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It is not worth my time to go into what a complete ripoff this company is. Furthermore I can't believe that all the scams they pull to soak consumers are legal. I got a COB credit card in an effort to rebuild my credit. It was most certainly not worth it as I am still paying for the card even though I canceled it over a year ago. They've probably written into the "Agreement" that they can charge me $12.95 a month (of course!) for registering a complaint on this website.

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  • Ka
      Nov 27, 2008

    they are a bunch of thieves. I cannot believe it is legal to actually charge you to make a payment!

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  • Jo
      Dec 04, 2008

    I just off the phone with these ignorant low lives. I canceled my card after trying to work out a peyment agreement. They refused and now are charging me three extra dollars a month for canceling my account. I was willing work out a payment ageement. But, they said they do not do this. MY interest rate is 23.9 percent. monthly service fee is $5.95 and it's $7.95 to make a payment online. If your payment is one minute after the 24 hour before the due date deadline. It is a $29.0 dollars fee. These people are THIEVING BLOOD SUCK ING VERMIN. Do yourself a favor and avoid these people.

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  • Te
      Dec 28, 2008

    I'm being ripped off by them as we speak.My account was sitting at +$47.00, i sent my minimum payment of $20 in a week before it was due, it was due on Dec 21st. Well they still claim to have not received it and today is the 28th, they have been known to sit on payments and wait to process them in order to charge us late fees.

    Now yesterday i called them and complained because i checked my account balance and it was -$17.00, they admitted it was there mistake and as a "courtesy" they would fix the balance and waive this late fee they charged me.Even with the $32.00 late fee, there's no way i should be in the hole that much.

    So today i checked my account balance and nothing has been fixed, actually im now sitting at -$27.00, where did the extra $10.00 come from? their customer service is rude and aggressive and cant comprehend what you are trying to tell them.They keep avoiding the questions at hand.

    If my account isn't fixed by tomorrow i will be contacting the Attorney General in my state as well as in Credit Ones.Also i will be filing a complaint with the FTC and F.B.I. these people have been investigated before and sued.

    They use to be known as the First National Bank Of Marin, but they were sued and forced to pay back millions of dollars to their customers that they wrongfully took from them or charged them, guess they thought by changing their name they would be in the clear. Not anymore.

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