Cricket Wireless / samsung amp2 cell phone

North Richland Hills, TX, United States
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My husband bought me a phone from the Cricket Wireless Store at 6248 Rufe Snow, NRH, Tx on Christmas eve. The speaker immediately did not work when making calls out. As it was a busy week, we had to wait for the weekend to return the phone. When we took the phone back to the retailer to get a replacement new phone the store manager, Lydia, would not do it. She said we were TWO HOURS past the 7 day return policy. We had purchased it on Saturday at 2:00 and because we did not return it by 2:00 on the last day of the return, they would not honor it. It was 4:00. We asked to speak with the owner and she refused to give his name. We spent three hours in the store. She said that if she gave me a new one, the store would be out the money. She looked confused when I said I was out the money because she sold us a broken phone. She said, "we didn't know it was broken when we sold it to you", and I responded, " I didn't come to the store to buy a broken phone either." To this day, they will not honor the return policy or offer a store owner name to address the problem. Cricket is also unresponsive...and I still have a broken phone. I guess it's more important for them to keep their 350.00 for a new phone than to offer good Customer service. I would like a new phone. This one is in perfect shape minus the fact that the speaker is faulty.

Jan 20, 2017

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