach out and touch someone I would have had their necks in my hand squeezing tightly) I had to endure several days of my phone being turned on and turned back off for non-payment. they even gave me a credit for my phone bill. Here's the kicker after I got a human being on the phone (a supervisor) (3rd one) he even put a not in the system telling the next idiot that the bill was paid and even left the confirmation number so THEY knew it was paid. Well, Today 4/2/11 I woke up to a non-working phone yet again services were suspended for (guess why) yup, you guessed it. On Monday 4.4 I will be rid of cricket and I'm happy. My next stop is the news media, attorney general's office, FTC, and everyone else I can find. Cricket wireless needs to be stopped and stopped now.

paying cricket bill

Hello, i have been customer @ cricket for many years, i always pay my bill with my debit card, i call customer service advsie that i couldn't pay with my debit card because haven't receive from bank since my bill was due today and i don't have my debit card i thought maybe i could py with my check when i tried to pay with ck would not take i call cricket cust service, ask why my check was declined no one in customer service couldn't explain why, one cust service advise that i contact my bank, xplain bank is not the one that is rejecting my check it's cricket, never written ck to cricket. could i get some type of response from cricket since we can never get to speak with anyone @ there home office, no contat # no manager. very unhappy customer

  • Ar
    armand123 Apr 06, 2011

    Cricket has the worst customer service in the world. They have all this some call"Representative"from Hong Kong etc...that can"t help u on anything. When u call their customer service, the system keep asking u all this damn questions and if u don't answer its cut off, ridiculous.Don't even burther calling them for anything, even the online payment is a mess. i can't even log in with my regular password, the system has to send u a new pass, all time. Try to pay somehow, as i am struggling right now, if it wasn't for cheap price, i shouldn't even looking at them, u know! u can be in a middle of conversation and Boom, u know what i mean. Just as Sears has a bad customer service, DON'T CALL THEM.PERIOD...

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refund scam

I recently helped a friend who is searching for a job by paying his Cricket bill by phone with my debit card. This occurred on Jan. 20, 2011. They told me that they were having a system upgrade and my payment would not go through and asked me to call back in 1/2 hour to an hour. It took me 3 hours to get back to where they could accept a ONE TIME payment and gave me a confirmation code. They debited my account twice and as of today, February 23, 2011, I have yet to get my other money back. They have denied this since Jan. 26, 2011 when I called them to inquire as to why they took the payment twice. They are still denying it as of yesterday. Today I can't get through to them.
I have faxed them twice on Jan. 26th, with copies of my bank statement showing them the proof and as of yesterday, they told me that the Escalation department had already reviewed the information and they didn't take it twice. I faxed the statement to their refund department at [protected] (fax only number) twice on Jan. 26th. They still continue to deny it. The only way to speak to someone in the Escalation Department is to contact them via the Legal Department @ [protected] and ask them to send you to the Escalation Dept. The people in their so called customer service say they don't have a number for the refund department, only email. I am not prejudice, but so you know, this company is mostly backed by a group of people that are Korean and most of the employees in their offices at the 800 number are Korean and it is difficult to get the information you need.
On a side note, I know of a gentleman that was a manager at a local Cricket franchise who sued them for FLSA violations, they fired him after he brought it to their attention that he was not being paid correctly. In his case, not only were they not paying him properly under the FLSA, they also had him working off the clock and were making him pay for any shortages of monies, even if he wasn't in the store when it happened. The local franchise owner did settle, but it is the point that you have to watch everything they do. One of their silent partner's has a bunch of companies that are fake companies. BEWARE OF DEALING with Cricket, they will take advantage of anyone they can and they believe they can get by with it.

I am thinking of filing a class action suit against them for their practice of double billing and refusing to refund monies that they took and they deny they took the money, even when you provide proof of that from you own bank.

They will not give you a number to reach the refund department, the escalation department or any other department. I had to dig to get the number for their legal department. As a former Law Office Manager, I will research until I get what I need, but their site will not give you the numbers. BEWARE!

  • Cr
    Cricket Ryan Feb 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My name is Ryan and I work on behalf of Cricket. We are sorry to hear about your recent experience with receiving clear direction and refund for the double charge claimed. We will have a member of our team contact you directly in order to assist you further and connect you with a Corp. team member who will be able to better assist you with investigating the charge.

    Ryan on behalf of Cricket

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  • Ge
    geekgirl1983 Mar 15, 2011

    I am dealing with the same thing, for the second month in a row. Last month I went into a Cricket store and threatened them with a call to the Better Business Bureau (I also had to fax my bank statement), and I had the money back in my account that night. This time it has been 3 days and NOTHING. I filed a complaint with the BBB, and I implore you to do the same.

    This is ridiculous. If you google "Cricket double charge" you will see dozens of entries of the same thing happening. A class action suit is definitely needed.

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poor service and customer service

This company offers the worst service and has the worst customer service which is located in India (duh). First of all they claim you will get a rebate for payment of the broadband device, but they don't give you the rebate. Next the service is slow, and I can't even watch a Netflix movie without it being stopped because the connection is too slow. Sometimes it comes back on, sometimes it doesn't. When you call customer service, they don't know what the heck they are doing and will say anything to get you to get off the phone. They will say there are power outages in the area when there really isn't any service in other states you might be traveling to. They don't know how to troubleshoot any problems, and are utterly unresponsive. I had to call 10 times once to reach someone because no one was available to answer broadband questions and they kept saying that they had high-caller volume, when in fact they just don't service broadband appropriately. I am now going to try and get some of my money back. That should be fun! They are not worth it, and they're not cheap at $50 per month. The IP address changes constantly too.


Please do not open an account with cricket wireless!!! We decided to save a little money and switch from att...

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desceptive billing and non-refunds

Cricket Wireless uses deceptive billing tactics. They bill in advance for services. That is not unusual. But they also bill for two months in advance. Under their Terms and Agreements they will not refund any amount for any service that is pre-paid. So Cricket will send you a notice to pay for two months service in advance and keep the entire amount whether you use one day or the entire two months of service. Typically, when you prepay for anything, you have the right to receive a refund for any portion unused. You will receive a pro-rated amount. What Cricket has decided to do, is keep the amount as a credit should you ever return to their service. This seems illegal to me and essentially doops you into giving up your money to them. I plan to seek assistance from our State Attorney Generals office and hopefully can find grounds for a Class Action Civil Suit. Businesses do not have the right to collect money for services not rendered nor can they disguise their effort to withhold you funds as a credit for future service. Lets face it, after the nightmare customer service experience that you get with Cricket - why would you ever go back?!

unauthorized charges

When you pay your bill online, there is not supposed to be any additional charges for paying your bill online. However, Cricket charges an additional $1.00 to my credit card account whenever I pay my bill online. False advertising and lying to their customers.

unauthorized charges

I had discontinued my services with this company due to poor quality, speed, crashes, etc. Removed my automatic debit information and authorization, only for this company to go in 2 months later and debit my checking account, subsequently overdrafting it! For a new month and a month in which no service was on! Not only did they confirm they could see service had not been used, but offered to extend a free month service to try them again. I expressed that a refund to reconcile my account due to their unauthorized charges was the desire, they assured me the request would be submitted to their Billing office for refund, as well as sending a request to my bank to also consider reversing the nsf fees. Hmph! One month, 5 SUPERVISORS and 5 CRICKET LIES later, they had the audacity to call me and say since they could see I was using the FREE MONTH service they extended to try to keep me as a customer, they felt justified in not honoring refunding the unauthorized charges they assessed to my account! Not only does Cricket provide a poor quality of service product-wise, but to justify their error through lies and condescending insults to their customers is a hideous shame!

terrible customer service

I recently purchased a Blackberry phone at a local cricket store. I had the presence of mind to ask if all of the features would work and was told "absolutely" by the store employee.
Since then I have had nothing but issues. The coverage is terrible. The internet is as slow as an old dial up system. They outsource their "customer service" to india and 99% of the time you can't understand the person on the other end who will give you some phoney american name like "carl" or "kevin".

After waiting for 38 minutes (yes, I timed it) and after having to carefully decipher what "carl" and "kevin" were saying I was told that they do not guarantee that ANY feature will work on a flashed phone, even the features I am paying for.
So what is the point of selling a feature rich phone in your stores if none of the features will ever work?

Cricket has yet to respond to that question.

Don't buy a cricket phone. Don't use them as your wireless provider. Instead, just throw 60 bucks a month into your toilet and flush it. that is basically what you will be doing with any cricket service.

  • Th
    ThothaM Jan 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I saw a deal on Deals2buy on 28th Dec for Samsung GS3 with 150 mail in rebate. I went to the official website of cricket and called the sales representative to get details of deal and plan. I was told that the monthly plan is first month $50 and after that $35, also if I enroll for automatic bill pay monthly bill would come to $45 for first month and $30 after that for unlimited talk, text and data. Its just couple of days I got my phone and activated it and cricket stated billing me $50 a month. It is very disgusting and disappointing that sales guys CHEAT and TRAP people to buy. I was in contract with at&t and had to pay $200 for early termination. I spent more than 4 hrs explaining this to customer representatives but they are not even understanding and accepting the issue. It is very much frustrating to talk to customer representatives, as I understand calls are monitored, why don't they go back and listen to the conversation I had with sales guy and then decide what to do. But these people are CHEATS, just to bring more people they are fooling around and wasting my time. This is poorest marketing strategy I have ever seen. I am in total loss, I have to at&t for early termination and have to splurge more than $550 on cricket to buy a phone which at&t or t-mobile would had given me for a Penney. I have been a customer of at&t but it never ever happened there, they value there customers and help them out with whatever possible. But my experience with cricKet has been very very DISAPPOINTING.

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always a problem - do not buy

In the beginning before they started switching their plans around everything was great. However, after they changed their network and their plans everything from my phone to the billing blew up! If that wasn't bad enough, no one at cricket was able to fix the problem which has turned into 9 months of hell. In the store on the phone or even internet chat w company, I have been reduced to making complaints through the Better Business Bureau (which I have never filed a complaint before in my life!). Examples of problems: phone doesn't work out of state on a unlimited nationwide plan (went for fix 5 times), telephone support lies on phone because they do not know how to resolve issues and tell you to upgrade plans, most customer service is outsourced to Philippines, India and Nicaragua - this is not a lie (in 1 3 hours conversation I ended up in each area)- and they can not resolve technical problems (now as of today they can't solve billing problems either), Cricket fixes phone with their quick solutions and you better watch your bill!, watch for getting charged additional $5 for email or web service that you are already paying for...and all this time resolving you think they would apologize - NO, somehow it is your fault for their ineptness - go figure. Even better, go to a different provider and save yourself 100's of hours on the phone or at one of their stores.

  • Cr
    Cricketnation Jan 05, 2011

    Hi Ann,

    My name is Marty and I work on behalf of Cricket Wireless. We will send you a direct message shortly to see how we can help with your service. Thanks for your patience.

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added options without my consent!!

I've called cricket wireless concerning my account that i've had for 2 years and for the last 3 months since 10/15 - 12/15/2010... It all started when I transferred my account to another cell phone. After the transfer was completed, cricket deactivated my ring back tones and I called customer service to find out why and they said it was their mistake and told me I had to activate it again. When I activated the tones they would waive the amount and I wouldn't be charged which never happened and I still got charged for it! Then I had my cell number changed and a cricket supervisor told me that I wouldn't be charged and it also would be waived from my account. Once again cricket did it again and charged me for the change of my cell number but not only that i've told them what my balance would be on 12/15/10 and told me it would be an even $80.00... When I arrived at cricket to pay my bill it was a total of $103.26, but all I had was $80.00 even. They told me if I pay only the $80.00 my account would be disconnected till I would pay the rest of the $23.26 by 12/26/10 or my account would be disconnected... For the last 2 years i've had cricket, i've never missed a payment or was short of money to pay!!!This is getting to be a major pain in my you know what that every month it's always something new with cricket and I will advice everybody in this entire u. S not to buy a cricket wireless account because they really don't care about the customer or even try to help!! Even when I called (800) cricket the supervisor told me to call them before paying my account but I shouldn't have to keep calling for the same issues every month or every day that cricket "f" up my account!!!

a cricket wireless christmas!

A Cricket Wireless Christmas! On the ninth day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: A brand new...

employee damaged my phone

I purchased $300 cell phone at one of their authorized dealer locations.It was droid incredible flashed to Cricket. One time I went to corporate Cricket store because I had billing issues and employee asked me where did I get my phone. I answered, at one of your authorized dealer locations. He told me nothing, but reprogrammed my phone, so that I would not get internet service. My phone shortly would not work. I went to the place that sold me that phone and they upgraded me to $55 droid plan. My phone would not work after two days after that, just froze by start and nothing I could do to fix it.
I decided to switch to T-Mobile because Cricket employee reprogrammed my phone without telling me.Why do they authorized someone sell phones if they are against it? I lost $300.

abuse, violence, and theft.

Complaint against
Angel Martinez
Store #8024
Assault, verbal threats, and theft.

I went to the local mall kiosk to see about getting a Cricket Phone, 60 for a used phone $45 a month service and $15 activation...
$45 a month sounded like a decent price.
Suddenly, it is $135.
I ask the kid, hey where s the other $20 coming from?
He was too busy trying to get the account set up on the phone with someone one at that point to answer any questions.
So i asked they shyster looking dude there why my total and his total didn;t add jive.
"oh it is extra taxes on the used phone, federal taxes, not the normal 8.25%"
"plus you pay $3 for paying here"

Umm, no such thing as a federal sales tax on cell phones.
So I made them stop in the middle of porting and told them I didn't want it, and walked away.

I had written my personal info down on a piece of paper, and when I thought about them having my info, i got a funny feeling... so I went back and asked for the paper back.
"Umm, we gave it to your wife"
No you didn't
"yes we did"
No you didn't
"maybe it is in the trash"
Ok, hand me the trash and I'll get it
"no, I gave it to your wife"
No. Give me the piece of paper back.

After 5 minutes of arguing with me about whether or not they had given me back the paper with my info on it, guess what... they had kept my info there on the counter behind the display... It was right in front of me, out of my line of sight, and they just didn't want to give it back.
I dunno, I have my suspicions. Name Address Date of birth and Phone Number... there is a LOT you could do with that info.
The slimy guy became insulting and verbally abusive, saying he wanted to kick my ###, and I walked away at first, but then I thought, "surely I ought to report this guy."

I walked back and asked him for his first name and store number.
Again he became abusive, stating he was going to kick my ###, and refused.
So i pulled out my iPhone and was going to take his picture, so I could forward that identification of the person with my complaint.

Would you believe the son of a b-tch snatched the phone out of my hand, put it in his back pocket and refused to give it back unless I went outside and fought with him?
I ended up having to get mall Security and an off duty cop involved in order to get my iPhone back from him.

It would have been a lot easier to simple jump across the counter and teach him some manners the old fashioned way, but my kids were there. Turns out this guy was the MANAGER of the kiosk!
This is the kind of slimeballs Cricket employs to represent them...
So I would rather not HAVE a cell phone, or do a prepaid phone than deal with this company.

abuse, violence, and theft.

tampered with camera on phone

Took phones in to have flashed. camera on the phones came back blurred. went back to store to inquire about what happened and spoked with James Yu at store 16251 South Post Oak, C1 Houston, Texas 77053. He was very rude and did'nt want to listen to anything i had to say. his worker Diana, was very rude in front of my twelve year old daughter and i dont appreciate this after giving them 160.19 to complete my phone service . i m asking for a refund of my money and my phone should be fixed by cricket. i feel this is a fraud transaction, and question whether they have a license to operate. due the fact that my customer ticket copy does not show the exact money i paid for these phone services. its showing 37.19 and the second one shows zero paid. i do have a copy of my reciept from the bank card transaction and a bank statement show how much money i paid to these people. i would very much appreciate a respond as soon as possible. thank you... Janice Neville

broadband modem

I recently had signal loss with my broadband modem. I decided to take the component in to the corporate store to have them figure out the problem. At the time i was not aware that the modems required a firmware update, meanwhile the so called Cricket agents told me the modem was no longer any good and i would have to replace it. Stupid me buys the replacement. A month later a had an issue with my cellphone and i went in to the corporate store and another agent explained to me that they had their system changed 3 mos. ago and all cellphones and broadband devices needed to have a firmware update administered to them or they will experience problems . Right then my memory flashes back to the month before with my modem. Without further ado i abruptly stop the agent and tell him i would like to cancel my service immediately. Reason for my action is the feeling of being intentionally misled by the previous agent and just really no tolerance for schemers and cons. My word of warning to the rest of you is to question them as much as possible before you pay for any issue arising from their service. If they see an opportunity to get your money due to your lack of awareness they will do it in a heartbeat.

A little wiser.

hidden fee

I have been a Cricket customer for many years untill they added a $28 hidden fee to my bill. I went to the local Cricket store and they told me I had to go to a corporate store. I drove 45min to the closest corporate store, the manager was not in and no one could help me. I called Cricket and spent 45 min on the phone, I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold and then hung up on. I have been a loyal customer and always paid on time, but I will not let them steal $28 from me. I paid my $80 bill and then my phone and broadband was shut off the next day. CRICKETS HIDDEN FEES AND EXTREMLEY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE HAVE LEAD TO ONE ANGRY EX-CUSTOMER!!!

charge of services never supplied

On 06/07/2010, cricket communications debited 27.95 from my debit card for broadband prepaid service, for the first month! The same day 2 hours later cricket broadband support determined the trash that they sell as usb modems wouldnt pick up in the 37738 aree! That they could not offer broadband in that area! The modem never activated, I never recieved 1 kilo bite of service!!! So I begin trying to obtain a refund!! I called every week and have spent about 32 hours on the phone with cricket ans have faxed and faxed all kind of information in. And it is 12/05/2010 and they still havented credited my money back, and sent no refund!!! So everyone cricket communications is just another internet scam to steal your money!!! All this was after a 3rd modem was purchased and taken back and they sent me one in the mail I also returned it priority us mail to cricket communications cricket 1251 perry rd. Air west / dock 14, plainfield in. [protected] with delivery confirmation as instructed!! They said the 3 modems (Trash) previously bought at walmart and return was a faulty batch so they sent me one and the whole time their broadband wasnt in this area!! I also tols support that they sould activate first just to see if it would work before I paid!!! Oh but no!!! They are a scam!!! Its not the amount of money here its principle! Help me get the message out!!!

charged for canceled services

I recently attempted to purchase phone service from cricket wireless phone service; but was not able to due...

lack of customer service & coverage

I had virginmobile (Highly recommend) for over 7 yrs, but needed more features (Virgin has them all now). Saw an ad for cricket and they appeard to have a wonderful plan, unlimited talk/text/web for $40 mo. Their coverage area appeared to be better than virgin's (It's not). Ordered off their website. Very helpful customer service reps, could always get thru. Switched in nov 09. Once they had my money and ported my number over, I couldn't get a hold of anyone! Not via phone, e-mail or chat. Never! Just perpetual hold or not even allowed to hold. Finally, googled a backline number and got india. What a joke! They lie and tell you what you want to hear. Had tons of issues with my son's plan. Took over 4 mo to get it fixed. It was cricket's error, yet they attempted to bill me service charges and fees! I travel alot and their coverage map looks great. I leave my city and I am roaming (In a clearly covered area) and can't use my phone! Every time! I call, they tell me to hit *228 before I leave and that will take care of it. It doesn't. Another call. I need to do it an hour before. I do. Still roaming. Call india again. They tell me they will 'fix it'. I go on another trip and hit *228 2 hours prior to leaving. I leave my city and I am roaming and can't use my phone!! They tell me to put money on a 'flexbucket' and then the phone should work. I put $5 on. I hit *228 and leave town again. I can't use my phone at all! Not even roaming. I call again and they tell me they will 'fix it' again. Go out of town again and, roaming and can"t use my phone! I am in a covered area, have 5 bars, have money on my flex bucket and I can"t use my phone!!! I call india. They assure me it will be 'fixed in 15 mins'. It's not. I also ask for a refund of at least the $5 I put on the flexbucket. They tell me to go to any cricket store and they can refund it there. I call again because the phone still doesn't work and they tell me there is nothing they can do! They also tell me I am out the $5. No one can refund it! What?! I call a 'supervisor' and they tell me they cannot guarantee coverage and the phone may or may not work! They will not refund the 10 days I was with out my phone, nor the $5 I put into the 'flexbucket'. There is nothing they can do. No options for anything!
I switched to t-mobile and they are great!!! While I was waiting for my lousy cricket plan to be up, I went 5 mi from home, in my own city, a clearly covered area and I was roaming and could not us my phone!!!
I have filed a complaint w/cricket, the better business bureau and the attorney general of az. This company is complete fraud!! Stay away!!! If you need a no-contract plan, go with virgin mobile. They are great, and I wish I had never switched! Cricket stinks! Stay away!!!

  • Cr
    Cricket Ryan Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Sunnydi,

    My name is Ryan and I work in partnership with Cricket Wireless. We are sorry to hear about your experience with our services in your location. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our products and coverage in AZ. You may contact us at [email protected]

    Ryan on behalf of Cricket

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  • Th
    therealcindylynn May 30, 2011

    I am sick of this! I have the same problems with cricket, I'm switching over to sprint. My friend is adding me on her line and I only pay her $30 for EVERYTHING! Plus, it comes with a free android! Sweet! Bye cricket, I'd like to say it was good, but I think we both know better.

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  • Ed
    edwmsr May 05, 2013

    When i leave my cricket area whether i have money in my flexbucket or not and been activated by *228 my phone just shuts down on it's own what's up with that? Answers please

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