Cricket Wirelessonline order

Order Number: [protected]
Ordered on November 28, 2016 (credit card was charged on that date)
I never received my phone.
I have paid the monthly protection plan fee for the last 2 months even though I have no phone.
Over the last 50 days or so I have spent over 25 hours of my time on the phone. Cricket attempted to be helpful but in the end they basically said it was my problem and I need to resolve it with UPS.
On about the 10th call to UPS, they approved the claim, admitting that they “lost”( stole) my phone, and submitted the claim form to Ingram Micro (shipper) who can/ will not have any contact with me because only Cricket can contact them.
Initially I wanted a replacement phone and not a refund.
Because we are approaching 2 months I have asked Cricket to contact Ingram Micro to expedite and provide any necessary information / instructions to ship a replacement phone.
Cricket has informed that there is nothing they can do (they don't have the ability to contact they shipper).
UPS has stated that the Ingram Micro has 7 months to respond.
No one is willing to help.

Jan 18, 2017

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