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Cricket Communications / overbilling without remedy

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Be warned! Do not be fooled into getting cricket cell phone service. They boast that they only charge in advance for the upcoming month of service and that it will only be a flat rate of $45.00 I tried to pay for my a year of daughter's cricket phone service when she went away to college and although it shows on my bank statement that I paid $872.12 for the phone and 12 months of service with taxes, they continued to bill me. Although I was smart enough to not set myself up on automatic billing with them, they still show that I owe them $331.52 for what? Though I have had perfect credit for 40 years, I now have a collection against me from cricket for service that was already paid for with bank statements to prove it. What is happening to this country that we as american's no longer have rights for services that we pay for??? When I complained to a few other people at a different cell phone store about my cricket ordeal, they all three said they had trouble with overbilling from them as well. How do they continue to stay in business?

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  • Ex
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    If you had $45.00 rate plan your monthly bill is $51.65 everymonth...

    $51.65 x 12 = $619.80
    $3.00 x 12 = $ 36.00
    total in a yr $655.80

    ( This is only for if you paid you bill on time every month including $3.00 processing fee)

    Question :
    How to avoid getting charge $3.00 in store processing fee??

    option 1. Mail the payment out to cricket (Check or money order)
    option 2. Automatic Bill Payment with your credit debit card.

    Question : There is any hidden fee charge on my cricket bill?

    There is no hidden fee or overage charge on cricket wireless... because its unlimited!

    There is no hidden charge or overage BUT!!
    1. Whenever customer's makes payment late there is $10.00 late/reconnection fee charge... P.S late fee charge was $15.00 about 3 months ago new late fee charge is $10.00 now...
    2.There is pro-ration and sign-up fee for extra features added on to account ike roaming, calling features, any add on features was added.
    (soo before u add any features on your account you should ask the sales rep!)
    3.Bridge-payment is good for customers who have low budget to pay the total bill but i will say it is better off pay the total bill in 1 payment...
    (for exemple)
    you do $20.00 bridge payment everymonth and pay the remaning after 7-days...
    Situations like this customer is getting charge 2x processing fee of $3.00

    if u add it up by 12x$3.00 = $36.00 x 2 = $72.00
    so there is another way to save $36.00 a year.

    Bottom line

    So longest you pay your bill on time with out adding any feature on the account. your monthly bill will stay the same every month...

    and if u had extra charge on your account dat means either u paid your bill late & there is times dat you had no service for not paying your bill on time. of course you will be charge LATE FEE. but good thing is cricket dont credit check so this wont stay on your credit record & there is no temination fee like any other wireless carriers...

  • Ja
      4th of May, 2010
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    That is funny i got $19 in State/Gov/Local taxes on my 1st new months bill then they added a 2nd $15 reactivation which i paid the first one already. Then they got these public safety tax and some regularity recovery fee and bogus other things. They hang up on me when i do 611

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