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So i just recently got my FIRST credit card. It was one of those cards where they charge a whole bunch of additional charges, that you have to pay back, but never used. I was fine with that, knowing that i have to build my credit some how. Ive had it for 4 months now, all of which i had paid my payment on time, and $20 more than the minimum payment. This was my 4th month of which i have payed my payment. It was due on the 22nd, i sent it in on the 15th. They then called me daily telling me that they hadnt recieved my payment or that they lost it. Maybe because of the holidays, idk. This was THE ONLY month i had payed the minimum, instead of the usual $40 or $45 i send. Then then would not stop asking me to send in payments through mine OR a family or friends credit or debit card. On my last bill statment, they said i only had about $100 to pay back. When my mom talked to them and said she wanted to just pay it off so theyd stop ###ing with me, they then said my balance was $245. my credit line was not even $200 from the start. None of the representaticves speak clear english. They have given my mom fake names, been rude, harrasing me, and none of them have the same straight story. These people are scammers, that try to take every last cent from you they can get up. If anyone knows what to do, or has any suggestions, please contact me, if you can. Were just going to end up having to take them to court. DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD from these people!!!

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      Feb 27, 2009

    First off this company has been known to rip people off and they have lawsuits coming out the a**. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

    I too have one of these cards, i was late on a payment by 2 days and was charged a late fee (which i understand) so my account went to -$38 due to the $32 late fee they charged me, well today i went to check my account online and see if they received my payment of $100 that i sent early this week and i noticed my account was now at -$111, how did it got from -$38 to -$111 basically overnight. Customer service gives me the run around or cant explain why.I threanted to file a complaint on them with the FTC and BBB as well as the FBI.They quickly hung up on's that for being professional.

    Anyways my credit line was only $250.00 but they are now claiming after calling back right now that owe $366.00

    Be aware!! Credit One has been known to sit on payments just so they can charge people late fees and other ridiculous charges. Example the first month i had this card, they didn't process my monthly payment until 2 weeks after the due date, funny thing is i sent it a week and a half before it was even due and i have bank receipts to prove...stay away and just file a complaint.

    These people have been sued before by the government, they were ordered to pay back millions in money they took from unsuspecting customers, however they just changed their name to credit One bank in hopes to avoid paying any money. They were known as First National Bank Of Marin.

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