Credit One Bankre: action needed for wells fargo business account application. need negative mark removed from my credit report.

To whom this may concern,
I am writing to discuss a credit card that was opened up in my name that I do not own. It was discovered that a credit card was opened up in my name on June 2017. I have never open up a credit card with credit one bank account. The address that was used to open up the account, I haven't lived in since 2006 on a military base. The address where the card was sent to I do not know where that is nor that I ever lived there. As I have stated I have never opened up a bank one account or applied for any credit through bank one. This is a fraudulent account, I have always paid my bills. This account was opened and money was spent on it and nothing was ever paid. If you look at my credit history it will show that I pay on my accounts and this is not one. Someone use my information and open up this account. This amount needs to be resolved, because it's hi nd ering my credit report. I will continue to fight this if this is not resolved soon. 1 do not owe this money nor is it my account. Thank you
Ron Lawson

Nov 28, 2018

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