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Iam having trouble, with my phono, but no one is there to give you a option, they get the money and thean they tell you what you had to do, ats bad, and had to put a two way line, they were supost to tell me, to take out the credict line, I woodrent donet, and pay $20.00, at I had to waith 3 to 4 days, I needret my phono, and thean I opend a new line for nothing lost my money, and afther everthing, they put it up againg, aether I got the other phono, about the 30 minutes I pass 2 minutes, didrent give me the information right, I wood give theam the other phono, iam very disapointed, and the manager he wasent there went I went, 3 times to the store, he told theam what to do, at means it was to late, went you need someone to help you, not to take your money and keep walking, I dont think ats right, I been having to many problems, and now the other phono is invalid, what else there to come, this things makes you not to have a phono, they need to explain everthing to you.. What about if you cant read, a nother probleam.

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  • Bo
      Oct 16, 2007

    I set up a bridge pay on Saturday Oct 13 for me to pay $20 on Monday the 15 and the rest of my balance on that Friday the 19th. I called Monday and spoke to a woman with very bad english and submitted my payment. It took forever, after about almost 10mts she tells me that her screen just went blank and could not give me a conformation # and said we could do it all over again. I declined and told her to notate in the system what had happened and I would call back later on that day to make sure the payment went thru. I called back after 5:00 and spoke to another gentleman which was even more difficult because of his broken english and he repeated to me that he saw the bridge pay and the payment was accepted. I asked him again did the payment go thru and he told me yes.

    I go to send my son a text today on Oct 16 and my phone is cut off. I call cricket told to another gentleman explained to him what happened the day before and he tells me no payment was made and I should have made the payment. I explained to him again. There was almost a 60second pause until I said "Hello is anybody there" and than he answered me saying I should have paid the bill. I asked him to repeat back to me what I had explained to him more than once. He could not all he kept saying is that I should have paid the bill. I asked for a supervisor he said he was. I hung up.

    I called back immediately asked for a supervisor the person went to get my information and I refused to go thru my explanation with someone who could not help me so they transferred me to someone who said she was the supervisor. I gave her my cell phone number and she repeated back to me something totally different from what I gave her. I hung up. I have had cricket for maybe going on 2yrs and always paid my bill on line but recently for the last 3mths I was not able to get into my account and had to call my payment in. I explained this to the operators every month I call and they transfer me and I'm on hold for so long I have to hang up and even if I spoke to someone I doubt that I could understand them. So know I have NO PHONE.
    I did without a cell phone for years until almost 2yrs ago now it is like my 2nd life line. My children call, school anyone if they can not reach me at home. It really is for emergencies for my kids or if something happens and my car breaks down. I went with cricket because of the no contract and unlimited minutes. This is my first bad experience with cricket and MY LAST. I will not be getting my phone turned back on and I will have to do some research and go with a company that has a contract. I have not heard really anything good about any of the other phone companies. Cricket needs to stick with America and I hate to say that but I know I am not the only one. I cant keep calling and staying on the phone for 10mts just giving my basic information before I can get to my problem. I cant call anyone to really voice my frustration because no one speaks english.

    Well this is all I have to say about that!!!

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  • Ri
      Oct 23, 2007

    This doesn't surprise me one bit. I purchased a cricket (crooked) phone about two months ago. It never worked for more than two days at a time. The battery kept dying. Every time I would take it back, they would just give me a different battery and send me on my way. Needless to say, it didn't work either. The guy at the store told me, " what do you expect, you only paid fifty dollars for the phone". I don't know about anyone else but it doesn't matter to me how much I pay for the phone. I want it to work. Each Sprint and T-mobile phone that I have had, worked. Guess what, they didn't cost me anything. The only difference is that I have a contract. Bottom line is that the Cricket store in Houston, Texas on Fairbanks and 290 is CROOKED. They will never get any business from me again and I'm telling everyone that I know not to go to them either. That's my spill.

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  • Er
      Mar 15, 2008

    Don't join Cricket! I got a phone there for my daughter, a Kyocera. After a couple of months the wall charger died. Called Cricket and they said go to where I bought the phone and get another charger. So I went to the local Cricket store and bought another one for $20. They took the defective one and threw it away. Everyone is happy.

    Two more months go by and now the Kyocera is not wanting to charge anymore. Called Cricket and they said bring the phone in and they'd replace it for free. So I took the phone in and they looked at the charger and said it wasn't a Kyocera charger so the warranty is voided. I explained I bought the charger from them but they said that didn't matter not their problem. So I talked to another Cricket representative after experiencing a most unpleasant experience. The original representative was extremely rude. The second representative explained I needed to bring in the original charger with the phone and then they could do something. But guess what I can't because they threw the original one away. So I apparently have no recourse even though this is their fault and the phone is defective. So I feel I've been taken by the company. Frankly they are unprofessional and obviously could care less about their customers. If you are thinking about using them then think twice.

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  • Th
      Jun 30, 2008

    I had a similar situation happen to me last year. I bought a Cricket, basic Blue Kyocera phone. It wouldn't hold a charge and I couldn't get a good signal in my apartment. However, rather than go back and forth with anyone, I just dropped the service.

    Now I am/was looking to add Cricket to my new cell phone business and behold! I can't get anyone in their corporate office to return my e-mail - and can't call, because they only refer you back to the website to send an e-mail. Next I hear all of these complaints about roaming, customer service, etc. So I am reconsidering, although Cricket is very saturated in the Cincinnati market where I am located.

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  • Me
      Aug 10, 2008

    I have been trying all day, staying on the phone for an hour at a tme to set up a bridge payment to avoid interuption of my service and have been unsuccessful. I have been with cricket since cricket started and should be treated as a valued customer. If there was some technical difficulties I feel a text should have been sent that way I could have gotten a way to go to the mall before it closed, I dont want to wake up tomorrow or go to use my phone later or my son and its off I dont have a reconnection fee. Please respond at your earliest convience, Thanks in advance

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  • Je
      Sep 03, 2008

    I was only with Cricket (The Crack head telephone company) for three months, ever since then I have had nothing but problems. I get paid on the third of every month no questions asked!! I told Cricket (The Crack head telephone company), that I need to have my due date changed to the third of the month from the first of the month.

    Everytime I would get a text message telling me that if I didn't pay on the first they would cut off service. The next day, which is the second, my phone would get turned off. I would then have to waste my gas (which is $ 3.59 a gallon) and my time, to go to the Cricket (The Crack head store), to tell them that I get paid on the next day which is the third.

    I would be told that to come in on the third, and they would change the due date. So, when I get paid, I would then go to pay the bill. I would tell the crack head behind the desk to put down the pipe, and change the due date from the first to the third. After they get my cash, I would get the excuse that they can't change the due date to the third, because I have already paid them.

    I would have to wait for the next billing cycle to have the date changed. Each time that the bill came, I would have the exact same problem. The last straw came today 09/02/08 when my phone was turned off the day before I get paid.

    Once again, I would have to waste my gas (which is $3.59 a gallon) and tell them that if this mess keeps up, I will cancel my account and take my money somewhere else.

    I was then told by the Crack head in charge in a rude manner that "it is not his fault that I get paid on the third, and I will just have to deal with it."

    Then I was told by the idiot, that in order to get my service back on that I would have to pay them $93.00.

    I then told the Crack head in charge, that I want my account cancelled and that I would be going to either to Sprint or to Verizon.

    People!! stay away from Cricket (The Crack head telephone company). They are rude, uncaring, have poor customer service, have poor service anyway, and will not do what you request. All they want is your money and that it.

    Lets face it, they are just a sorry, no good (I would like to say the real words to describe how I really feel about them. But, this complaint would not get published if you know what I mean) company. They are a fly by night seat of the pants company, that should have went out of business along time ago.

    This is the worst company that I have ever been with. What Cricket needs to do, is to put down the pipe, and get their act together before they are taken to the BBB. Which I think they have already been.

    Hopefully, Sprint, Verizons, or T-mobile will take them over and give out better service. Believe
    me folks the world would be a better place without Cricket (The Crack head telephone company).

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  • Cc
      Mar 29, 2009

    They are the wrost company in the world. I wish I would have ran the day a cricket rep approached me regarding the service. It seems like daily I am having problems w/ my phone or the service. I ordered what I thought or what was sold to me as a brand new phone. Immediately after purchasing the phone, the phone began to have problems. I later learned after repeated calls to this HELL HOLE Customer service that the phone was a refurb phone. I was pissed. They tell me that there is nothing they can do about it. The phone is crap. I paid $56.00 for this phone. The phone now I think has its own mind. Somedays its feeling like accepting call & somedays its on vacation. There are many times when I barely open it to anwser a call & it powers off. For the past days, I can't receive a incoming phone call. Every call goes straight to voicemail. When I call in for tech service or customer service this is a job its self. Nobody speaks english, so they don't understand me & I sure as hell don't understand them. I get so fustrated that I just hang up because I can feel myself wanting to blow. It does no good to express yourself to them because after minutes of fustrated talk, they don't undertand a word you have said so they ask you to repeat the whole story. I can't take no more. I will be looking for another phone service in the morning. RUN RUN RUN if your are considering this service.

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  • Pi
      Jul 08, 2009

    cricket sucks i bought two phones for $500 together they both messed up cricket would not replace them now i went and bought a palm from cricket $120 and it does not charge they will not give me a battery for that reason im not paying my bill this month they can turn my phone off and i wil go with another company.

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  • Pi
      Jul 08, 2009


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  • Jj
      Aug 03, 2009

    where are the corporate managers for these stores these pendehoes are making this company lose money and reputation. the costumer service at these stores are very poor managed you shouldn't have people sitting on the floor and waiting an hour to receive help.

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  • Gi
      Mar 18, 2013

    Cricket Store 837 S Lake Street Mundelein IL Called Corp 866 number and asked if they could flash a phone to prepare for service with cricket the rep said yes at any cricket store when I got off the phone I went and visited the Lake Street store was informed by the only person in the store that they do not do that there when I informed her that i just got off the phone with corp and they said any cricket store could help me she called the manager who she said may not answer because it was her birthday (who Cares if your a manger your on duty 24-7) the manager told her the same thing that they don't do that there and there is no stores that will do it not even a corp store when i asked for the store # to complain to corp she gave me the phone number for that location I tried to explain that's not what I wanted she was clueless then asked what were my other options she said that I can only by a new phone so I went back home and called the corp # back and the rep I got just gave me the run around if they don't know the companies policies maybe they should find a new job needless to say I'm gonna find a new cell phone company screw cricket. Cricket needs to train all of there employees so that they stop inconveniencing there customers without customer the don't have a business

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