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Complaints & Reviews

rebate scam

I needed a new phone and had been with cricket for 3 years..A rebate for $100.00 was offered if I purchased...

Resolved technical disaster

Great start and really lousy finish!
This company seems to operate as a facade... Looks good until you open the hood!
The signal is almost non existent at times and leaves you waiting for over 30 minuts at times.
The unlimited service does have limits... And you get screwed.
This company has minimal support in servicing their customers.
This company has minimal assets with regard to their own hardware to support the customers.

Go to a store and find the proverbial: "like it or lump it" bottom line.
They really don't care and when we put them out of business, they will go get another name and do it all over again! Call the fcc and report these people !! Email the fcc and report these people. Make some noise and get them off the air.

Resolved horrible customer service... liars

About a month ago I decided I would give cricket wireless a try.. Being that they say they are $40 a month for unlimited everything, what the $%@ I was thinking... I dont know!! I ordered a phone over the internet after repeatedly asking if my area was covered for service... Oh yes of course it is... Was the main response from the non-english speaking ### that run customer service. So recieve an email with my new cricket number... Which was an illinois area code... I live in indiana... I should have known right at that moment... So I get the phone and call to activate it... It wont activate... And ask them why I have an illinois area code when I live in indiana and all they can tell me is that i'm in chicago... Ummm no i'm not, I would not have recieved my phone at my house in the mail if I were in illinois.. So I went back and forth with them when they tell me its a $15 charge to change my number!!! They made the mistake not me!! Then they hang up on me... I spend over an hour getting someone on the phone again... They change the number finally for no charge but still no activation possible so they tell me to go to a cricket store... So I do the next day... They activate my phone and it works so I leave to go home get 15 miles down the road... No service and none again.. Ever. I call cricket when I get home they dont understand so I call the store I just went to and ask the girl and she says oh I didn't know you lived in that town... They didn't tell you when you purchased the phone that there is always service problems there and in the surrounding towns? Um no.. They sure as hell didn't, so I called cricket told the frickin "customer service" rep to shove the phone and service up her non-english speaking ### and get another job.. Sent the phone back and cancelled everything.. Worse customer service experience I have ever had!!! Oh i'm so sorry for these problem, umm yes so sorry to know that... What kind of service is that when thats their response to every question you ask them? Screw cricket wireless!!!

  • Sa
    Sandra Cochran Aug 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought Cricket over the internet and they delivered it 2 days later and I was told over the phone that cricket will port my Verizon number in 4 to 24 hours, when I first got this number it was a cricket number then I went to verizon and then back to Cricket, on the 4 th day I was still waiting to have the porting done .On the forth day I call the porting number again and was told that I had a Witchata Kansas phone number and wireless Internet service and . so then I was told to go to a full service store in Monroeville and there were 2 women trying to wait on customers and talking about there personal lives for longer than 15 minutes and not caring who heard them and one was waiting on me . It took more than an hour to get it finished . I even told them that I really needed my phone because a really good friend died on Wednesday and I missed and my calls and text message and they look at me like so what.I am very un happy with this customer service so .This Monroeville office needs an overhall with there customer service people..

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cusomer service

I have contacted Cricket wireless both in my home state and since I am living out of state about this issue, as well as e-mail and phone calls to customer service. They have done nothing to resolve the problem that they issued the wrong exchange for the phone and the phone now will not even conect to their customer service. Non of their customer service representatives give a rats ###. May be the phone choice of drug dealers and child molesters for a reason.

  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Apr 20, 2010

    When this is the case I have heard from similar stories with my friends(not through cricket) that you can go to cricket store and get a new phone and show them all the dissemination that you have received from what has been going on. In some cases they will give you a phone back especially if you threaten to blow their place sky high. I'm sure some drug dealers have already tried.

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Resolved trash!

We've had Cricket for four years. At first we loved them, but over the last year or two they've become so bad, I wouldn't recommend their service to the devil.

First, they managed to allow someone to access my personal voice mailbox, meaning friends and family heard someone else's voice and name when it picked up and naturally confusion ensued. It's probably the only problem we've had that got resolved quickly, by a friendly rep, and without an issue.

Later we transferred my number to a land line. That took several weeks to resolve because Cricket wouldn't let the number go to the other provider.

After escalating it, someone finally apologized for "not flipping the right switch." Uh huh... I'm surprised from reading complaints here that they cheerfully refunded us for the time the number remained with them when it wasn't supposed to.

Next, my husband's NEW cell phone, not even a year old, dies recently. He attempts to go to a Cricket store only to hear that his phone is "obsolete." They've stopped selling not just the phone but its respective parts, and refuse to look at or service the phone! So now he's stuck with a dead phone that they won't fix.

Finally, we had a credit card number change around the time our bill would have been up. They attempted to run the old number, didn't work... they cancel the bill without even trying to notify us of the problem, even with a snail mail and email address on file.

Now as anyone who's gone through this mess knows, the only way you can update your account information is to either dial 611 on your Cricket phone, which we can't, because it's broken. Or you dial the 800 number, which requires you to input your number... and if your account got cancelled like ours did, it won't recognize it, and they hang up on you. So we're stuck being unable to pay our bill either.

I finally figured out how to get to a live person. I called the 800 number and at the prompt, told the system "Cancel My Account." So now you know how to get around that little trick :-)

But it doesn't mean you won't get a customer service rep with sand for brains. For the record, I normally NEVER lose it with customer service reps - I've worked in that field, I know how hard it is, and I believe in treating others with respect.

Today, I broke my own rule after several minutes of circular arguing because he first told me the account is current, then tells me it's cancelled because the credit card was no longer valid and it has an overdue balance. Well, which one is it??

After yet more back and forth I snapped and I told him just take my d*** credit card number, put it in your system, make this right or I will escalate this above your head, and STOP arguing with me. What does he do? Argues back that I'm not arguing with him!

I replied about 20 decibels louder than normal that I've had enough, I want this account current NOW, and don't p*** me off, at which point he puts me on hold, comes back on the line and apologizes.

So the account is current, but we got slapped a reactivation fee (after missing ONE payment folks!), and they "punished" us by making our account pre-pay instead of post-pay (like I care by now). What-EVER sir, just fix it.

Oh and as we get off the line, even with his knowing my husband's cell phone is dead, he says "We'll text you a confirmation of the bill pay to your phone number." Gee, thanks. I asked him can't you send it to an email address? He just grunts. I'll take that as a no.

Needless to say we're going provider shopping and cancelling our service ASAP. I imagine it'll be just as much fun transferring my husband's cell number to someone else this time around too.

  • Ba
    babyback50 Apr 16, 2010

    cricket wireless is nothing but a poor man's cellular company and the 10 (dollar) late fee is totally stupid after 5 years now they decide that they can cover ALL FIFTY STATES WOW!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

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  • Br
    BrianaS Jul 30, 2010

    Crickets not contracted so you didnt have to pay a bill for a broken phone. Even if his phone is no longer available they still have to give you a phone of equal vaule as long as you have insurance on the phone. What people don't understand is that Cricket is just like every other phone service as well as every other coorperate business. yes we out source CS yes our Items are manufactured over seas the only difference between cricket and other phone companies is lack of coverage. You could have...SHOULD have went to a Full Service store, there you would have spoke with a SM not an owner and got a DMs number for you trouble its quiet easy and he/she would have spoke enough english to explain the situation and try to fix it.

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their commercials about respect are a joke

I have been a customer of Cricket Wireless Broadband Service for 5 months and it has been a continuous problem. Customer Service is essentially non-existent! When you have a problem if it is after 8:00pm (cst) you are routed through a system that eventually disconnects your call. On the rare occasions that you actually speak with a human being, when you can understand them because of their thick accents, they have no resources to solve your problems. And they seem to really not even care. I am currently working on a problem for the third consecutive day!!! I've spoken with a multiplicity of their reps and supposedly supervisors, only to be told that they will try to fix it but they really don't have the authority to do so. Well if they can't who can!!! Don't fall for the hype. Their commercials about respect are a joke. I think I will switch carriers as soon as my next payment is due!!!

fraudulent charges

Last week we recieved a notice that one of our accounts had bounced. It is an account that is never used...

Resolved taking money from a homeless person

Ok is this year to get screwed out of your money. My brother need a phone so I saw the commerical for cricket...

Resolved continued notices of phone shutoffs

I get texted messages warning me of phone shutoff even when bill is paid on time. This is intimidating as I always try to pay my bill on time. The excessive texted message arent warranted when people like me are only paid once amonth. On top of this your customer service department computer servie is a joke. Because theres no person on the other end of the line to field my questions and your system that you have in place always tells me to call back at a later time and disconnects me. I dont need this kind of service laspe when my time is valuable this needs to be fixed in order for me the paying customer to be satisfied. I would greatly appreciate your department for looking into this matter. Thanks!

  • Ca
    carynb Mar 03, 2012

    My bill was paid early as usual. The check cleared my bank on Feb 9 for the bill due Feb 25. When I went to my local corporate HQ they did not want to accept the bank's copy of the back and front of my check but insisted on my bank statement instead which of course will not state who cashed the check. When I requested the supervisor on duty, the customer service person refused. When I inquired why I shouldn't sue, they customer service person told me if I persisted in talking like that she would not help me and would have me removed from the premises. Is that anyway to treat loyal good paying customers? Well I guess it is if you don't want to retain their business!!!

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Resolved The worst customer service and warranty complience out there

Man these guys have been terrible since the first day i recieved the phones via ups, which i paid extra cause i was in a hurry to get myself mobile with a plan i could keep a closer eye on, ie no hidden charges or fees added to my bill or contract, because there is no "contract" per say. Wow what a load that is... So you start by paying retail for a free phone even though they say they will coonect any phone you bring in, any cricket selected type of phone that is, not just "any" phone will do. Though this is what is advertised, its just a way to get you in the door so they can pitch their gimmick to ya. All of this i was unaware of when my "account" was created and my second mistake was made. The first of course being, typing in the word cricket to look for a cell phone and service provider that would be so much less of a hassel to work with. "ha funny in my face"! Well i'm being a little harsh on myself but dang it i bought 3 phones and family service, "family" so my wife and sister-in-law are a part of nightmare cell service with a crew of [censored] jerks that guard the pleases just give me what i paid for sanctium in god knows where. One supervisor on the service hotline actually cussed at my wife and called her names for trying to fix a billing mistake, "yeah you guessed it a mistake that cost me". Whats $65 u. S. To me anyway right? Huh if that was all my wafe spent around 29 or more hours calling customer service many many times to help them figure it out. Thats $65 u. S. Not 65 rupies, but even a few cents can add insult when it's wrong, i don't care who ya are. Period... Getting robbed is still getting robbed isn't it. So anyway after 2 months of argument after argument with people who could care less about people much less the customer/person they are supposedly in a job to assist, hence the term customer service representitive, what doen't everyone get job title and requirements information from the same career information place i do? Ya know "the internet". Well guess not then huh? We decided to eat the money because there was not much more we could in that particular situation for us aside from going postal at one of the stores which wouldn't be a far shot from the jerks on the phone and online, only they take the phone you previously purchased and therefore own, from you when you bring it in for activation, walk it in the back for a sec and return it to your "the owners'" hand in a non-functional state, and then tell you oh was this working it needs a new battery i couldn't add it to your account". So naturally my wife askes the question. "how much is a new battery for this one i'm trying to add?" the response $40 dollars. So she asks and how much to repair the old/new cricket piece of crap i just bought 4 months ago and has more problems than a 60 year old drug addict still living with his mom?"$40 dollars. " wow a reavelation just occured to me duhhh! "ok, so the battery and the hook up on the phone i own will cost $35 dollars then. " no "it's $40 and $40, $40 each to add that phone to your account. " my wifes says " i just recieved a text from cricket that says bring in any phone and add it to your account for $15 bucks, not 2 days ago, as a matter of a fact i have recieved at least one a week for about 4 months, so what about that deal? "i have never heard of such an offer lady. " my wife left before things got crazy in the store and so she could call me to vent only to find out her service was turned off. She had to go back in to the store where the employee who already treated her like a mark from the minute he took and destroyed, the working but not active cell phone she brought in with her, from her hands only to take it from her sight without explaination and blipp, fry, melt, [censored], burn and otherwise ruin her functional phone including the damn battery". However this time he takes her over to some chairs and sits her down to talk, like a child taking a lesson from her better or an elder teaching you a lesson he thinks you should have always known even if he had no clue what he was talking about, like an older peer putting you down for chewing gum at school, or something real dumb like that. He said "lady the only way for you to get an upgrade/different phone would have been if you had subscribed to the $5 a month "per phone" "maintenance fees" then he proceeded to tell her it would still cost the additional $40 dollar deductible in the warrenty contract, which is at the descretion of the product return/repair technition who assess the damage done to the unit during abuse/use. This may be a bunch of ranting to read but this was just atiny bit of the crap this company has attempted on my loved one and i. I just wanted to share a few of the worst. Thanks for your time and be aware out there...


Resolved no customer service available

I have been a customer of Cricket communication for almost a year and a half. The very first payment that I made to the company was an electronic funds transfer from my bank's online bill pay option. Cricket lost my payment, and the first I knew about it was they had my service shut off. When I went to find out what happened, I was told I didn't pay my bill. I showed them my bank statements, and was told that they had to "investigate" where the funds had gone. Meanwhile, my service is off, and I needed it back on, so I went to my bank, explained that Cricket had lost my money, and canceled the funds transfer. I immediately went to the Cricket website and paid my bill there. I still had to go back to the Cricket store to get them to take off the 15 dollar fee for having to disconnect my service before they would turn my phone back on. But ever since then, I have been denied customer service through their phone contact centers AND their website. The only thing I CAN do is pay my bill. When I call their 611 number, I am told that they cannot access my account and that I will have to go into a Cricket store. When I go to the store, I am told that since I cannot call the 611 number that the contact center is the only entity that can fix the problem. I am getting the run around from everyone, even the managers. I was told this issue would automatically resolve itself, because I was penalized with a 6 month penalty flag on my account for STOPPING PAYMENT ON A CHECK. Which isn't what happened at all. So, its been over a year and a half later, and I still cannot use the customer service functions that are available to me as a paying customer.

  • Ca
    Cathy (St. Louis, MO) May 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a second mobile broadband device and had a similar experience. They charged my credit card for one amount and credited my account for almost $57 less. Then my husband goes to the store because he has a problem with the new device and they tell him they are going to shut off service because the last payment on the first device was rejected by the credit card company. So he pays them a check for $70 they claim is owing.

    I then call the credit card company and the lady tells me that Cricket ran the charges through with no expiration date so, of course, the charge was rejected. I get back in town and go to the store with all the documentation to show my credit card was charged one amount and the account credited for a much lesser amount. The gal at the store did at least respond to my email and tell me she had turned it over to a billing specialist but that has been weeks ago. I am exercising my rights with my credit card company to deny the charges but reading through the complaints listed here, I bet they shut off my service even though its their error.

    BTW, I started out calling customer service and dropped that idea immediately. They barely speak English and cannot understand most of what you are saying. In my case, they said they couldn't help and I would have to go to the store.

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Resolved over charged and debited without autorization

I was on facebook when a great deal for a cell phone with unlimited text and talk for $25 appeared. I decided to order it for my 12yo for xmas. The phone arrived and everything was fine. I added the $5 longdistance which with taxes and the first month free was $34.74 per month. They turned the phone off on feb 3 and it was almost impossible for me to reach anyone. (March 1, 2010) when I did they tried to charge me a reconnection fee plus $11 for three days use. After talking to several telemarketers they promised an $11 refund and that my next bill would be $23 with that. Fast forward to march 31, 2010 they charged me even more $48.65 for the service that with adjustments should have been $23. The explanation that they gave me was that I already got the first month free what more do I want. (This was a promo that they were running with web purchases) I told them that they did not have the authority to go into my account and take additional funds. They then said that the extra money was for online service. There is no online service on the phone. They cut off the text messaging (Which was included in the $25 price) and told me that it was concidered online. I called my bank and they are doing an investigation. Apparently I am not the only one that has this complaint with this company. Beware!!!

not unlimited

I got cricket wireless service about 4 months ago. Near the end of march 2010 I noticed my download speed was extremely slow!!!. I called cricket and was told I went over my usage limit on my unlimited plan. They told me I was only allowed 5 gigabytes on my unlimited plan, they said I used 19 gigabytes and could not get back my download speed until I paid back those gigabytes (They said I have to wait 4 months without using the internet, and pay my bill every month for 4 months to give them back their 5 gigabytes/month that was included in my unlimited plan). The person I talked to kept pushing their $60/month plan (Like I am going to fall for that "give us more money, u can have your internet back") how is cricket still in business!!!

  • C
    C?? Jun 20, 2010

    i have cricket also actually im useing it now to right this. it takes aleast 15 ta 20 minutes to watch a 5 minute youtube video it blows and its like 40 dollers a month. im dropping this [censor] and getting cox i hope cox is better. i would strongly advise in not getting cricket wireless. if anybody has cox preferred internet or any cox really let me now what its like?

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  • Bo
    boycott cricket Jul 24, 2010

    I have had cricket broadband for several months now and recently found that trying to connect to the internet is virtually impossible. Every time I call there technical help they have me do the same thing over and over which is getting really old. The wife and I play internet games and download programs, which go over there unlimited 5 gigs. I am very unhappy with this service and highly recommend that if you want dependable internet service to NOT subscribe to cricket.

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  • OMG I got cricket broadband as well, the very first month was OK but just like you, by about the fourth month it got really slow. So I called them and they said I used 19 GBs instead of 5GBs, and I was like "I didn't knew I had a limit in my unlimited plan" they were like "the 5GBs only depend on the downloads... you might be downloading too much videos" which is funny because I have only downloaded 3 music videos. I erased all my downloads and I deleted most of my programs ( thing got worse). Then I called again and someone else told me that "WATCHING youtube videos also counts" they basically said everything does. To make things shorter I've called honestly about 50 times, this is my eight month using this S-it, it takes in average 2 hours to watch a 5 minute video HONESTLY, and usually youtube videos stop after 30 seconds have beeen charged, so I have to connect to the internet again and again, and regular webpages were picrures are attached usually never appear complete (I'm so not joking). You might think I am stupid for not changing, but I cannot find something that sounds better, all the companies or whatever have like the same problems, plus I can only have broadbands cause I move to different states like every 2 months. If someone finds me a solution please tell me.

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someones phone number on my acc

I was paying 67.00 every month, my febuary bill was 170.00 for 1 cell and 1 modum. So I questioned them at the lake jackson corp. Store why so much, and they couldnt tell me why. So I got on line and looked for my self and they put someone eles cell phone on my acc. I called 611, 4 times telling them this is not my phone. Of course getting hung up on 3 times. I will not pay for someone eles phone, they turned my service off, now I will call the news stations up telling them about cricket and there rude people that cant speak english, so u have no clue what there saying. O and the lake jackson store is now shut down, I wonder why. People look at ur bill on line and make sure your paying for your own cells.

Resolved absolute crap

I've had the $40 cricket unlimited plan for about a year now. To be brief, about 3 weeks ago I noticed that I could no longer send picture messages. I figured it was just the terrible service that I get on a regular basis anyway, so I waited a while. 3 weeks later, no change. So, today I decided to go look at my account and see what was up. To my surprise, picture messaging was no longer part of my plan! I guess they think it's ok to keep charging me the same price and secretly take off part of my plan. They didn't even have the decency to tell me so that I could cancel my plan 3 weeks ago. Tell me there isn't something illegal here? I am getting rid of this garbage first thing tomorrow. Virgin mobile has a promising looking plan for texting, which I just might try.

Resolved horrible service & overcharging

Not only did they fail to send me the $50 rebate they promised over 3 months ago, it has been a nightmare dealing with their customer service (in the Philippines & in their local service centers).

When I went to make my first payment online ($40), their system was down, so I called in. After explaining the problem they took my payment by phone and yet still charged a $5 service fee.

The next month I had the same problem, so I went to make a payment in person & was again charged a $5 service counter fee, but when I got home my internet service had been dropped because my payment was a day late. So, they charged me another $10 to reactivate it even after I explained that it wasn't my fault their system would not accept a payment on the due date.

I went to their local headquarters on 79th & Layton Ave in Greenfield and their response was "too bad" and asked me to leave when I demanded a refund on the additional service fees.

The 3rd month was the same story. It literally took me 4 days of jumping through hoops and hurdles to get my payment made, and you guessed it, I again had to pay a service charge of $5.

Their attitude is if you don't go on an automatic monthly payments with your bank, then it's too bad when their system failes to take your payment and your service is abruptly disconnected, which always results in a $10 + $5 reconnection and service fee to reconnect.

I say to myself "why whould anyone want to go on an automatic payment plan with them after learning of such crappy service and refusal to waive excessive fees that were caused by their inability to process a payment (especially considering they apparently have a habit of continually charging your account even after you drop the service)?"

I got Cricket because I thought it was a good deal. But now I have learned it is the worst internet provider in the world and am definately going to get another service provider when this months subscription runs out.


  • Mi
    MICHAEL JABLONSKI Jul 12, 2010


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over charge on phone

I have wireless service with cricket every month my bill is high. I call to tell this to them and after speaking to at lease three people ithougth it was settled but now they are rejecting my payment citing it is something wrong with my bank card which it is not they are trying to clear up thir mess because I am going to report them to the bbb and leap corporation they have very bad service and need not to be in the wireless service.

Resolved rebate rip off

i bought a cricket broadband for it was 81.00 and u get back 50.00 well i sent my paper work in and call to...

Resolved customer service

I have had cricket phone service for about 3 years and until I wanted to change my plan had no problems and great customer service. On Feb 3, 2010 I called to add two lines to my existing service for a family plan that advertised for $99. I was told first month free on the two new lines. I was told to go into a cricket store and make sure they were added to my existing line as a Family Plan. I go into the store today 2/22/20 well before the free time ended and find out I wasn't signed up for a family plan at all and had to pay $178. Instead of being signed up for family plan they opened a second account! I had to pay $15 to downgrade my existing plan, plus a month of service and $112 for the family plan. I was literally charged twice for the same line!!! The girl in the store claimed she was the manager, which I seriously doubt. I called cricket got hung up on by one agent and bamboozled by a second. I asked to speak to a supervisor he put me on hold came back gave a different name and that he was the supervisor. First thing out of his mouth was I had overpaid and should have a credit. Before the conversation was over I owed them. I had no problem letting him know that unhappy customers tell everyone and happy customers refer. Before I go to bed tonight I intend to post on every available site that cricket is a bait and switcher!

Resolved expect, unexpected fees

I purchased 2 phones for my sons for Christmas, it was around $138 for the phones and activation. They activated the phones the day they shipped them which could be impossible because I had to call and activate them the day before Christmas. I signed up for the $25 a month plan for each phone (unlimited text and talk). When I was chatting with the customer service rep on line I specifically asked the question "since the phones are capable of other functions will the other functions be disabled since my plan doesn't include them?" The rep said "Yes, they would be disabled so no unexpected bills for you". Which I saved this conversation on my computer. My sons had the phones for 2 weeks and service was disconnected due to non-payment. I called to have the service reinstated and had to pay the activation fee again because I wasn't sent a bill, they said I owed $90 something dollars because I had signed up for web access, I said "NO, I DID NOT" my plan didn't include it. I explained I had kept the conversation on my computer after repeatedly explaining this to the lady I had to pay $78 for the phone service and reactivation and was assured the the web access would be removed and I would be sent paper bills at $1.75 per month. So the next month comes my sons phones are deactivated AGAIN. I called customer service again to pay the bill expecting to pay $55-60, they say I owe $91.99. I say how can this be on a $25 per month per phone plan, they say I signed up for web service. I explained AGAIN that my plan didn't call for it and it was supposed to be removed when I paid the bill the last time. They said NO it was not in their system and I would have to pay that fee and the reactivation fee, WHICH THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO SEND ME A BILL AND DID NOT. After a half hour on the phone repeatedly explaining my situation to the rep she finally said she would remove all the fees except the monthly fee I signed up for, she assured me the other fees would be credited after I paid the bill. I said I needed some kind of documentation because that's what the rep said last month, I was ultimately HUNG UP ON. So I called back and had to go through the hole situation AGAIN. I asked to speak to a manager that likes to keep their customers and she got on the phone and said Hello numerous times like she couldn't hear me (I was on a land line when I called) and she ultimately HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN! I have spent over $200 for my sons to have service for all of a month and a half. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN!! If you're thinking of getting a cell phone and/or service from this company I would highly recommend another company even if you have to pay a little more for you service because over all you'll be paying alot more to Cricket. What a FRAUD!

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    Tobi- May 25, 2010

    I have had a hard time recovering money lost to cricket.They claim their wireless is respekt maybe they use "K" and not "c" because they do not want to be held to it. Money was missing out of my account I called to recover it and hung up fustarted, angry and in tears. They told me the chargers were vaild, my criccket phone dropped the call 8 times during my over 2 hour mision to recover my money, they refused to refund money taken out of my account and when I ask to talk to a suppervisor I was asked "What do you want to talk to them about" that was followed up with she is going to say the same thing I told you we are not giving you any refunds to your account the charges are vaild . I was also given wrong discritions about the plans once I was told you are charged for all in comming long distance charges, then weeks after that i was told you are not charged charged for incomming calls long distance calls and today i was told you are charged for every incomming long distance charge. On top of that the customer service reps are rude, will hang up on you or put you on hold for very long periods of times and do not understand english very well and talk as if they are reading a script . They will not take complaints over the phine when youcal"611" from your handset and refuse to give out a corp. address so complaints and concerns can be addressed and tell you to go to the web site in which does not plain and clear contact directs, phone numbers or address and has a billing and refund button but you must enter in a wireless account number which is confussing if you are prepaid. I work hard and I knoe you reading this work hard too I and no one complaining to cricket wish to be take anything from cricket but only to be given what is owed to us . I don't have to wait on hold for hours! To try to lie, cheat or still from a company I choose as a single working mother, going to school, with a disabled childtrying to save money by switch to this discount company so i can save money in this econmony so I can provide for my family. I pray I and everyone els get their money back . As for cricket if this continues we will not use your company and you will be reported to the F.C.C. and if you have no customer you and your rude customer service agents will not make any money and be forced to close your doors . So is scamming a few hard working Americans worth it!

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    Tobi- May 25, 2010

    It was very hard to find Cricket's corporate info .Cricket website nor workers will give it out.

    Cricket's parent company is
    Leap Wireless International, Inc.
    Tel 1-858-882-600
    5887 Copley Drive
    San Diego CA 92111

    according to http:/

    Cricket's address
    10307 Pacific Center Court
    San Diego CA 92121

    per company Profile on LinkedIn
    to find this I did a basic search for " Contact Cricket" no luck. Next I did a "Bing" search "Cricket corporate headquarters" which lead me to "Winkipedia" a history on cricket wirelist which listed San Diego CA as the place of headquarters but no address. So I "Bing" Cricket Wireless San Diego, CA deadend .So I "Bing" Cricketwireless San Diego CA which lead me to LinkedIn which gave me contact ifo for Cricket and lead me to Leap Wireless.

    "Company Profile on LinkedIn" (2010) web. 25 Apr.2010

    Winkipedia web.25 Apr.2010

    "Contact us"

    That was too much to get contact info! Please everyone who has a problem call them!

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